May Festival at Helston, Cornwall, filmed by PK with local explanatory interviews including a regular devotee and the vicar of Helston, Canon Poltreath. The day features all three dances, by the youngsters and the children as well as the Grand Midday Procession, danced only by those specially invited, the men wearing grey suits and top hats and their partners in long colourful dresses. The Hal-an tow, organised by the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, is a less respectful ceremony, in which St Michael slays the dragon, while the particpants, waving their greenery, sing their ancient song in Cornish (Colour 1983/ 55 mins)- Hear the CD FTX-010

1. Beginning

2. The First Dance

3. Hal-an-tow

4. Interview Devotee

5. The Children's Dance

6. Interview Vicar #1

7. Dance continues

8. Vicar #2

9. Children at Town Hall

10. The12 o'clock Dance

11. The Collector

12. End of procession

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