Prizewining film of London Street Games around the year, scripted by Leslie Daiken and filmed by Peter Kennedy, with the assistance the BFI Experimental Production Committee. Editing: Morag McLennan. Music: Ann Driver. Sound Effects: Charles Ladbrook assisted by Chas E. Atkinson & R.Lloyd Williams. Includes Hopscotch (King's Cross), Skipping, Ball-bouncing and "The Sleeping Princess" (Kentish Town), The Big Ship Sails through the Illey Alley-O (East End), Cops and Robbers, Conkers, Kites (Chalk Farm & Camden Town) etc. Lasting over 30 minutes, this is not the final BFI prize-winning version but a longer "first edit" which includes additional games and historic shots of London in the 1950's including railways, bomb-sites, knife-grinders and an East End sequence with"The Big Ship sails", "Poor Jenny sat a weeping" & "My mother and your mother" (B&W 1957/ 32'40")

Hear the CD FTX-202

1. Beginning

2. Hopscotch

3. Skipping incl "Teddy Bear" & "Sally go round the sun"

4. Ball-bouncing incl "A-lairy" & "Plainsie Clapsi"

5. "The Sleeping Prncess"

6. Allsorts (Bubbles, boats etc at The White Stone Pond)

7. Skates & Marbles

8. Conkers

9. Guy Fawkes

10. Cowboys and Indians

11. Dibbing (Counting Out)

12. Kites

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