A portait of "Bert", A.L.Lloyd,.by Barry Gavin portays him as singer, writer, broadcaster, teacher and folklorist. He travels with him to Transylvania and they follow in the steps of Bela Bartok, but there are also plenty of English folk club occasions, his broadcasts and work with the National Coal Board. Many may not know of his pre-war exposure of the dangers of Nazi Germany, or "The Turret Newspaper" for tank personnel during the war and his post-war work as a journalist for "Picture Post". Also included is an extract of PK's Suffolk pub film FF-1105.(Colour 1983/ 63'30") FTX-056 - FTX-517 - "Sing Christmas Radio prog 1957: FTX-950

1. Journey to Dulwich

2. "I wish my love...."

3. Birtley, Co Durham

4. "Shipbuilder's Song"

5. Photos & biography

6. "Shearing Song"

7. Unemployment

8. Whaling

9. Radio features

10. "Ulster Linen Song"

11. Madeau Stewart

12. Voice of the Gods

13. Transylvanian Funeral

14. Retracing Bela Bartok

15. Communists leanings

16. The Nazi swastika

17. "The Turret" newspaper

18. "Picture Post"

19. A Love Song explained

20. A Suffolk singing pub

21. "Trawler Song" & story

22. The Post War Folk Revival

23. Mining Songs Appeal

24. McColl's "Collier Song"

25. "Jowl, jowl, listen, lad"

26. Chainmaker's Song

27. Union Miner's Song

28. "The Dusky Smith"

29. Shipwreck Ballad

30. European contrasts

31. "What is folk?"

32. Collecting folk music

33. Lecturing & teaching

34. Alistair Anderson (Northumbrian small-pipes)

35. A Summary of Bert

36. The Last Song

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