A film by Martin Duffy introduced by Ronnie Drew includes Dicey Riley, Ragman's Ball, Cruel Mother, Ould Triangle, Finnegan's Wake, He was a queer one, Zoological Gardens, Monto, In the rare old times with an histoic tour of Dublin City. Also features Brendan Behan. (Gift of Ronnie Drew)(Colour 1985/ 50mins)

1. Introduction

2. "Dicey Riley"

3. The Spirit of Dublin

4. "The Ragman's Ball"

5. Historic Stories

6. Parliament & Trinity

7. Homage to the Gargle

8. City of Commerce

9. Rebellion

10. "The Cruel Mother"

11. "The Ould Triangle"

12. "Finnegan's Wake"

13. "He was a queer one"

14. Time for some reels

15. "The Zoological Gardens"

16. "Down in Bomba Lane"

17. "Take her up to Monto"

18. "In the rare old times"

19. "Cockles and Mussels"

20. Closing titles

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