FF-2211 - ASK THE FELLOWS THAT CUT THE HAY - George Ewart Evans 1909-1988

Written and narrated by George Ewart Evans at the time that he was l Living in Blaxhall, Suffolk and using a recording machine to put together a number of important books of oral history such as "As the fellows that cut the hay","The Horse in the Furrow", "The Pattern under the Plough" and Where beards wag all". This film also includes black-and-white extracts of our film FF-1105 photographed in 1955, as well as some colour footage of singing and step-dancing in "The Ship" 25 years later (Colour 1980/ 29'50")- Listen to the extended CD FTX-036

1. Beginning

2. This is Blaxhall

3. Born in Wales 1909

4. The recording machine

5. The books written

6. "The Ship Inn"

7. The folktrax film

8. The pub in 1978

9. Priscilla Savage b.1882

10. More memories

11. The Ling family

12. Going to school

13. Going to church

14. Helmingham

15. Needham Market

16. Harvesting

17. Magical horsemanship

18. Farriers

19. Agricultural machinery

20. Hollesley Bay Colony

21. Working with horses

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