The great Johnny Doherty plays Peter Kennedy's fiddle while Pete Seeger interviews and accompanies some of the items on 5-string banjo. Recorded by PK they were filmed by Toshi, Pete's wife, in a downpour rainstorm in a motor-caravan at Carrick, Co Donegal (B&W 1964/ 15 mins)- Hear the CDs FTX-073, 075 & 273.

1. Beginning

2. "The Star Hornpipe"

3. Jig: "The Irish Washerwoman"

4. Reel: "The Yellow Heifer" (or "Paddy on the Turnpike")

5. Song Air: "Easter Snow"

6. Descriptive: "The Fox Chase"

7. Jig: "The Connaughtman's Rambles"

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