Saturday night sing-song at "The Ship", a Cobbolds pub at Blaxhall, Suffolk, (publicans: Mr & Mrs Arthur Hewitt) filmed by Peter Kennedy. It includes shots of the port of Ipswich showing a large number of Thames trading barges and includes: The Barley Mow (sung by Arthur Smith), The Nutting Girl (Cyril Poacher), The Cobbler Song (with appropriate actions by the Chairman, Wickets Richardson), Bold General Wolfe (Bob Scarce) and both men and women step-dancing in pairs accompanied by melodeon (Fred Pearce). It all ends up ceremoniously with God Save The Queen - (B&W/ 1955/ 18 mins) - Listen to the extended CD FTX-036

1. Beginning

2. Chorus Song: "The Barley Mow"

3. Cyril Poacher: "The Nutting Girl"

4. Albert Richardson (with actions): "Fagan the Cobbler"

5. Bob Scarce: "Bold General Wolfe"

6. Step-dancing

7. "Time, gentlemen, please" followed by "The National Anthem"

8. Closing titles

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