A portrait by David Hammond of the Clancy brothers, Liam, Paddy and Tom and Tommy Makem with a repertoire of Irish songs mainly collected by Peter Kennedy. PK was honoured to attend and sing at a special concert they gave for his father's retirement in NY at the very time when this film was being made to chronicle their careers and performances at such places as the Lincoln Center as well as their home towns in Ireland. (Gift of the Clancys)(Colour 1984/ 50'30")

1. Talking in a yellow taxi

2. "The Wild Rover"

3. Dylan, Mary & Paxton

4. TV Studio Rehearsal

5. Ed Sullivan Show 1961 ("Brennan on the Moor")

6. The River Suir, Tipperary

7. "The Leaving of Liverpool"

8. Keady, Co Armagh

9. Carrick-on-Suir

10. "Marrowbones"

11. A Courting Story

12. A free Aran sweater

13. The Lincoln Center

14. Arriving in America

15. Greenwich Village

16. Tom the actor

17. Forming the group

18. The First Record 1956

19. Liam: "Carrickfergus"

20. "The Jug of Punch"

21. "The Holy Ground"

22. More records

23. Packaging

24. "The Galway Races"

25. "Fagan the Cobbler"

26. Part Three

27. Carnegie Hall

28. The Belfast students

29. "I'll tell me ma"

30. Paddy's Dream

31. All their dreams

32. "The Parting Glass"

33. Family photos

34. "Will you go, lassie, go?"

35. Closing titles

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