The Dartmoor singer, Bill Westaway (85), was filmed by the Padstow crew at Belstone in 1953. In 1971 Sue Lawley and Peter Kennedy talk about the newly formed Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts and introduce traditional singers and musicians at Harbertonford and three College of Arts students. In Part Two, filmed at South Tawton, Bob Cann (melodeon) plays for local step-dancers, Les Rice and Dick Cooper, on an open farm wagon (with slow motion sequences) and a group of youngsters, The Dartmoor Pixies, round off the programme -(B&W 1953 &1971/ 19 mins)- Also listen to Folktrax CD FTX-086

1. Bill Westaway of Belstone sings " Widdecombe Fair"

2. "I've got a coat" (A version of "All for the grog")

3. Henry Mitchelmore: "The Mallard"

4. Dartington Hall

5. Sue Lawley & PK

6. The Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts

7. Jack Hunt: "The Cottage by the sea"

8. Bert Wakeham (Melodeon): "The Lancers"

9. Student group: "Camborne Hill"

10. Les Rice of Chagford

11. Bob Cann & PK

12. "The Broomstick Dance"

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