Under the guidance of their schoolmaster, James Ritchie, the children of Norton Park School, Edinburgh, not only provide an important record of their street games but also an historic document of some of "Auld Reekie's" old tenements and other buildings. Includes Golden City, Bluebird through my window, Run to the barber's shop, On a mountain, Bluebells, dum-dum shells, Do the Rhumba, Bonny Bunch of Roses, In and out the dusting bluebells, Ball-bouncing, Hopscotch, I sent her for butter, Wallflowers, I'm a little orphan boy, Broken hearted I wander etc (B/W 1951/ 18 mins)- Hear the CDs FTX-181 & 190

1. Beginning

2. Opening titles

3. Skipping & Diabolo

4. More skipping

5. Choosing games

6. "Dusty Bluebells" (see p39)

7. "The Golden City"

8. "When I was single" (see p33)

9. Skipping "Up and down" (p37)

10. Two Balls & Hopscotch

11. Double Skipping

12. "I'm a little orphan girl"

13. "Broken-hearted I wandered" (p29)

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