Filmed by Peter Kennedy in the harbour in the Mediterranean port of Sete in L'Herault. The two teams with their musicians process through the town to the harbour where both the red and the blue, take up the oars of the two jousting boats. The musicians are seated in the bow , each boat having a raked platform on the stern on which the jousters stand with pole and shield. As the boats charge each other and race past they gain points by pushing their opponents into the water. Interesting to compare this with other customs involving two rival teams of red and blue such as the Padstow Hobby Horses in Cornwall - see FF-1103. (Colour 28 mins 1984)

1. Beginning

2. Preparations

3. The Procession

4. Shaking hands

5. 1st Encounter (Red goes in)

6. 2nd (Both get wet)

7. 3rd (As previous)

8. 4th & 5th (Blue in)

9. 6th (Red recovers)

10. 7th & 8th (Blue in)

11. 9th (Both get wet)

12. 10th (Red in)

13. 11th (As previous)

14. 12th (Blue in)

15. Keeping the score

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