Oak Apple Day (May 29th) Celebrations at Castleton, Derbyshire filmed by Peter Kennedy. Riding on two large shire horses, the King, covered by a "beehive" shaped garland, is accompanied by his Consort or Lady (formerly a man dressed as a woman). Includes comments from the members of Committee, performers, band-members and garland-makers. After processing with the band and the dancers and visiting the main public houses, the King's garland is hauled to the top of the church tower and "The Crown" or top-knot of flowers (now being called "The Queen") is placed on the War Memorial. The festival day concludes with 3 Maypole Dances, the Last Post, the National Anthem and a"Final Dance for All". (Colour 1983/ 68 mins) - Hear the CD FTX-106

1. The Peak

2. Interview with the Vice-chairman

3. Garland makers

4. The Top Knot (now re-named "The Queen")

5. Interview; girl

6. The Garland King

7. The Beaumont family

8. The King dresses

9. Garland in pub courtyard

10. The procession starts

11. Dance and refreshment

12. Arrival at the church

13. The First Maypole Dance

14. 2nd

15. 3rd

16. At the War Memorial

17. Interview: man

18. The Last Post

19. The National Anthem

20. The Last Dance

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