John Bartlett's film of children taking part in local Customs on Dartmoor, Devon presented by Peter Kennedy, Director of The Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts, with his son, David (then aged 7), and local song-maker, Martin Graebe, singing his own "Jack in the Green" and the locally collected "Months of the Year". Bob Cann plays melodeon, demonstrates a wooden dancing-doll and the local broom-dancing, as well as talking about the future of Dartmoor and singing "The Song of the Moor". The centre-pieces are a local St. George Mummers Play, which includes Lord Wellington, performed in the church at Bow and the crowning of the May Queen at Lustleigh with local May songs including a visit by a team of stick-clashing Morris dancers (Colour/ 1975/ 26mins) - Hear the CD FTX-049

1. Beginning

2. David Kennedy (aged 7)"Dartmoor"

3. Intro by PK

4. Intro: The Bow Mummers

5. The play begins

6. Enter St.George

7. The Fight

8. Doctor: Cure #1

9. Song & Wellingtpn

10. Cure #2

11. The Collection

12. Song: "The Months of the Year" "

13. The Dancing doll

14. The Broom Dance

15. "Jack in the Green"

16. Lustleigh May Ceremony

17. Crowning the Queen

18. Stick Dance by Morris dancers

19. "The Song of the Moor" (Bob Cann)

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