PK remembers the cadets of HMS Ganges, before 1939, climbing the signalling mast at Shotley in Harwich harbour and completely covering every arm of the crosstree. Since that time a number of the old boys of Ganges have kept up both the semaphore signalling and the hornpipe dance tradition. Back in the 1930s the "Fraser Gun Range of the Fleet Photographic Unit" at Eastney, Hampshire, made a scientific silent cine-film study of each of the 26 individual movements as well as how these steps are performed in formation. To aid their study they filmed at two different angles, at normal speed and in slow motion. The performers were some of the pre-war Juniors of HMS Ganges. Then in 1995, under dance tutor, Ron Smedley, the Juniors of the Royal Ballet School (where PK introduced clog-dancing and used to teach in the 1960s) perform a part of the Hornpipe at the Coliseum in London, in aid of the Prince of Wales Trust, and end up spelling out their message in semaphore signals "Live For Peace". (Gift of Ronald Smedley and Robert Parker) ( Colour 1995/ B&W mute 1930)

1. Juniors of The Royal Ballet School (colour)

2. The Promenade (b/w mute & slow motion)

3. Promenade - Forward Diamond

4. The Basic Step

5. Boat Pulling

6. Thigh Slapping

7. Lookout

8. Under Running Falls

9. Telescope forward

10. Hornpipe Rolling

11. Variation foot to rear

12. Signalling

13. Basic Step Variation

14. Telescope backwards

15. Under Running Falls Variation

16. Boat Hoisting

17. Boat Hoisting Variation

18. Toe Heel Step

19. Telescope Variation

20. Flag Hoisting Variation Foot

21. Rope Coiling

22. Rope Coiling Variation

23. Ladder Climbing

24. Saluting and Departing

25. Heaving the Lead

26. Trouser hoisting

27. Trouser Hoisting Variation

28. Formation Dance

29. Repeat of Royal Ballet (colour)


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