Presented and produced by Alan Lomax. A straight-from-the-shoulder view of the Cajuns stormy history from their earlier occupation of "Arcadia" in Nova Scotia to their preesent location in the swamps of Louisiana. This documentary provides some very exciting fiddle and accordion solos, duet instrumentals and dance bands, with music from both the white and the black Cajuns. (A gift from Alan Lomax)(Colour 52mins/ 1991)

1. Mardi Gras (Masked Whites)

2. The Black Mardi Gras

3. Location and map

4. Poitou, France

5. A Cajun Ball with fiddle

6. Nova Scotia - Bayou

7. Knightly Tournaments

8. Cattle-herding cowboys

9. Dewey Balfa: Cattle-herding song

10. Rodeos & horse Shows

11. Slavery/ Drinking Song/ JurerMusic/ Dorestine Fontenot/

Clinvin Jones & friends

12. Indian Territory

13. Black Accordion styles (Mamou, Louisiana)

14. Courting & Marriage/ Gerard Sellars/ Adolis Montouchet/ The Hackberry Ramblers

15. Dewey Balfa: Courting Song/ Mrs McGee: Living with a musician/ Song: "What a tiny man"

16. Song: "Pretty blonde"/ The Unfaithful

17. The Town Dance Halls/ Disputes & Murders

18. The Civil War Period

19. Work Songs & Prison Blues: "Go down, Old Hannah"

20. Amadie Ardoin: Cajun Song & father's recording

21. Ry Lejeune, contuinues the Cajun tradition

22. Oil comes ashore and changes life/ Felix Richard

23. Culture threatened and French forbidden/ Revon Reed

24. Post-war broadcasts

25. Zydeco hit parade

26. The Ragin' Cajuns

27. Closing titles

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