Phoebe and Joe Smith, retired scrap metal dealers, talk about their life as travellers and the songs they sang, Phoebe singing verses of "I am a Romany" and "A Blacksmith courted me". By the time they were filmed, they were no longer travelling, Joe was unwell, and they were living in their bungalow at Melton, near Woodbridge, Suffolk surrounded by all the china and ornaments, once carried in the kettle box of their wagon (Colour 1983/ 40 mins)- Hear them on CD FTX-100

1. Beginning

2. Talk about travelling life

3. Joe talking

4. Speaking Romany

5. "I am a Romany"

6. "A Blacksmith courted me"

7. Names of other songs

8. Travelling with treasures

9. Signs or Patterns

10. Making a living

11. Fairground people

12. A fortune-teller

13. Truth and Honesty

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