Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger

A memorial film of Ewan McColl by Tim May, shows all the strengths and weaknesses of a most remarkable ballad-singer, playwright, pioneer of Theatre Workshop and the post-war folk revival. Also portrays his father and mother and his early beginnings in the "Dirty Old Town" of Salford, his meeting with Bert Lloyd and marriage to Peggy Seeger. (Gift of Tim May) (Colour 1990/ 75 mins) - FTX-950

1. The West Highland Scene

2. Calum, Neil and Peggy

3. Biographical

4. His mother, Betsy

5. Alan Lomax

6. "A wee drappie o't"

7. Jimmy Miller of Salford

8. Ewan's father (E.Frow)

9. Unemployment/ Books

10. "My Old Man"

11. Norman Buchan, MP

12. Storming Kinder Scout

13. "Lord Randal, my son"

14. Thoughts of Time

15. Theatre Workshop

16. "Dirty Old Town"

17. Degree Awards

18. The Folk Revival

19. Peggy Seeger

20. Skiffle

21. The Radio Ballads

22. Folk Clubs

23. The Boom condemned

24. The Critics Group

25. Field recording

26. The Stewart Family

27. The media

28. Strengths & weaknesses

29. "The First Time Ever I saw your face"

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