the dressed well

Coming from a famous family of well-dressing artists, Oliver Shimwell introduces the many aspects of this ancient artistic folkcraft. Featured are the villages of Edensor, Tideswell, Tissington, Wormhill and Youlgreave, five of about 30 local villages that once dressed their wells for a religious blessing. (Colour 1988/ 23 mins)

1. The Shimwell family

2. Ephemeral nature of the craft

3. Wormhill's theme

4. A working drawing

5. Origins/ Tissington

6. Revival in Tideswell

7. The three criteria

8. Chatsworth

9. Wife from Wormhill

10. The church organ

11. The Countryside

12. A Clay pudding

13. Marking out

14. Outlining

15. Flower power

16. Green leaves

17. Once it was men only

18. Wonderful effects

19. The loading ceremony

20. The reward

21. The blessing

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