The survival of a Mediaeval Court Leet re-enacted annually in the parish of Barton St. Mary's. Filmed by PK with the Town Crier, Alan Myatt, it includes the reading of the 15th Century Royal Charter and speeches by the newly elected "Mock" Mayor and the meeting with the other City officers, the Gloucester MP, the City Mayor, Editor of "The Citizen" and other worthies and "retrobates". Ernie Morgan represents the local Show or Fairground owners. Includes the procession with the Gloucester Silver Band to the City Centre where there are more speeches and a brief performance by Gloucester City Mummers of a play collected locally, which they act in front of the Guildhall Arts Centre in Eastgate Street.(Colour 2004/ 56 mins)

1. Beginning (The "Victoria" Car Park)

2. Ernie Moran, showman

3. On Stage

4. The Charter

5. Photo Call

6. Procession up Eastgate Street

7. Outside the Guildhall

8. The Mummers

9. Speeches

10. Back to Barton

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