Filmed by Peter Kennedy and Scott Ellis at Fenestrelle, Piemonte, Northern Italy, in August 2004 the celebration performances includes the "Bal da Sabre", a men's dance with a number of long-sword over-and-under figures as well as the final dramatic raising of the Fool, "Arlecchino", to make his annual well-wishing speech. This dance was first brought to London in 1935, together with a group from Naples, to represent Italy at The first European Folk Festival organised by Maud Karpeles. They were filmed by Doris Plaister, with the help of the young schoolboy, Peter Kennedy, in"The Cockpit", by the Serpentine in Hyde Park and on their Thames river tour to Greenwich, where they passed through what was then a busy working port, with many Thames sailing barges and ocean-going steamships. (Colour 2004/ 1985 mins )

1. The Main Road

2. Interview with Peter

3. The Tourist Office

4. The Evening Rehearsal

5. The Young Girls Dance

6. The Older girls

7. The Sword Dance

8. Introducing the Hoop

9. Arlecchino's Speech

10. The Big Day begins

11. The Procession

12. At the Church

13. The Performance

14. The Girls Dance

15. Bal da Sabre

16. The Lifting of the Fool

17. The Ribbon or Pole Dance

18. The Girl's Mazurka

19. The Presentations

20. Signor Oreste Blanc

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