FF-2204 - THE McPEAKE FAMILY of Belfast, Ireland

The legendary and unique family, three generations (now five) singing with the Uillean pipes and Celtic harp, also includes a demo of the Northumbrian small-pipes by Bob Rundle and some film taken by Pete Seeger - introduced by Peter Kennedy (Colour 1989/25 mins) - Hear them on CDs FTX- 071 & 176

1. Opening

2. "The Doffer's Song"

3. The Uillean pipes

4. The Trio

5. The pipes explained

6. Pete Seeger's film

7. The Welsh Eisteddfod

8. Dartington College of Arts

9. The Northumbrian small-pipes

10. Music-making workshop

11. "The Wild Mountain Thyme"

12. Closing titles

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