A film by Tim May celebrating Ewan McColl's 70th birthday. Starting with the presentation by Arthur Scargill, Ewan talks about his life, his father and mother, his interest in communism and his ballad of Stalin, the ramblers protest, the theatre with Joan Littlewood and the later folk influences of Peggy Seeger and Bert LLoyd, and others who fill in the details of his colourful life. (Colour 1985/ 51 mins)

1. Arthur Scargill

2. The Strike

3. Parents

4. My Old Man

5. Move to Salford

6, "Dowie Dens"

7. Politicals

8. His mother

9. "The moon shines"

10. "The Brewer's Daughter"

11. "The Windy Wa's"

12. Salford

13. "Dirty Old Town"

14. The lodger

15. Theatre

16. Rambler's Protest

17. "I'm a rambler"

18. Communism

19. Bartok's Monograph

20. Bert Lloyd

21. "Fire Alarm"

22. "Ballad of Stalin"

23. Peggy Seeger

24. "The First Time Ever"

25. "Railay Ballad"

26. "Coalface Song"

27. Backing a loser

28 Closing titles



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