May Eve and May Day Festival at Padstow, Cornwall filmed by Alan Lomax, Peter Kennedy and George Pickow and Jean Ritchie.

The colour shots of the children's horses are particularly memorable. This early cine-film used some of the best colour film stock that became available in 16mm after the war, but also contains a short but remarkable sequence which was shot in B/W (black-and-white) with two photo-floods in the back room of "The Golden Lion", just before midnight on May Eve. It shows some of the male dancers, in a high state of anticipatory excitement with two of them erotically acting out the parts of "horse and teaser". For the Night Procession, they sing outside the "Golden Lion" and some of the houses of people who are sick or elderly (Colour 1953/ 16 mins) - Also listen to the extended film-track audio: CD FTX-215

1. Opening of DVD

2. The Golden Lion (shot in B/W)

3. Children's horses

4. Cutting the fresh May greenery

5. The Greengrocer's Speech

6. The "Old Oss" comes out

7. "O where is St George?"

8. The Love Story

9. The end of the day

CAST includes:-

Landlady: Mrs Cooch

Accordion: Charlie Bate

Greengrocer: Walter Chapman

Blue Ribbon Chairman: Johnny Worden

Boy: Reg Taylor

Girl: Margaret Wills


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