The Annual Procession visits both houses and farms around the outskirts of Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire. Six costumed members of the team carry heavy reindeer horns and other characters include Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Hobby horse, a boy with a bow-and-arrow, and a triangle-player. They are accompanied by their melodeon-player, Douglas Fowell. In the video made by Peter Kennedy in 1983 we see the local policemen and in one case a woman venturing to carry the horns in the dance at Yeatsall Farm. They visit other houses until they finally arrive at the local manor and deer-park and doff their caps to the owners of Blithfield Hall (Colour 1983/ 35 mins)- Hear the CD FTX-110 featuring the previous leader, Doug's father, Jim Fowell and "The Old Tune".

1. Beginning (incl road sign)

2. First dance at Yeatsall Farm

3. HD #2

4. HD #3

5. Mechanised transport

6. House #1

7. Stables

8. House #2

9. Blithfield Hall

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