A film by Peter Kennedy about three local traditions of this Bristol Channel seaside resort.

(1) the "Punch & Judy"glove puppet show with "Professor" Lewis & Graham Staddon. The Staddon family, mentioned in the books of Walter Wilkinson, have been performing on the beaches for over 400 years, claiming that their form of glove puppetry was first introduced by the Italian Stadoni family in the reign of Henry VIII with a charter presented to them by Charles 1st.

(2) The donkeys and ponies for children riding on the sands are supplied annually by the Trapnell brothers and their family.

(3) An introduction to C.W. Harvey who locally crafted and modelled his own special designs of garden gnomes.(Colour 1983/ 60mins)

1. Punch and Judy with Professor Staddon

2. The Trapnell's Ponies and Donkeys

3. Garden Gnomes with C.W.Harvey

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