A biographical film by David Hammond of the Ulster folksinger, of Keady, Co Armagh, who was born 18th October 1900 and died April 20th 1983. Peter Kennedy recorded her in 1952 and used her version of the song, "As I roved out", for the signature tune for a weekly Sunday morning radio programme that ran for nearly 15 years. Songs in this film include As I roved out; False Lover; Keady Town; The Banks of the Roses (Murder Ballad); Soldier, Soldier will you marry me now? (sung by her son, Tommy with banjo guitar & drum) and Our ship she's ready to bear away (Colour 1977/ 18 mins)- Hear her on CD FTX-161

1. "I courted a wee girl" ("The False Bride")

2. "Keady Town"

3. "The Banks of Red Roses" (Murder Ballad)

4. "As I roved out" (1 verse only)

5. Tommy Makem with guitar & drum: "Soldier, Soldier"

6. "Our ship is ready to bear away"

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