An "American Patchwork" film produced and presented by Alan Lomax. The songs, stories and instrumental music of the people of the Southern Appalachians. Featured artistes include Bob Eller (mouth bow), Ray Fairchild (5-string banjo), Nimrod Workman (coal-mining ballads), Dellie Norton ("Black is the colour"), Stan & Ray Hicks (storytellers, singers, craftsmen & instrumentalists), Estil Presnell, Frank Proffitt Junior ("Tom Dooley" with home-made fretless banjo & mountain dulcimer), Tommy Jarrell (singing fiddler), James & Odell Thomas ("Old Joe Clark" singing, fiddle & banjo) Laurence Eller ("John Henry, the steel driving man")and many other singers and musicians, black and white. Harvey Watson and John Dee Holman show off their "flatfooting" steps and polyrhythms; Kyle Edwards "The Stomping Ground"with his champion square dancers and solo step dancers. All the folk instruments are well demonstrated with plenty of fast bluegrass music and Alan sings too. (A gift from Alan Lomax) (B & W/ 58 mins 1990) - Hear the CDs FTX-923 & 931-932 & 933

1. American Patchwork

2. Introduction by Alan Lomax

3. Bob Eller (Mouth bow)

4. Reg Fairchild (banjo)

5. Sheila Bannhill & Dellie Norton: "Black is the colour"

6. Raining and pouring

7. Stanley Hicks (story)

8. Ray Hicks (74) Song

9. Jack Story

10. Dancing Jack

11. Mountain Dulcimer

12. Hard Times

13. Frank Proffitt Junior: "Tom Dooley"

14. Poor Man

15. Tommy Jarrell

16. James & Odell Thomas

17. Railroads

18. John Henry

19. Nine hundred miles

20. Buck Dancing

21. The Stomping Ground

22. Sheila: Ballad of the Wild Boar

23. Nimrod Workman

24. The Square Dance

25. Bluegrass

26. Closing title

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