One of Alan Lomax's "Patchwork" series, featuring, this time, in an inspired way, and demonstrating the remarkable vitality of older performers. According to Alan, in her studies, Margaret Mead, saw how the respected noble elders passed on their comminity inheritance simply by holding the youngsters, singing and talking to them.

Included are some wonderful fiddle and banjo, some Cajun and blues, and stomping guitar from many regions. There is much about the hardship of the coal and tin mining areas and the programme ends with the Jazz parades in New Orleans. (A gift from Alan Lomax) (Colour 1991/ 56mins)

1. Beginning

2. The noble elderly

3. Cajun fiddler

4. Tommy Jarrell

5. Drums in their feet

6. Poetry with mouth-harp

7. Sam Chatmon

8. The Sea Islands

9. Janie talks and sings

10. Got religion too

11. Nimrod - man of parts

12. "Bird's Courting Song"

13. What is death?

14. Ballad: "The Three Babes"

15. Coal & tin mining

16. "Little Birdie" (Song with banjo)

17. Denis McGhee (Cajun)

18. Final Jazz Parade

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