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Many of our regular users will know that our documentary FOLKFILMS were previously only available on VHS (analogue cassette) tapes. Now we are releasing digitally improved films and videos on DVD-R. The DVDs cost twice the price charged for CDs. As previously, for special order and broadcast requirements, we can prepare selected recordings on audio CD, DAT, or on video DV-CAM or DVD-R

FF-1101 - DEVONSHIRE SONGS & STEP-DANCES Singers from the South Hams introduce the opening of The Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts near Totnes. This is followed by Dartmoor step dancing and broom dancing from the village of South Tawton, near Okehampton. (B&W 1971/ 19 mins)

The Sailor's Horse at Minehead

FF-1102 - RIVAL GANGS & GULLIVERS "The Sailor's Horse" and other local hobby-horses are seen taking part in the annual Somerset May Festival at Minehead and Dunster.(B/W & Colour 1954, 1983 & 2004/ 34'25")

FF-1103 - OSS OSS WEE OSS An historic film by Alan Lomax, George Pickow and Peter Kennedy of the May Festival at Padstow, Cornwall. Includes a monochrome May Eve sequence in the "Golden Lion" with two male dancers acting out the parts of horse and teazer.(Colour 1953/ 16 mins)

FF-1104 - WALK IN, SAINT GEORGE - The Christmas Mummers Play filmed in front of the public house at Symondsbury & Eype, Bridport, Dorset. This is preceded by interviews and rehearsals by the current troupe.(Colour 1953/ 58 mins)
Bob Scarce singing in The Ship FF-1105 - HEALTH TO THE BARLEY MOW Saturday night sing-song at "The Ship", a Cobbolds pub at Blaxhall, Suffolk. Includes singers: Bob Scarce, Cyril Poacher and Wickets Richardson, the songs: Nutting Girl, Fagan the Cobbler, General Wolfe and social Step-dancing.(B&W/ 1955/ 18 mins)
FF-1106 - QUARRYMEN'S WORK SONGS filmed at Portland, Dorset. This is the only survival of dry-land work songs, both shanties and called-out shouts or chants, used for reaming-up and jacking large blocks of stone. (B&W 1953 & Colour 1983/ 66 mins)
FF-1107 - ONE POTATO TWO POTATO - Prizewining film of London Street Games showing how different games are introduced around the seasons. Filmed mainly on bomb-sites in Camden Town, Kings Cross, London East End and Hampstead Heath. (B&W 1957/ 32'40")
FF-1108 - STEP IN, WILD HORSE - "Soulcakers" (Mummers) go out on All Souls Eve at Antrobus in Cheshire accompanied by a horse and driver.(B&W 1956 & Colour 1983/ 37 mins)
The Horn Dancers charge at Abbots Bromley FF-1109 - THE HORN DANCERS OF ABBOTS BROMLEY - The annual procession of costumed men bearing reindeer horns visits houses and farms around the outskirts of this village in Staffordshire with their musician, Douglas Fowell. (Colour 1983/ 35 mins)
FF-1110 - THE HELSTON FURRY AND HAL-AN-TOW - The May Festival at Helston, Cornwall, also known as the Floral Dance, includes the "Hal-an-tow" sung in Cornish. This film by Peter Kennedy shows the children's, youth and adult processions going in and out of the houses. (Colour 1983/ 55 mins)
FF-1111 - THE GARLAND KING OF CASTLETON - Oak Apple Day (May 29th) Celebrations at Castleton, Derbyshire. Riding on two large shire horses, the King covered by a "beehive" shaped garland, is accompanied by his Consort or Lady (formerly a man dressed as a woman). (Colour 1983/ 68 mins)
A man admires his blazing tar barrel FF-1112 - A FESTIVAL OF FIRE - This Carnival Event held every November 5th at Ottery St.Mary in Devon includes the hazardous street-running with blazing tar barrels. Nowadays this is also performed by young girls. (Colour 1983/ 30mins)
FF-1113 - GLOUCESTER'S BARTON FAYRE - The survival of a Mediaeval Court Leet re-enacted annually in the parish of Barton St. Mary's. The Mock Mayor is elected and his followers go in procession to meet the elected mayor of the city of Gloucester. (Colour 2004/ 56 mins)
FF-1114 - THE SINGING STREET - Schoolmaster James Ritchie and the children of Norton Park School, Edinburgh, provide not onluy an important record of their street games but also the streets of "Auld Reekie".(B/W 1951/ 18 mins)
FF-1115 - CHILDREN OF THE MOOR - John Bartlett's film of children taking part in three Devon customs on Dartmoor: Mumming in a country church at Bows, the annual election of a May Queen at Lustleigh and step-dancing and broom dancing at South Tawton.(Colour/ 1975/ 26mins)
A young sailor practicing his FF-1116 - THE SAILOR'S HORNPIPE - A scientific Naval film, including slow motion, by the cadets of HMS "Ganges". Includes a recent performance by the Juniors of the Royal Ballet School.(B&W mute 1930/ Colour 1995/ 30mins)
FF-1117 - TRADITIONS OF WESTON-SUPER-MARE - - A film by Peter Kennedy about three local traditions of this Somerset seaside resort. The "Punch & Judy" glove puppet show, donkey rides on the beach and the famous C.W. Harvey garden gnomes.(Colour 1983/ 60mins)
FF-1118 - DERBYSHIRE WELL-DRESSING - Coming from a famous family of well-dressing artists, Oliver Shimwell introduces some of the locations as well detailing the artistic craft skills required for this annual event. (Colour 1988/ 23 mins)
FF-1119 - THE CELEBRATED PAPERBOYS - On a crisp Boxing Day morning in December 2004, with snow still lying on the ground, the Marshfield Mummers are completely covered in a disguise made of strips of newspaper, some of them dating back 75 years. (Colour 2004/ 59mins)
Johnny Doherty smiling at Pete and Peter FF-2201 - THE IRISH FIDDLER - Johnny Doherty with Pete Seeger (banjo on some items), Co Donegal. Includes The Star Hornpipe, The Irish Washerwoman, The Yellow Heifer (or Paddy on the Turnpike) Easter Snow, The Fox Chase and The Connaughtman's Rambles. (B&W 1964/ 15 mins)
FF-2202 - THE HARD TIMES OF OLD ENGLAND - an interview with the Bob Copper recorded by Peter Kennedy outside his bungalow at Peacehaven in 1983. Bob talks about his family and their unique singing technique and sings Claudy Banks and The Hard Times of Old England. (Colour 1983 - 28 mins)
FF-2203 - THE KENNEDY INTERVIEW - Douglas KENNEDY (1893-1988) in retirement in his "Deckhouse"at Waldringfield, Suffolk, interviewed by Peter and Beryl Kennedy, 20th April 1983. (Colour 1983/ 3 hours on 3 DVD-Rs for the price of one)
The McPeakes Pipping FF-2204 - THE McPEAKE FAMILY of Belfast, Ireland - A film by Andrew Crockart of this unique family who sing while accompaning themselves on the Uillean pipes. Includes film of them by Pete Seeger. (Colour 1989/ 25 mins)
FF-2205 - WHAT'S THE LIFE OF A MAN? - Jim Small of Cheddar, Somerset - A master of the harmonica, as played for step-dancing, Jim also sings the title song and Henry, my son, a version of the ballad of Lord Rendal. (Colour 1983/ 30 mins)
FF-2206 - SWEET PRIMEROSES - A North Devon gypsy singer, Rebecca Penfold, plus an interview with a local villager who met the folksong collector, Baring Gould, as well as with the rector of Lew Trenchard. (Colour 1973/ 20 mins)
FF-2207 - THE SEEDS OF LOVE - Bill Squire's father sang this historic love song to Cecil Sharp when it was first noted down in the local pub at Holford, Somerset in 1904.(Colour 1983/ 10'55")
Phoebe in her kitchen FF-2208 - I AM A ROMANY - Phoebe and Joe Smith, retired scrap metal dealers at Melton, near Woodbridge in Suffolk, talk about their life as travellers, and Phoebe sings I am a Romany and A Blacksmith Courted Me.(Colour 1983/ 40 mins)
FF-2209 - AS I ROVED OUT - A biographical film by David Hammond of the Ulster folksinger, Sarah Makem of Keady, Co Armagh. Includes I courted a wee girl (The False Bride), Keady Town, The Banks of Red Roses, As I roved out and Our ship is ready to bear away.(Colour 1977/ 18 mins)
FF-2210 - COUZA IN CARDIFF - With pedestrians around, busy with their shopping, Jim demonstrates the hammered dulcimer and tells its ancient history. Includes The Dark Island, Flowers of Edinburgh, Danny Boy, Jenny Lind, Turkey in the Straw and Napoleon Crossing the Alps.(Colour 1983/ 59 mins)
ask the fellows that cut the hay FF-2211 - ASK THE FELLOWS THAT CUT THE HAY - When he was living near Blaxhall, East Suffolk, George Ewart Evans (1909-1988) used a recording machine to document the lives of local farmers and labourers from which he put together a number of valuable books of oral history. Written and narrated by George Ewart Evans.(Colour 1980/ 29'50")
FF-2212 - THE SINGING ENGLISHMAN - A portait of "Bert", A.L.Lloyd,. filmed by Barry Gavin, portrays him as singer, writer, broadcaster, teacher and folklorist. Includes songs concerned with Shipbuilding, Sheep-shearing, Linen and Chain-making and the Miner's Union.(Colour 1983/ 63'30")
FF-2213 - DIRTY OLD TOWN- A film by Tim May celebrating Ewan McColl's 70th birthday with Arthur Scargill, his mother, the lodger, Bert Lloyd, Peggy Seeger and his family in concert. (Colour 1985/ 51 mins)
FF-2214 - THE BALLAD OF EWAN MacCOLL - A memorial film, another by Tim May, shows the strengths and weaknesses of a remarkable ballad-singer, playwright of Theatre Workshop and pioneer of the post-war folk revival. (Colour 1990/ 75 mins)
The Clancy Brothers on stage FF-2215 - THE FOUR WILD ROVERS -A portrait by David Hammond of the Clancy brothers, Liam, Paddy and Tom and Tommy Makem including Brennan on the Moor, Leaving of Liverpool, Marrowbones, Carrickfergus, Jug of Punch, Holy Ground, Galway Races, Fagan the Cobbler, I'll tell me ma, Parting Glass & Wild Mountain Thyme. (Colour 1984/ 50'30")

FF-2216 - THE DUBLINERS - A film by Martin Duffy introduced by Ronnie Drew, includes Dicey Riley, Ragman's Ball, Cruel Mother, Ould Triangle, Finnegan's Wake, He was a queer one, Zoological Gardens, Monto, In the rare old times.(Colour 1985/ 50mins)

FF-2217 - SAM LARNER & HARRY COX - Two Norfolk folksingers interviewed by Charles Parker in their own homes. Songs include "Windy Old weather", "The Dewy Morning", "As I walked out", Stormy Billows", "Bold Drover", "The Spotted Cow, "Pretty Betsy" and "The Wild Rover"

FF-3300 - THE INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL IN LONDON - An early cine film by Doris Plaister for the EFDSS was assisted, speed corrected and edited in 2005 by Peter Kennedy of an event which was organised by his father and his aunt, Maud Karpeles.(35 mins b/w & mute 1935)

F-3301 - AFRO-AMERICAN WORK SONGS - Filmed by Pete Seeger at the Ellis Unit of the Dept of Correction, Huntsville, Texas has additional commentary by Bruce Jackson and W.D.Alexander. Tree-felling, log splitting and hoeing watched by an armed guard on horseback.(B&W 1966/ 28 mins)

FF-3302 - WOODY GUTHRIE - A film by Paul Lee, presenting the legendary Oklahoma dust-bowl poet and international folk hero, with Alan Lomax, Arlo & Jack Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliot and others.(Colour 1988/ 68mins)
Tommy Jarrell pull some good bow FF-3303 - THE ELIXIR OF MAKING MUSIC - One of Alan Lomax's Television "Patchwork" series, this time, in an inspired way, demonstrating the remarkable vitality of the older generation of folk performers. (Colour 1991/ 56mins)
FF-3304 - AFRO-AMERICAN CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND including O Susie-Anna, This away-verily, When I was a baby, Umbalini-dibalini, A biscuit, This away, batman, mighty, mighty devil, and My mother died - filmed by Bess Hawes (sister of Alan Lomax).(B&W 1968/ 15mins)
FF-3305 - AN APPALACHIAN JOURNEY - Another "American Patchwork" TV film produced and presented by Alan Lomax, this time featuring the songs, stories and instrumental music of the Southern Appalachians. (B & W/ 1990/ 58 mins).
FF-3306 - THE CAJUNS - THE PEOPLE AND THEIR COUNTRY A straight-from-the-shoulder view of the Cajun's stormy history, presented and produced by Alan Lomax, outlining their earlier occupation of "Arcadia" to their present location in the swamps of Louisiana country. (Colour / 1991/ 52mins).
FF-4401 LA JOUTE A SETE (JOUSTING IN BOATS) - Filmed by Peter Kennedy at Sete in L'Herault, Languedoc. The musicians and nautical jousters process through the town to the harbour area where the two teams, the red and the blue, take up the oars of the two competing boats. (Colour 1984/ 28 mins)
strawboy dons his disguise FF-4402 - MUMMERS AND MASKS - A remarkable study by Peter Blow of Disguise Customs in Canada, England, Ireland and the USA including St Johns, Newfoundland; Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh and Dingle, Co Kerry, ending with the "The Philadelphia Mummers". (Colour 2002/ 48 mins)
FF-4403 - LES CHEVALIERS DE LANGUEDOC - Along with hobby-horses in Languedoc we find a number of other animals, with men underneath working them. Perhaps the largest is found in the old town of Pezenas. "Le Poulain" is accompanied by the Devil. Peter Kennedy also went to the nearby village of Mont Blanc to film the local folk dances and hobby horse. In 1988-9 Claude Archard of Pezanas supplied black-and-white footage of the hobby horses at Meze and Montpellier together with the remarkable multi equestrian cavaliers known as "Chevaux Frus" (Colour & Black-and-white 1984/1988-9 lasting 45 mins)
FF-4404 - THE ROMANIAN CALUSARI - . Teams of Romanian male dancers, in the Province of Arges, go round the villages at Whitsuntide. Called horse-men, they are the equivalent of "Morris" and "Mummers", accompanied by gypsy fiddlers and cimbalom players.(B&W/ 1938/ 45mins mute/ sound added).
arlecchino (harlequin) is lifted on swords to make his speech FF-4405 - FESTIVAL AT FENESTRELLE - Filmed at Fenestrelle, Piemonte, Northern Italy, the annual saint day festival includes "Le Bal da Sabre", a long-sword dance with over-and-under figures and the final raising of the Fool, "Arlecchino", to make his good luck annual speech. (Colour 2004/ 85mins)
FF-5501 - THE HOOLEYS - Celtic & Blues Band with Ben Hall (fiddle), Peter Hayward (guitar) and Peter Kennedy (melodeon & drums). Filmed at "The Pig in the City", Westgate Street, Gloucester. Reels, Knickerbocker Line, Hot Ashpelt, San Francisco Blues and I'll tell me ma. (Colour 2004/ 25 mins)

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