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SACRED HARP CONVENTION - Fyffe, Alabama USA\ Vocal group\ 1954 -- rec by Alan Lomax: RPL LP 26148 (4 hymns)

SAILORMAN JACK -- NY USA\ Sea songs & shanties\ 1987 -- CASS-1229

St CLAIR, Isla - Aberdeensh\ Singer\ 1994 - from Buckie - Hamish Henderson in TOCHER #30 (1979) talks about her mother, Zetta, as a tradition bearer -- (TANGENT TGS 112) - RPL Radio 2 18/2/94 Family traditions CASS-1286

St MARIE, Buffy - USA\ Popular Singer\ 1980s -- "Soldier Blue" "Acoustic Roots" Radio 2: 10/5/89 CASS-0428 - "House Carpenter" rec 1966 Radio 2: 8/3/89: CASS-20-0727

SALMONS, A W "Charger" - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1947 -- rec "The Windmill", Sutton 27/10/47: RPL 13864 "The Rigs of the Time"/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-021 & FTX-FTX-517 -- "Rigs": Vic HARRUP: TRADITION XTRS-1141 1974

SANDISON, Bill - Shetland\ fid\ 1949 -- rec Lerwick 22/1/49: RPL 13200/ rec by Pat Shaw 1952/ FTX-068

SANDS, Colm & family - Ireland/ Folk Group/ 1995 -- CASS-1310 Radio 2 prog 14/3/95 featuring Co Down & 10/5/95 Co Armagh incl John Cameron (storyteller) & Mike Vallely (conc) etc

SAUNDERS, Carl - Essex\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Steeple Bumpstead: NLCD 8/9 2002

SAUVAGE, Ernest & Mary - Channel Islands\ unacc singer/ mel\ 1957 - Ernest, grower aged 68 born in Jersey but 52 years in Guernsey - Mary aged 41 was born in Guernsey - their repertoire of dances czme from Jresey which Ernest learned to play on the accordion as a boy in Jersey -- Talk by Ernest with song & dance tunes by his daughter, Mary (melodeon) rec by PK, "Courtil Jardin", nr Catel Church, Guernsey CI 3/5/57: RPL LP 23838 - FTX-012 - FTX-213 Guernsey & Sark traditions - FTX-243 Guernsey & Alderney

SAVAGE, Hugh - Co Armagh\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by PK 27/7/52: RPL 18549 Local dances: "The Sweets of May" "Betty Black" & "The Three Tunes" (Haste to the Wedding, Astley's Ride & The German Beau) -- "3 Tunes" played by Sean MAGUIRE (fid) rec Belfast 8/7/52: RPL 18549/ FTX-372

SAVILL, John - Cambs\ unacc singer\ 1970s-- rec by Neil Lanham, Sawston: NLCD 3/4 2002

SAWYER, Clarence & Bob HART - Suffolk\ unacc singers\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, "Crown", Snape: NLCD 09 2003

SCADDON, Julia - Chideock Dorset\ unacc singer\1952 - see Sarah Anne TUCK, her mother -- rec by PK 19/10/52: RPL 18694/ FTX-502: "The Prickly Bush" (Maid freed from the gallows)

SCALLOWAY Junior Secondary School - Shetland\ children\ 1950 -- rec 21 & 25/12/50 RPL 17007: Reel: "Shaalds o Foula"/ New Year Carol "St Mary's Men are we" & Rhyme: "In a morning o May O"

SCAMP, Charlie - Kent\ gypsy singer & talk\ 1954 - Charlie Scamp and his family were camped at Chartham Hatch, near Canterbury, Kent, where they had been given the care and wood- cutting rights of a thickly wooded area - they buy 8 acres of wood and three cut it before March 31st - The Scamps had already attracted some public interest, as Charlie's brother, Ted, had been featured in Rupert Croft-Cooke's book about English Romanies, "The Moon in my Pocket". The author had, for the purpose of his book, purchased a horse-drawn wagon and had travelled around the country learning the traveller's way of life. Ted accompanied him for most of his journeying, but at some point, without any warning, he just went off and left him, to continue his travels on his own. It was Charlie and Ted Scamp that told Peter the whereabouts of Phoebe SMITH, an outstanding gypsy singer featured on FOLKTRAX FTX-100. Although Phoebe had herself mainly travelled in the Kent area, and annually took part in the hop-picking, she had moved to Suffolk and was living with her husband, Joe, general and scrap-dealer, near Woodbridge, where she was building herself a bungalow - photos by PK 0184-7 (4) -- rec by PK, Pilgrim's Way, Chartham Hatch, nr Canterbury 15/1/54: RPL 19964 "Barbara Allen" & "Lakes of Coolfin" - RPL 19965 "Come father (Sweet William) "My Pretty Fair Maid" (17 come Sunday) "Blacksmith courted me" & "Folkestone Murder" - RPL 19966 "Atching Tan" Cant * Romany dialogue with transl by Charlie & his brother, Ted - FTX-031 "Atching Tan" - FTX-140 with Sussex gypsies - FTX-441 Romany speech

SCANLON, Peggy - Coolea, Co Cork\ Gaelic singer\ 1951 - Peggy Noone (nee Scanlon) -- rec by Alan Lomax 25/1/51: 7"RTR-0590 "The Horseman from Munster" (Gaelic) & "One day for recreation" (Macaronic)

SCANO BOA - Italy\ Folk Group\ 1986 -- CALICANTO 1986 based at Padova

SCARCE, Bob - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - age 68 -- rec by PK, "The Ship", Blaxhall 10/10/53: 7"RTR-0253-0260/ RPL 19981 "Paddy stole the rope" - 19983 "Bonny Bunch of Roses-O" - 19984 "Three Jolly Sportsmen" - FTX-029 "3 JS" - FTX-036 Pub rec - FTX-516 "Bold General Wolfe" - FOLKTRAX Video #5 - rec in pub at Blaxhall: TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 -(by other singers)- "Bonny Bunch of Roses-O": Cyril POACHER (from Bob SCARCE) Blaxhall: TOPIC 12-TS-252 1975

SCARLETT, William - Middlesex\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Singer lived at Cranford where London Airport is today and sang in local pub -- rec by PK, Littlehampton, Sussex 16/5/53: RPL 19339 "The Team of Rats" (Acre of Land)

SCHOFIELD, R Kenworthy - Hertfordsh\ 3-hole pipe & tabor\ 1957 - also called "Wittle & dub" - SCHOFIELD (1901-60) first became involved in English folk-dancing during the Peace Day celebrations in 1918. At Cambridge University he joined the local branch of the English Folk Dance Society and became a founder member of "The Travelling Morrice". It was on Morris tours in the Cotswold that he met some of the surviving traditional dancers and musicians. His notes about these encounters can be found in the EFDS Journals for 1928, 1930 and 1934. Later he was one of those responsible for the formation of "The Morris Ring" -- 7"-RTR-0091 (dub of RPL LP) - 5"RTR-0880 (dub of Folkcraft) - Morris, Sword & Country Dances rec by PK Harpenden 18/7/57: RPL LP 23571 - Bean Setting, Rigs o Marlow, Bromsberrow Heath (Cock o the North) & Flamborough Selection 45 rpm 1964 - FTX-325

SCOLLAY, Peter, J & L - Shetland\ fid & gtr\ 1952 -- rec by Pat Shaw, East Yell, Feb 1952: RPL 18560 J Scollay (fid): "Lucky can you link o't"/ "Bonny Isle of Whalsay"/ JS (fid) & PS (gtr):"Loddie" & "Accident of Voe"/ PS (fid) & LS (gtr): Unnamed Reel ("Scollay's")/ "Neil Gow's Farewell to Whisky" & "Mrs McLeod's Reel" - RPL 18651 PS (fid): "Shetland Hornpipe"/ Reel:"Taste the Green"/ "Antarctic Ice" (McPherson's Rant)/ "Devil in the Kitchen" - RPL 18652 JS (fid) & LS (gtr): "Gossabrough Waltz" - FTX-068

SCOTT, Harry - Bedfordsh\ unacc singer\ 1958 -- rec by PK, Eaton Bray 18/2/58: 7"RTR-0088 - RPL LP 26071 "As I came home so late last night or Cuckolds Song"- "Soldier & Sailor" -"Herring Song" - "What's the life of a man?" - Toast: -"Here's luck to an English soldier"- Poem by singer: "No more I'd wish to roam"- May Song -"Hawthorn Bush" - "Neath the oak in the garden" - "Box on her head" - (recited & sung) "Jimmy Murphy" - (1v) "I sit at my window"- A-ROVING radio prog #1: FTX-307 - "Cuckold's Song": FTX-503 - EFDSS VWML-003 1989 (cassette) rec by Fred Hamer: "Box on her head"- "There stands a cottage" - "Turkey Rhubarb

SCOTT, Mountford -- Somerset\ Singer with ch\ 1943 -- Chorus led by Tom PURVIS rec studio Bristol 2/7/43: RPL 6018 "Captain Nipper" - FTX-515

SCOTT, Roosevelt - (voc) prob with Jesse Coleman (piano), Big Bill Broonzy (gtr) & Alfred Elkins (imitation bass) rec Chicago 13/9/39: VOCALION 05206/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Black Gal Blues"

SCOTT, Sidney - North Ronaldsay Orkney\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by PK 19/7/55: RTR 1056 incl orig of complete song (dur:11'10")/ RPL 22722 "We are a' St Mary's Men" (New Year's Eve Carol learnt from his father) with talk about custom - FTX-189 - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 - FTX-389

SCOTT, Willie - Dumfriessh\ Shepherd singer\ (1968 - 1989) -- rec by PK, 1954: FTX-517 "Banks of Clyde" - rec by Francis Collinson 1953: TANGENT TNGM- 119 1975 "Jamie Telfer" - TOPIC 12-T-181 1968 rec at Blairgowrie Fest "Irthing Water Hounds" - TOPIC 12-T-183 1968 solo album/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Banks of Newfoundland"/ TSCD-654 1998 (Emigration Ballads) "You Boys of Callieburn" rec by Bill Leader in studio, Elland, Yorks 12/2/76/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "Lads that were reared among heather"/ TSCD- 658 "Events & Issues" "Bloody Waterloo"(Banks of Clyde)/ TSCD- 660 "Amorous Encounters" "The Bonny Wee Tramping Lass"/ TSCD-663 "Drink" "Piper O Neill" "Jock Geddes & the Soo"/ TSCD-667 "Ballads" "The Dowie Dens o Yarrow"/ TSCD-668 Hunting & Poaching "Irthing Water Hounds" & "Kielder Hunt"/ TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Shepherd's Song" & "When the Kye comes hame"

SCOTT SKINNER, John - Aberdeensh\ Fiddler-composer\ 1905-10 - See also George HARVEY-WEBB, Angus GRANT & Alistair ANDERSON -- TOPIC 12-TS-268 1975 from REGAL & RENA discs (on some tracks he used a "Stroh" fiddle) piano accomp/ on same LP Bill HARDIE plays Scott Skinner compositions accomp by his son, Alasdair on piano/ CASS-45-0972 -- playing his compositions:-- Tom ANDERSON & Aly BAIN (fiddles) with piano: TOPIC 12-TS-281 - Alistair ANDERSON (N- pipes): TOPIC 12-TS-371

SCRAGG, Martin - Devon\ Club singer\ 1978 -- CASS-0179: PEOPLE'S STAGE

SCRUGGS, Earl & Lester FLATT - USA\ Bluegrass banjo\ nd -- CBS CS-8751 1963 - NEW FREEDOM/ CASS-0177 Mike Seeger 1974 with Bill MONROE - (PHILLIPS BBL-7410 & 7552)/ CASS-0239 with Lester Flatt, Roy ACUFF & SMOKY MT BOYS - ex by Mick MOLONEY Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895 "Soldier's Joy"

SCULLY, Con - Ireland/ singer/ 1960 -- rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow 1951: OSSIAN OSS-15 (orig FOLKWAYS: FIELD TRIP IRELAND 1960) cass

SEALY, Walter & Harry - Somerset\ unacc singers\ 1957 - Walter (67) bn 1890 still shepherding less upright than Harry but with soft voice white hair & fresh complexion; Harry (63) labourer, was Army policeman over 6ft square shoulders 18 stone twinkling blue eyes - both living in same house at "The Common" - other songs not recorded included "McCaffery", "The Ship that never returned", "All jolly fellows", "The sun's gone down" -- rec by PK, Ash Priors, 24/1/57 (learned songs from Harry Woodberry who sang to Cecil J Sharp): - RTR-0795 & 0963/ RPL LP 26368 "Wassail Song" (Walter/Walter & Harry)/"Blind Beggar's Daughter" - FTX-405 Somerset Village Music

SEBBAGE, Bill - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Fittleworth 14/11/54: RPL 22740 "Green Bushes"

SEDGWICK, (John) Moore - Yorksh\ singer of hunting songs\ 1954 - aged 69 - bn Sedbergh 1885, was master of Sedbergh Beagles 1926-31 and followed Lunesdale, Ullswater, Coniston and Bleasdale. His father and grandfather were also well-known huntsmen - aged 23 he went sheep-farming in Canada for 6 years returning to England in 1920 - when rec was working as an insurance agent -- rec by PK, Sedbergh 23/11/54: RPL 22449-50 Hunting Songs, Talk about Joe Bowman & blows hunting horn/ FTX-120 - FTX-410 Lake District traditions

SEDLEY, Stephen - London\ Arranger gtr & lute\ 1962 - Solicitor & author of "Seeds of Love" paperback containing collated & composite versions of English folk songs -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-106 1962 accomp Sydney CARTER & Sheila HANCOCK Carter comp album "Putting out the dustbins"

SEEGER, Mike - USA\ Coll-singer\ 1974 - see also NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS -- recs of American Banjo tunes & songs in Scruggs style (3 finger picking) [FOLKWAYS FA-2314] RTR-0316 - [NEW FREEDOM]/ CASS-0177 Double C60 cassettes (with separate info sheets) presented 1974 - "American Folksongs for Children" (with Mike & Peggy SEEGER) ROUNDER C-8001 (2 parts) 1987 CASS-1225 & 1226 - "Darlin Corey" (voc/banjo) in Aly BAIN's "Down Home" (TV Series) in USA & Canada LISMOR LIF 7011 1986 CASS-0814 - with HESPERUS: GREENHAYS GR-90718 1988 CASS-0793 - "American Folksongs for Children" Mike & Peggy SEEGER (ROUNDER C-8001 2 parts) 1987 CASS-1225-6

SEEGER, Peggy (see also McCOLL, Ewan) - USA & London\ Singer with banjo/ gtr/ Engl conc\ 1956 -- rec London 14/8/56: RPL LP 23195 (13 songs with gtr & banjo) - rec London 11/1/58 with Guy CARAWAN: RPL 24212-3 - Unesco rec [nd] RPL LP 26265 (13 songs with gtr & banjo) "Calling the tune #8 11/3/63 "I'm troubled" - "America at Play" EMI CLP-1174 1958/ CASS-0289 with Guy CARAWAN rec by PK - FTX-941 - FTX-942 - Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000 - "Courting & Complaint" FOLKWAYS FP-49 1955 - "American Song Train" PYE NIXA NPL- 18013/ CASS-0290 rec by Alan Lomax - "Matching Songs" RIVERSIDE RLP-637 [nd] with Ewan McCOLL - ARGO Radio Ballads, Critics Group & "Long Harvest" - American Folksongs for Children (with Mike Seeger) ROUNDER C-8001 (2 audio cassettes) CASS-1225-6 - with Ewan McCOLL rec at the Cider Press Dartington 1971 5"RTR-0800- 0801 - with Ewan & family: Calum, Hamish & Neil rec Concert at Purcell Room: Radio 2: 6/7/81: CASS-0427 - with Ewan & sons: RPL Concert Hall Radio 2 5/7/82: CASS-15-0756 - with Ewan singing & talking rec Cecil Sharp House Tribute Concert : Radio 2: 12/11/87: CASS-0426 with citation read by Vic Gammon & Gold Badge presented by Ursula Vaughan Williams & appreciations by Vic Gammon & Tony Davis/ Peggy makes their acceptance speech - "American Folksongs for Children" Mike & Peggy SEEGER (ROUNDER C-8001 2 parts) 1987 CASS-1225-6 - FTV#33 1990 includes "Thoughts of Time" (comp for Ewan McColl) & "The House Carpenter" - Birthday Film of Ewan MacColl: FF-2213 - Memorial Film: FF-2214

SEEGER, Pete - USA\ Singer with 5 str banjo\ 1963 - see also ALMANAC SINGERS -- 5 string Banjo Tutor: RTR-0304/ CASS-0204 - Guitar Tutor RTR- 0315 - "American Favourite Ballads" FOLKWAYS FA-2323 1963 - FG-3531 1960 accomp Jean CARIGNAN (Canadian fid) - Pete & 5 strings TOPIC TOP-33 1958 (45-EP) - EMI "Music for Pleasure" MFP 50114 "Freight Train" (sleeve notes by Bess Lomax Hawes)- Broadsides TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1016 1965 - XTRA 1112 "Where have all the flowers gone?" - VANGUARD SRL-7642 1965 (boxed) "East Virginia Blues" & "Old Joe Clark" with Jimmy DRIFTWOOD - Talk during his World Tour on occasion of the formation of THE BRITISH FOLK FEDERATION OF CLUBS AND PERFORMERS rec by PK, Camden Town Bingo Hall 9/5/64 RTR 425/ CASS 0429 - 16mm b/w film with PK of Johnny Doherty, fiddler, Co Donegal, 1964: FF-2201 - ALMANAC SINGERS "We shall not be moved": John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s Radio 2: 7/3/87: CASS-90-0565 - CASS- 0172 & 0173 (2 copies) 70th birthday: Jim Lloyd on FOLK ON TWO 3/5/89 -- "How can I keep from singing?" Jennie MANNERS: ACORN CF-201 1968 - "Turn Turn Turn" (Song of Solomon): TROTTO: FOREST TRACKS FT-6003 1973


SETTLES, Tommy - Jazzbo Tommy & his Lowlanders

SHAIL, Mike - Devon\ Singer with gtr\ 1979 -- rec by PK: "No Holes Bard!" FTX-127 with EEZUM SQUEEZUM - Opening of National Waterways Museum, Gloucester: FTX-418

SHAND, James "Jimmy" - Angus\ Accordion & band-leader\ 1961 - (1908-Dec 21 2000 aged 82) -- rec by Alan Lomax 17/1/51: 7"RTR-0715/ DAT/ "Road to the Isles" "Farewell to the Creeks" "Inverness Gathering"/ COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Laird o Drumblair/ Devil among the tailors" 361 - BELTONA/ REGAL ZONOPHONE/ PARLOPHONE CASS-60-0985-8/ CASS-60- 0993-4/ Melodeon magic (from disks) - DECCA: BELTONA - CASS-45-0583 continuous jigs - EMI GLN-1001 CASS-60- 0995 "The Golden Years" - MTP 41-575 CASS-0996 "Golden Hours" - GLN 1012 CASS-90-0997 "The New Sound" - MTF 50477 CASS-60-0998 "The Legendary" - MTF-5413 CASS-90-0999 - GLNN 1017 "The First 46 years" - RPL LP 27863 rec SHS 30/12/61 "Balmoral Highlanders" with band and heughs (cries) in background/ solo harmonica: "Atholl & Breadlebane" - PEGASUS PGN CD 863 2002 (Archive Recs digitally enhanced) "Over the hills and far away"

SHANNON, Bookmiller - Ark USA\ 5-str banjo\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Timbo Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1707 1997 "Buffalo Gals", "Down in Arkansas" "Eighth of January" & "Cotton-eyed Joe"

SHANNON, Joe - Ireland & USA\ (U-pipes)\ 1986 b.1916 emigrated to Chicago 1930 -- with Johnny Mc GREAVEY (fid) plays Jig "The Battering Ram" & (solo) Reel "The Heather Breeze" learned from Patsy Tuoey records in USA & talks about learning pipes & meeting Capt Francis O'Neil, Chicago Police Chief, 2 yrs before O Neil's death to whom he played "Derry Hornpipe", then with Johnny McGREAVEY plays 3 Reels: "Steam Packet", "The Morning Star" & "Miss McCloud's" rec Clancy Summer School July 1986 then on GREEN LINNET LP Reel: "The Primrose Lass" with John McGREAVEY: RTE radio prog 1988 CASS- 0905

SHANNON, Michael - fid\ bn Derrylin, Co Fermanagh 1930. Father and grandfather were the local blacksmiths and Michael followed. Likewise in his family his father and uncles were fiddlers and Michael was accomplished from the age of nine meeting the Gunn's, Maguire's, McManus' and even the young Cathal O Connell. He emigrated to Coventry at 20 where he played with likes of Joe Gavigan and Tom Kavanagh, accordion players, from Ballinasloe, Co Galway. In 1969 he formed the Shannon Ceili Band and 9 months later they won the All-England. In Coventry he learned fiddle-making and in 1981 he moved with Mary and family to Co Sligo where he carries on the trade of making and repairing fiddles. - 071-43362 -- MS 01 On this CD, "The Musical Blacksmith", Michael makes all the arrangements and is joined by John Dwyer (keybd) and Dan Healy (flute)

SHARP, Cecil - (b 22 Nov. 1859, London; d London 28 June 1924) English folk music collector, author, musician, educationalist. Educated at Cambridge, worked in Australia; taught in England 1892-96, then principal of Hampstead Conservatory until '05. Saw the Headington Oxford Morris side dance acc. by William Kimber on concertina 1899; heard vicarage gardener, John England, sing "The Seeds Of Love' Hambridge, Somerset 1903; set about collecting with missionary zeal: first publication was Folk Songs From Somerset in five parts 1904-9, first three co-credited to Charles Marsh; Songs Of The West 1905 and English Folk-Songs For Schools co-edited with Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould. He was prime mover in founding of The English Folk Dance Society 1911, which after his death almalgamated, in 1932, with The Folk Song Society, founded in 1898; which became The English Folk Dance and Song Society, who have their HQ in Regents Park, called Cecil Sharp House. He contributed songs and dances to Granville Barker's London production of Midsummer Night's Dream 1914; visited USA several times collecting Anglo-American ballads (see also Francis James Child); he was accompanied 1916-18 by amanuensis Maud Karpeles. The EFDS held their summer schools at Stratford-on- Avon from 1909, directed by Cecil Sharp and Maud accompanied Barker to New York for Sharp's arrangement of the music for Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Dream". His "English Folk Song: Some Conclusions" 1907 was the first major treatise on the subject; and Maud edited the fourth edition 1965. His work based on his American field trips 1914-18 included. "English Folk Songs From The Southern Appalachians" and "Nursery Songs From The Appalachian Mountains 1917-23. An example of continuity in folk is the Ritchie family: Sharp collected songs from them in 1917 and John and Alan Lomax recorded from them in the 1930s for the Library of Congress; Jean Ritchie, unborn at the time of Sharp's visit, became a leading figure in post-war USA folk revival. Sharp worked more and more in education, which he regarded as vital, and collaborated with the illustrator, A P Oppé, on "The Dance: An Historical Survey of Dancing in Europe", published after his death. Miss Karpeles worked with Ralph Vaughan Williams and Douglas Kennedy, who succeeded Sharp and became Director of the EFDSS. She wrote a biography of "Cecil Sharp" 1933 with A H Fox Strangeways (the author of the groundbreaking "Music Of Hindostan" 1914 but the revised edition of Sharp 1967 was under her name alone). "The Crystal Spring"": English Folk Songs Collected by Cecil Sharp 1987 published by Oxford University Press was edited by her. Sharp's significance lies not only in research but in the impetus he gave to wider appreciation of folk music; his disquisition also lived on in the work of composers like Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, Percy Grainger and George Butterworth - JEFDSS 1959 Centenary of birth (22/11/59) - various articles - ED&S 33/1 19721 p8 Mike Yates & p87 photo with bicycle - FMJ Dave Harker -- Talk about him by William KIMBER of Headington Oxon & Billy WELLS of Bampton, Oxfordsh rec Dec 1937: RPL 9844 (78)/ Talking to Maud Karpeles rec by PK 4/12/51: FTX-383 - Bungay Primary School rec 1959: RPL LP 25951 - Talk about him by Maud Karpeles 22/11/59 & Mrs A Wheeler rec Dublin 16/11/59: RPL 26003 - Talk about him visiting Shep Haden: Bert Wiltshire, Bampton, Oxfordsh rec by PK 14/2/57: 5"RTR-0966/ RPL LP 26368/ FTX-451 - Talk about him and building of Cecil Sharp House by Douglas Kennedy: FTX-481-493 - Talk about him by Mrs Sheilor Meadows of Dan, Patrick Co Va USA 1976: FTX-903 - John LANGSTAFF with Martin BEST (gtr): EMI CLP-1833 1965 - Tony ROSE Ballads LEADER-2014 - LEADER 2024 Songs - Dave BURLAND: LEADER 2029 - Roger NICHOLSON/ Jake WALTON/ Andrew CRONSHAW: LEADER 2094 - Ian CAMPBELL: TOPIC 12-T-110 1964 incl "Row bullies row" shanty coll on board ship - Bernard WRIGLEY (conc): TOPIC 12-TS-211 1971 (Curry Rivel Wassail) Frankie ARMSTRONG: TOPIC 12 TS-216 1972 "Saucy Sailor" -- 1912 film of Cecil Sharp, George Butterworth & the Karpeler sisters, Helen and Maud with Sharp nearly going wrong in the dance: FTV#34

SHAW, Nan - Ireland, Belfast - Street Songs & Children's games rec 20/4/48: RPL 13163-4 (coll & arr by Hugh Quinn q.v.) : FTX-072

SHAW, Patrick (Shuldham-Shaw) Pat - England\ Coll & Singer with gtr, piano & p-acc\ 1958 -- calling Square Dances with PK & HAYMAKERS CASS-30-0570 - RPL LP 24045 Engl FS (with gtr) rec 13/5/58 - FTX-136 "The Seeds of Love" with piano - FTX-407 accomp (p-acc) Jack GRIBBLE "The Dying Cowboy" Bradninch Village Barn Dance 1950 - see SHETLAND collection - "Everybody Swing" Bristol Radio Prog 11/10/51 with Malcolm WATSON (gtr): CASS-0468 incl "Michael Roy", "Run, nigger, run" - Last prog singing "No more booze on Sundays" CASS-0458

SHEAHAN, John - Ireland\ fid\ see DUBLINERS

SHEELIS - Scotland\ Harp Duo\ 1988 - Patsy Seddon & Mary McMaster -- Harp duet & unacc Gaelic m/m: Radio 2: 13/1/88 CASS-0422 - 16/5/88 CASS-15-0711 - 24/8/88 CASS-15-0733

SHEILOR, Jessie, Mrs - Va USA\ singer & piano\ 1976 - - Sharp FSSA: BILLY GRIMES (sung by SHEILOR Family of Va) -- rec by Peter & Beryl Kennedy, Meadows of Dan, Patrick Co. Va. 1976: FTX-903 Songs, ballads & piano - Eunice Yeatts McALEXANDER (neice of Mrs Sheilor ?) VWML-007 d/CASS-1026 1992 "Crazy about Song" rec Mike Yates

SHELTON, Mrs Donald (Emma Hensley) - N.C. USA\ singer unacc & with harmonium\ 1955 - of Carmen, N.C -- rec by Maud Karpeles Sept 1950 Flagpond, Tenn: RPL 17145-6: "Black is the colour" (with harmonium), "Sally Goodin""Short'ning Bread" "Locks & Bolts""Gipsy Davie" "Pretty Little Girl""Cripple Creek" - rec MK Alleghany, NC 10/8/55: RPL 23799-800 "Fair Margaret & Sweet William" "Truelovers Farewell" & "Locks & Bolts" & RPL 23793 "Dear Companion" & RPL 23794 "Sweet William" & Talk about Cecil Sharp & Civil War Reminiscences - FTX-907

SHELTONS, Sugarloaf - NC USA\ Band: banjo/fid/gtr\1955 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Alleghany 12/8/55: RPL 23801/ FTX-907 "Cumberland Gap", "Little Maggie"(banjo solos), "Pike Co Breakdown", "Fire in the moutains", "Lost Indian" & "Bonyparte's Retreat"

SHERGOLD, Francis - Oxfordsh\ unacc singer\ 1995 - with banjo & chorus rec by John Howson on Radio radio prog 4/1/96: CASS-1335"Old John Braddle-um" & "Farmyard Song" (Cocks & Hens) "Bold Grenadier" (Nightingale)

SHERIDAN AND HIS BOYS, John - Ire USA\ Irish Band)\ 1930 -- Reels (banjo/ whistle/ piano) rec 78 rpm disk late 1920s intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865

SHERMAN, Alan - USA\ Comedian/ singer\ 1962-3 -- WARNER W-1475/ CASS-0309 incl "My son, the folksinger"

SHETLAND FIDDLER'S SOCIETY - Leader: Tom Anderson Shetland\ fiddlers\ nd -- FTX-310 A-ROVING radio prog 1968 #8 "The Forty Fiddlers": TD-5363 (45-EP) "Da Peerie Hoose" & "Merry Boys of Greenland" - Talk about tunes by Tom Anderson RTR-1080/ CASS-0965

SHINES, Johnny - (voc/gtr) with Willie Dixon (bass), Clifton James (drums) rec Chicago May 1968: BLUE HORIZON 7-63212/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1B (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "I don't know"


SHOCKD, Michelle - USA\ Club singer with gtr\ nd -- CASS-0187 (ROOTS FLEX-01): Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS-90-0550 - rec Queen Elizabeth Hall Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS- 0423-4 "If Love was a train" - Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS-60-0547

SHOWERS, Charlie - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1973 -- Somerset Scrapbook rec by Dave Bland: CASS-1159

SIDBURY Schoolchildren - Devon\ children's games\ 1951 -- rec by PK 26/2/51: RPL 16075: COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD 1741 1998 - rec by PK: FTX-201 - rec by Jean Ritchie 1952: RTR-0062

SILEAS - Scot\ Harp duo\ 1990 - Patsy SEDDON & Mary McMASTER -- Radio 2: 6/6/90 CASS 60-0882 - Radio 2: 26/9/91 CASS-90-0990 - Radio 2: 17/10/90 CASS-60-1017 "The Little Cascade"

SILLY WIZARD - Scotland\ Folk Group\ 1978 -- TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1158 1978

SILVER LEAF QUARTET - Va USA\ Black choir\ 1960 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Ark, Va USA: ROUNDER CD-1708 1997 - "of Norfolk" OKEH 8644/ B&B 014 "Sleep on, mother" (tune "Swanee River")

SILVER LEDGE QUARTET, THE - Norfolk Va\ Gospel Singers\ 1954 -- rec by Alan Lomax: RPL LP 26147/ "Calling the tune" Home Service Radio #6 Feb 1963 "The Gospel Train"

SILVERMAN, Jerry - USA\\ Blues singer with gtr\ 1963 -- RPL 26435 "Calling the tune #8 11/3/63 "Gospel Train"

SILVO, Johnny - Engl (Kenya)\ Singer with gtr\ 1982 -- Concert Hall Radio 2: 9/11/82 CASS-15-0763

SIMON, Paul & Art GARFUNKEL - USA\ Singer-songmakers\ 1972 -- CBS-69003 1972 Greatest Hits - "Gracelands" track Radio 2: 1/4/87: CASS-90-0567

SIMPSON, Eric - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1999(?) -- SLEEPYTOON SLPYMC001 (Cass) "The Buchan Bobby" "The Mains o' Drummuir" "Macfarlan o the Sprotts"

SIMPSON, Martin - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1984 -- "Wild Bill Jones" Radio 2; "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411 - DAMBUSTER DAM-003/6 - CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection"

SINCLAIR, John - Orkneys\ unacc singer\ 1964 - of Little Lingall, Flotta - After leaving school served apprenticeship as blacksmith on South Walls (southern part of island of Hoy). Outbreak of First World War volunteered for Royal Navy. Demobilised he worked on salvage of German fleert scuttled in Scapa Flow and was a member of the crfrew of local passenger steame to South Isles of Orkney. As a crofter and fisherman his main interest was the sea (notes from son, John Oct 2001) -- rec by Sean Davies & PK, Flotta: FTX-189 - FTX-307 A-ROVING - FTX-502 "The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry" FTX-389

SKELTON, Mabel - Arbroath Angus\ Scots Singer\ 1964 -- rec 14/7/64: RPL LP 28571 (14 songs & interview by J A Wilson) - RTR-0628/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Sweet William" - FTX-503 "Cuckolds Song"

SKINNER, Barry - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1971 -- ARGO ZFB-34 1971 "Bed Battle & Booze" - SPA-A-132 Sampler - rec in Concert Hall Radio 2: 21/4/80: CASS-0417

SKINNERS BOTTOM GLEE SINGERS - Redruth, Cornwall\ Male chorus\ 1956 -- rec by PK 22/11/56: RTR 127 - RPL LP 23654 "The Sweet Nightingale"(in Cornish) "Camborne Hill" "John the Bon" & "A- mining we will go"/ FTX-010 & FTX-218 - rec by PK 22/11/56: RPL LP 25653 "St Day Carol" - FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 "John the Bon" - Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000

SKYLARK - Ire\ Folk Group\ 1987 - Len Graham, Gary O Brien, Jerry O Connor & Andrew McNamara -- Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS-90-0550 Reels & "Dobbin's Flowery Vale" - CASS-1299 incl Dolores Keane

SKYPORT ADE - London Blues Singer - see Adrian TUCKER

SLADE, Stanley - Bristol\ Shantyman\ 1943 - Every time there was a radio broadcast of sea-shanties by professional singing groups like the West of England Male Chorus, Stanley would march into Broadcasting House in Whiteladies Road, Bristol, and would indulge in some fairly strong seafaring language. So, when Peter came to the West of England BBC to develop folk music programmes in the region, he was requested to go and see Mr Slade and use some diplomacy to explain the need for the BBC to consider its broad spectrum of sensitive listeners. Instead, after visiting his house, full of precious objects gathered on voyages around the world, Peter soon got Stanley into the studio, with a "property capstan", in order to make a series of "authentic" broadcasts. At first choruses were provided by the West of England Male Voice Choir but Peter soon found he could get more authentic results with less voice-conscious singers, by just going out into Whiteladies Road and inviting into the studio a gang of men. Arrangements were made with HMV to record him at Abbey Road, but alas, he died only a few days before the recording date. However the Education Dept. of the Gramophone Company did issue one 78 rpm disc made from some of the recordings on this cassette -- RPL 4612-4 rec Bristol 8/6/42 with chorus led by Tom Purvis & Phil GREEN (p-acc) - RPL LP 6018 rec Bristol 2/7/43 - 7"RTR#0001-3 rec by PK on Scophony-Baird Tape-recorder, Bristol, March 1950 - COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - RPL 17603-4 & RPL 17610 with Peter KENNEDY, Sandy MOIR (acc) & Haymakers: - FTX-207 - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 "Kangaroo" - FTX-515 "On board of the Kangaroo"

SLIM, "Bumble Bee" - (voc) with Myrtle Jenkins (piano) & Casey Bill Weldon (gtr) rec Chicago 5/2/36: VOCALION 04042/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Ramblin with that woman"

SLIM, Memphis - USA\ Piano/ Boogie Woogie\ 1940s & 50s - see BROONZY, Big Bill - UNITED ARTISTS UAL-3050 1959 rec Carnegie Hall

SLOAN, P J "Paddy" - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - age 49 - farmer from Lisnacree - photo by PK 0103 -- rec by PK & SB, Atticoll, Kilkeel 30/7/53: RPL 19595 "The Mourne Men in Green" FTX-433

SLOAN, Peter - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - age 49 - postman who built his own house learned songs from father and married into a singing family, the Grants of Atticoll - see Paddy Grant - photos by PK 0101-2 -- rec by PK & SB, Rostrevor 28/7/53: RPL 19349 "Dick McKnight's Farewell to Mourne" - RPL 19353 "The Wreck of the Newcastle Fishermen" - RPL 19581 "The Knights of St Patrick": FTX-433

SLOCOMBE, Marie - BBC Recorded Programmes Library Editor -- introduces PK in AS I ROVED OUT Radio Prog May 1956: FTX-255

SMALDON, Dave - Devon\ Dulc\ 1974 -- rec by PK, Totnes 1974: FTX-090 with ZIGGURAT Folk Group

SMALE, Fred- Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Hassocks 9/10/54: RPL 22742 "Ten thousand miles away"/ FTX-512 "Blow the winds-i-o" (same song)

SMALL, Dol - Va USA\ Unacc singer\1950 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Nellysford, Nelson Co Sept 1950: RPL 17141/ FTX-908 "Sir Hugh"

SMALL, Jim - Somerset\ gypsy singer & harmonica\ 1949 - bn 24/9/13, in Hannah More's cottage, in which the first school was started by her in 1789. He went to the National School next door at the age of 3. He remembers seeing the first German prisoners of War being marched back to Axbridge, the nearby market town, where they were interned in the old Workhouse. He learned to play the harmonica from his father and his first contact with folkdancing was through the headmistress, Mrs. Wood. Later W.S.Woodgate took over and Jim played for the School Morris team until he left in 1928. During the Second World War Jim worked on the railway and it was then he became active again playing for local concerts and camp- raising funds. After the war he took part in broadcasts with Peter Kennedy at Bristol, and, before he finally retired, he worked as a guide at Gough's Caves -- RPL 14627 rec by PK, Cheddar 1949 "What's the life of a man?" (unacc) & "Shepton Hornpipe" (harmonica) - FTX-023 "What's the life?" - Cheddar carols, songs & dances with harmonica:- FTX-138 (ex 327) - Somerset Village Music: FTX-405 - Video by PK 14/8/83 at Jim's house in Cheddar: FF-2205 - Soundtrack with talk CASS-60-0861 -- TROTTO: FOREST TRACKS FT-6003 1973 "What's the life?" - FLOWERS & FROLICS rec "Empress of Russia" Islington London: FREE REED FRR-16 1977 "Shepton Hornpipe" - RTR 203-5 -- Cyril TAWNEY (talk bef) "What's the life?": Radio 2: Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS-0423-4

SMART, Tom - Sussex\singer\ 1956 -- rec by PK, "The Cherry Tree", Copthorne: FTX-280 "The Lazy Moocher"

SMETHURST, Alan - Norfolk\ "Singing Postman"/ gtr\ 1960s -- "Old Tomalong" (Crab fisherman) rec 1962 Radio 2: 21/4/80: CASS-0417

SMITH, Albert - Suffolk\ jews harp & voice\ 1977 -- rec by Keith Summers, Butley 1977: TOPIC 12-TS-375/ TSCD-664 1998 "Ditties & Dances": "Pigeon on the gate" & "The Next tune on the programme" & "Old Brown sat in the Rose and Crown"

SMITH, Arthur - Oxfordsh\ unacc singer\1952 -- rec by PK, Swinbrooke 16/10/52: RPL 18688 "Needlecases, won't you buy one?" with talk/ FTX-021

SMITH, Arthur - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - aged 64 -- rec by PK, "The Ship" Blaxhall: FTX-025 "Barley Mow" - FTX-036 1953 rec in pub - FOLKTRAX Video 5 "Health to the Barley Mow"

SMITH, Bessie - USA\ Singer of Blues\ nd -- CANTOMETRICS 90-017 "Mean old Bed Bug Blues" - & Fletcher HENDERSON: COLUMBIA 13001-D "Cemetry Blues"/ with Louis Bacon (cornet), Charlie Green (trombone), Clarence Williams (piano) & Floyd Casey (drums) rec New York 11/6/31: COLUMBIA 14611/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "In the house Blues"

SMITH, Bill - Bridgnorth, Shropsh\ unacc singer(1909-1987) \ rec 1980 (Aged 71) rec by his son Andrew (see Shropsh file), Buntingford, Hertfordshire -- copy of cass recd 1980 with 25 songs: 5"RTR-0906 (25 songs) Total 32.30/ CASS #1359 r/cd May 2000 with 21 items

SMITH, Bob - Scotland\ Band\ 1930s -- "Bob Smith's Ideal Band" with Tony CAPADI (acc): TOPIC 12-T- 319-20 1977 vols 1 & 2/ CASS-90-1001

SMITH, Charlotte - Tarrington, Herefordsh\ unacc gipsy singer\ 1952(?) -- rec by PK 14/10/52: FTX-504 "The Holy Well" - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

SMITH, Clara - (voc) with Lemuel Fowler (piano) rec NY 25/5/26: COLUMBIA 14150/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Whip it to a Jelly"

SMITH, Faber (voc) with Jimmy Yancey (piano) rec Chicago USA 23/2/40: VOCALION 05464/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1B (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "East St Louis Blues"

SMITH, Herbert - Norfolk\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Blakeney 4/11/52: RPL 18705 Talk about "Long Dance" "Rig-a-jig- jig" "Starry Night for a ramble" - RPL 18706 "Highland Schottische"/ "Blakeney Hornpipe" (Lass on the Strand)/ Heel & toe Polka/ Four Hand Reel - RPL 18707 "Old Joe, the boat is going over"/ "Tommy make room for your uncle"/ Varsoviana/ Talk about "Harvest Frolics": FTX-328 - Norfolk Village Music -- OLD SWAN BAND: FREE REED FRR-011 1976 play "Blakeney Breakdown" - "Break Down Hornpipe" Jim ELDON (fid) & Lynette (clogs) RPL Radio 2 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849

SMITH, Hobart & Preston (his brother) - see also Texas GLADDEN (sister) - Va USA\ singer/ fiddler/ 5-str-banjo\ 1956 - Hillsville (1897-1965) first rec for Lib of Congress in 1937 -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 incl"Sourwood Mountain"(fiddle) "Parson Burrs (voc with gtr) "Fly around my pretty little miss"(voc & piano) "Jack o'Diamonds or Drunken Hiccups" (voc with fiddle) rec Va 1959 - (song/ fiddle/ 5-str banjo): TRADITION TLP-1007 1956-7 "Run, Johnny, run" "Cripple Creek" "John Brown's Dream" "Pretty Polly" "Drunken Hiccups" - ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 - rec by Alan Lomax: CANTOMETRICS 90-013 "Two Brothers" (ballad) - rec by Alan Lomax Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 (fid) "Katy went fishing with her rod and line" - ROUNDER CD-1702 1999 (fid) "Sourwood Mountain"; (voc & gtr)"Peg an Awl" (Shoemaker); (voc & gtr) "Graveyard Blues"(comp by HS); (voc & piano)"Fly around my pretty little miss"; (voc & gtr); "Parson Burrs"; (banjo)"Black Annie" & (voc & gtr) "The Little Schoolboy" (Two Brothers) - Preston and his brother Hobart SMITH (gtr & vocals) with their sister Texas GLADDEN (vocals) rec by Alan Lomax, Salem, Va Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 "Lonely Tombs" "When the stars begin to fall" & "Jim and Me"(Baptist Hymns)/ "See that my grave is kept clean" (Hobart SMITH only) - ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 "Railroad Bill", "Claude Allen" & "Hawkins County Jail" - Hobart SMITH (solo album on fiddle, banjo etc) "Blue Ridge Legacy" ROUNDER 1799 2001 contains 31 items (ballads, reels & blues)

SMITH, Jasper Derby - (25/6/21-16/4/03)Kent\ gypsy singer\ 1975 - KENNEDY FSBI #254 p582 "Keepers and Poachers" #360 p803"The Yellow Handkerchief" - Obituary ED&S Autumn 2003 p30 -- 5"RTR-0898 talk about camping life rec by John Brune 1967 - rec by Michael Yates: TOPIC 12-T-253 1975: You subjects of England (Keepers & Poachers)/ Hartlake Bridge (Drowning while hopping in Kent/ Thornymoor Park (Old Fat Buck)/ Squire & the Gipsy/ While the yooger mush lays sleeping (Hares in Plantation) - 12-TS-304 1979: Small birds whistle (Flower of Servant Men)/ Moon shines bright/ Step dance tunes (with Minty SMITH/ harmonica: Pony March/ Whistling Rufus/ Tuning-up (mouth music)/ Died for Love (Hanging from a beam)/ TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Died for Love"/ TSCD-658 1998 "Events & Issues" "Hartlake Bridge"/ TSCD-661 "Travellers" (My)"Father had a knife" "Moon shines bright" "Down in the meadow" (Apron of flowers)"The Small birds whistle" & "The Squire and the Gypsy" (Gypsy Girl) & harmonica tunes with Levi (drum)/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "Tiddliewink Old Man" & "Climbing up my old apple tree" & Jig: "St Patrick's Day"/ TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "Thorneymoor Park"

SMITH, Jim - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis Feb 1955: RPL 21903 "Go & leave me if you wish it"

SMITH, Lal - Co Waterford\ tinker singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belfast 24/7/52: RPL 18302 "Early early" (Sweet William) & "Green grows the laurel" - RPL 18303 "Nancy Hogan's Gander" (& tune jigged) & "Bold English Navvy" - RPL 18304 "Labouring Man's Daughter" - RPL 18305 "Castle Dolliford" - rec again by PK 1/8/52: - RPL 18578 "Dear Old Kerry" - RPL 18580 "Galtee Farmer" & "County Tyrone" - RPL 18582 "Road to Killaloe" - RPL 18583 "I am a maid that's deep in love" - RPL 18586 "Garden where the praties grow" (with Mary Doran) - RPL 19590 "Cottage outside Maroo" & "Ball of Yarn" - FTX-017 "The Bold English Navvy" - FTX-166 & FTX-167 - FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Sweet Willie" - FTX-512 "Sweet Willie" - FTX-514 "I am a maid"

SMITH, Levi - England\ gypsy singer\ 1975 -- rec by Mike Yates: TOPIC 12-T-253 1975 Georgie/ Merry Haymakers/ Broomdasher/ Game of Cards - 12-TS-304 1977 Penny Wager/ Irish Girl/ plays drum with Jasper (harmonica)/ TOPIC TSCD-661 1998 "Travellers" "Haymakers" "One Penny" (Wager), "Game of Cards" & "Georgie" & with Jasper (harmonica tunes) -- John KIRKPATRICK TOPIC 12-TS-355 1977 "The Game of all fours"

SMITH, Mamie - -- & her Jazz Hounds: OKEH 4511-1/ B&B 005 "Let's agree to disagree"

SMITH, Minty - Surrey & Kent\ gypsy singer\ 1977 - photo #0778 (Sevenoaks Chronicle) used in FSBI -- rec by Mike Yates, nr Epsom, Surrey: TOPIC 12-TS-304 1977 Basket of Eggs/ Jew's Garden/ with Jasper SMITH: step dance tunes & "tuning-up/ TSCD-661 1998 "Travellers" "Basket of Eggs"/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "Derby Derby" (Show your legs to the Cockney girls)

SMITH, Neil - Northumb\ N-pipes/ Recorder\ nd -- P-B nd: CASS-45-0831

SMITH, Paul - England\ folklorist\ 1984 -- "Modern Myths" Radio 4 19/9/84

SMITH, Phoebe - Kent\ gypsy unacc singer\ 1956 - photo by PK 0315 died 8/11/01 at age of 88 (born 1913) - PK was first told about her by her cousin, Charlie SCAMP at Canterbury in Kent 1954 - Obituary by Rod Stradling p31 ED&S 63/4 Winter 2001 -- rec by PK, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk 8/7/56: RPL LP 23099 (5 songs/ 2 with tunes hummed) - FTX-015 "Blacksmith" - FTX-029 "Oxford Girl" - FTX-100 with husband, Joe (harmonica), & son "Riddle Song" rec 1956 round the campfire with talk about her life in Kent - I am a Romany/ Blackberry Fold/ Young Ellender/ Captain Thunderbolt/ Molly Varden/ Oxford Girl/ Higher Germanie/ Hopping Song/ Blacksmith - 136 Vocal study: "Blacksmith" - FTX-518 "Higher Germanie" - Video film of Phoebe & Joe taken by Peter & Beryl Kennedy at Phoebe's bungalow at Melton, Woodbridge 1983: FF-2208 - TOPIC 12-T-193 1970 Solo album: Once I had a true love/ Blacksmith/ Young Ellender/ Higher Germany/ Molly Vaughan/ Tanyard Side (Capt Thunderbolt)/ Yellow Handkerchief (Flash Company)/ Wexport (Oxford) Girl/ Dear Little Maiden - TOPIC 12-T-253 with others: "Barbara Allen" only rec by Mike Yates, Melton 1976: TOPIC 12-TS-304 1977 "Blackberry Fold" "Green Bushes" "Raking the Hay" "Canada-i-o" "Captain Thunderball" (Shannon Side)/ TOPIC TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Higher Germanie"/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic Ballads" "Molly Vaughan"/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true" "Young Ellender"/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "Captain Thunderbolt" (Shannon Side)/ TSCD- 661 "Travellers" "Yellow Handkerchief" (Flash Company) "Tanyard Side" - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" "Blacksmith" & "I am a Romany" - VETERAN VT136CD 1998 Rakin the Hay/ Romany Rye/ Barbara Allen/ Jolly Herrin g/ Johnny Raeburn/ Wings of Swallow/ Green Bushes/ Young Morgan/ Lavender/ B lackberryfold/ Blacksmith/ Stepping/ Game of Cards/ Yellow Handkerchief -- Shirley COLLINS: TOPIC 12-T-170 "Higher Germanie"

SMITH, Rosetta, Lily & Ben - Yorksh\ gypsy singers\ 1982 -- rec by Jim Eldon SD-005/ CASS#0992

SMITH, Sheila - Sussex\ unacc gypsy singer (aged 5)\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Laughton 11/11/52: RPL 18717/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Father father build me a boat" (Sweet William)

SMITH, Tom - Guyandotte, Wva USA\ unacc singer\ 1952 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Hey get along, Josie" (with some clapping of rhythm after)

SMITH, Trixie --BLACK SWAN 14138/ B&B 015 "A.M.Blues" ("Cuckoo" at beg & end)

SMITH, Vic & Christine - Sussex\ Singers\ nd -- Brighton: ERON-002 1974 False Knight/ Rigs of Rye/ Ye Mariners All - LONG MAN LM-4001 nd "Babes in the Wood"

SMITH, Walter - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Kedlington: NLCD 3/4 2002

SMITH, Wiggy - Gloucestersh\ gypsy singer\ 1975 -- rec by Mike Yates: TOPIC 12-T-253 1975 (M) Oakham Poachers/ The Deserter/ TSCD-661 1998 "Travellers" "There was a rich farmer at Sheffield" (Highwayman Outwitted) rec by Gwilym Davies & Paul Burgess, Postlip 1995 & "The High-Low Well" (Holy Well)/ TSCD-663 "Drink" "When I was a young man" (Poor Drunkard)/ TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "Oakham Poachers" & "Hares in the old Plantation" (While gamekeepers lie sleeping)

SMITH, William - English gypsy\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belfast 25/7/52: RPL 18577 "Bunclody"

SMITH, Willie "Long Time" - (voc) with Willie Lacey (gtr) & unknown piano rec Chicago 13/6/47: COLUMBIA 37990 / "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "My Buddy Doctor Clayton"

SNAITH, George - Northumb\ shepherd talks\ 1954 -- Talk on (shepherd's) stick-dressing rec by PK, Otterburn 22/8/54: RPL 20771

SOLOMON, Louis - USA\ Amer Indian singer with drum\ -- APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Mohawk Chant & War Cry"

SOMERS TRADITIONAL FOLK CLUB, The - Worcestersh\ Club Singers\ 1992 Malvern -- Cassette of songs all composed in trad style CASS-1028

SONGWAINERS, THE - Gloucestershire\ Folk Group\ 1971 - Based Cheltenham -- ARGO ZFB-31 1971 (Mainly unacc harmony): Robin Hood & the 3 Squires/ Three Knights (Child 11 Cruel Brother)/ Deadly Wars (J Robertson)/ Stormy (shanty) Tom o Bedlam's Song - Old Jonas (coll Gardiner)// News from Holland's Leaguers/ Bright Phoebus (Gardiner) - Old & New Courtier/ False Fox/ Glittering Dewdrops (George Townsend)/ George Ridler's Oven/ John Barleycorn/ CASS 0191

SOUTERS OF SELKIRK, THE - Selkirk\song & band\ (?) -- "Riding of the Marches" or "Common Riding" by shoemakers, song & band, rec in streets/ COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998

SOUTH RONALDSAY BAND, THE - Orkney\ Band\ 1955 - John BURGESS, Mary OMAND & Tom THOMSON (fiddles) with Jimmy LAIRD (accordion) -- rec by PK 17/7/55: RPL 22727/ FTX-389

SPANN, Otis (voc/ piano) with Walter Horton (harmonica) Willie Dixon (bass) & Clifton James (drums) rec Chicago May 1968: BLUE HORIZON 57-3142/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Bloody Murder"

SPENCE, Joseph - Bahamas\ Guitarist\ 1962 -- ARHOOLIE-1061 1962


SPICER, Jo - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- Fisherman rec by PK, Hastings 4/9/63: FTX-428/ FTX-515 "Heave on the Trawl"

SPICER, George - Kent/ Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1956 - aged 50 when rec by PK - born 1906 Little Chart, Folkestone, Kent - married a Dover girl whose grandfather was alive at the time of Folkestone Murder and he learned song from his father-in-law, Arthur Appleton of Dover - he worked as a herdsman in the Dover-Deal area bedfore moving to Selsfield, Sussex in 1940 to become head herdsman on a farm, after his retirement the post taken by his son Ronald -- rec by PK, The Cherry Tree, Copthorne, Surrey 4/2/56: 7"RTR-0230 Folkestone Murder - 0231 The Cunning Cobbler - 0232 The Barley Mow - 0233 German Clockmaker - 0234 Searching for Young Lambs & Oakum Picking/ RPL LP 23093 (5 songs) - FTX-013 "Searching for young lambs" - FTX-019 "Cunning Cobbler" - FTX-021 "Oyster Girl" - FTX-029 "Folkestone Murder" - TOPIC 12-TS- 235 1974 rec by Mike Yates, Selsfield, Sussex: "Blackberry Fold" "Cut Away Mike" "Oyster Girl" "The Faithful Sailor Boy" "3 Jolly Boys" "Irish Hop-pole puller" "Cunning Cobbler"/ "Folkestone Murder" "German Clockmender" "Henry my son" "Coming home late" (Cuckold Song) "I wish there were no prisons" (tune: Dixie) "Searching for Young Lambs" "Old Militia Drum" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS- 1150 1975 rec in pub, Lewes: Story & "Down in the fields where the buttercups grow" "Barley Mow"- TOPIC 12-T-254 1975 "Thrashing Machine" "Lily White Hand"/ TSCD-663 1998 Drink "Coming home late" & "Barley Mow"/ TSCD-664 Dances & Ditties "I wish there was no prisons"

SPILLANE, Davy - Dublin\ U-pipes\ 1990 -- with The Davy Sillane Band Radio 2: 6/6/90 CASS-60-0880 with talk introducing the band

SPINNERS, THE - Liverpool\ Folk Group\ 1962 -- rec by PK, London 1961: EMI CLP-1500 1962 with Jacqueline McDONALD "Quayside Songs"/ CASS-0293 - rec by PK, Festival Concert London 13/9/62: RTR-7"0478-9 - A-ROVING 1968 #4/ FTX-291 - FTX-310 - CONTOUR 6870-502 1967 rec by Terry Brown Liverpool "Live Performance"- CONTOUR 6870-529 rec by Terry Brown "Stop, Look Listen"- EMI SCX-6493 1972 "Love is Teasing"- EMC-3044 1974 "Jug o Punch"- FONTANA FJL-505 1966 "Live at the London Palladium" incl "Blue Nose" & "Stanley & Dora" - FONTANA STL-5431 1967"Another LP by the Spinners" - FONTANA STL-5495 1969 "Not Quite Folk" - : FONTANA 6309-014"The Spinners are in town" - TOPIC 12-TPS-145 1966 "Whip Jamboree" - Radio: 9/11/82 with guest, Lonnie Donegan: CASS-0407 - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1381-3


SPIVEY, Victoria - (voc) with John Erby (piano), Lonnie Johnson (gtr) rec NY 28/10/27: OKEH 8517/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Christmas Morning Blues"

SPREDTHICK - Berkshire\ Folk Group\ 1975 -- rec by PK, Totnes, Devon 1975: Empty Pocket Blues

SPRING, Matthew - Cornwall\ Singer with gtr\ 1979 - poems by his father, George (b1929) -- of Saltash, Cornwall rec studio in London 1979: FTX-128

SQUARE DANCE BAND, THE - England\ Dance Band\ 1940-70s - Douglas (drum) & Helen (Engl conc) Kennedy with Nan (fid) & Brian (gtr) Fleming Williams & Sam Mason (piano) -- Radio 2: 13/1/88 CASS-0422 when Douglas was 94 "Yorkshire Square Eight" & "Raggedy Ann"

SQUIRES, William "Bill" - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1952 - His father sang to Cecil Sharp in 1904 -- rec by PK Holford 1/5/52: RPL 17778/ FTX-136 (with comparative variants of song) "Seeds of Love" - Video by PK at Holford singing "The Seeds of Love" in his garden and in the house 1983 incl father's song, Poor Old Jeff : FF2207/ Video Soundtrack with talk: CASS 30-0860 - Radio 2: 27/7/93 Georgina Boyes prog CASS

STAFFORD, Johnny - England\ harmonica virtuoso\ 1984 -- "20 Harmonica Greats" Theme Tunes "Midnight Cowboy" etc EMI-MFP CASS-1201

STAFFORD W J - Northumb\ N-pipes & ½-longs\1949 -- rec 22/10/49: RPL 14010: 7 tunes (1 repeated on Half-longs)

STANLEY, Luke - Lincolnsh\ unacc singer & mel for "Plough Jags"\ 1953 Photo 0026 by PK (also 0026-7 of his son, Bill, tractor- driver) -- rec by PK, Barton-on-Humber 22/3/53: RTR#0094-5/ RPL 19028-9 Barrow-on-Humber Plough Jags play with song "All Jolly Fellows" & Sword Dance (mel) with Frank BELL (tamb) & Jesse MUMBY (Jug & pan) playing "Follow me down to London" & "Luke's tune" - 19032 Talk about "Crossed Pipe Dance", learning mel/ "Old Mother Shipton" story/ song: "Acre of Land" - EFDSS VWML-003 1989 cass rec by Fred Hamer: "Acre of Land" & "Outlandish Knight" - FTX-105 mel/ talk/ local rhyme

STANLEY, Pete - England\ banjo\ 1960s -- with Wizz JONES (gtr) rec London 9/4/64 4.5RTR-0409 - "Rakes of Malo" on 5-str: ex in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

STANLEY BROTHERS - USA\ Bluegrass\ nd -- (MELODISC-12-115) CASS-0238 with others - (PHILLIPS BBL- 7410 & 7552)/ CASS-0239 "Pretty Polly" & (Poison in a) "Glass of Wine" - Rec Concert CASS-0477

STARCHER, Buddy - USA\ Bluegrass\ nd -- (PHILLIPS BBL-7410 & 7552)/ CASS-0239 "Wildwood Flower"

STARKIE, Prof Walter - (1894-1976) - "Talking with gypsies" radio prog introduced by John Seymour: FTX-281 - FTX-282 - FTX-283

STARR, William - Scotland\ acc\ 1930's -- PARLOPHONE & BELTONA 78s CASS-45-1002/ FTX-363

STAVERTON BRIDGE - Sam RICHARDS, Tish STUBBS & Paul WILSON - (Dartington student folk Group) - filmed at Dartington Hall College introduced by Sue Lawley and singing "Going up Camborne Hill" 1971: FF-1101 - tape of concert given at Foxhole School- rec by PK, Dartington School, Foxhole with audience 1974/ 7"RTR-0412-4/ RTR #0937-8/ CASS#0439/ FTX-144- SAYDISC SDL-266 1975 - PEOPLES STAGE (C-45 Cass) Totnes 1978

STEEL AND SKIN - England\ W Indian Group/ pans & elec instr\ 1984 -- rec by PK, Bristol July 1984: CASS-45-0641

STEELE, Frank - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Whitehills 6/7/52: RPL 18776 "The Jolly Ploughboys" - rec 8/7/52: RPL 198128-9 "My Darling Ploughman Boy""Barnyards o Delgaty" "Lothian Hairst" "Ythanside" "Among the Whinny Knowes" & "The Wealthy Merchant" (Jackie Monroe) - TANGENT TNGM-109 1971 mouth tunes & rhymes - FTX-261 - FTX-518 "Jackie Fraser"

STEEL EYE SPAN - England\ Electric Folk Group\ 1968 - with Tim HART & Maddy PRIOR -- B & C - B & C CREST-23 & 26 1968 "Folksongs of Old England" (TH & MP) 2 vols (before they became Steeleye Span) - CREST-9 1971 Ten Man Mop - CREST-17 1974 Rave on - 22 & 23 1970 Hark the Village Wait - CAS-1029 1971 Please to see the King - 1035 1971 Summer Solstice (TH & MP) - PEG PS-1 1972 Clogs Folk Sampler - CS-5 1972 Individually & Colectively - CS-12 1973 Almanack - BOULEVARD BD-3004 1979 Adam Catched Eve - CHRYSALIS CHR-1008 Below the Salt - 1046 Parcel of Rogues - 1053 Now we are six - 1071 Conmoners Crown - 1091 All round my hat - 1101 Silly Sisters (MP & June TABOR) - 1123 Rocket Cottage -- 1151 Storm Force Ten - CJT (double) Original Masters - 1199 Live at last - FTX-123 extracts of studio recs with complete original field recordings (from which Steeleye's versions were lifted without permission, credit or acknowledgement including the original singers mistakes and wrong words when recorded) - FTX-136 vocal study tape - rec Cambridge Festival Radio 2 1982: CASS-15- 0753 "Royal Forester" & "All round my hat"

STEER, Sid - Devon\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- rec by Cyril Tawney in singer's home, Holbeton, (3m east of the outskirts of Plymouth) 28/5/63: TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" "The Derby Ram" (Ram Song)

STEPHENS, Harry - Dorset\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Wool 8/10/54: RPL 21497 "What shall I wear to the wedding?" with Ned Cox - FTX-013

STEPHENSON, Mick - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1963 - Birtley Folk Club -- RPL LP 29983 "Durham Gaol"

STEPP, W.H. - Ky, USA\ fiddle\ 1937 -- rec by Alan & Elizabeth Lomax, Saltersville, Ky 1937 "Bonaparte's Retreat"

STERRY, Eli - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by PK "The Ship" Blaxhall: FTX-031 "The Yellow Handkerchief" - FTX-036

STEVENS, James - Dublin\ poet\ 1947 -- rec by Maurice Brown RPL copy of disc rec Alan Lomax 1951: 7"RTR-0589 "The Brown & Yellow Ale" & "Sprig of Thyme"

STEVENS, Mrs - Gloucestersh\ singer\ 1977 -- rec by Gwilym Davies Bisley: FTX-417 "Rolling Home" (Bisley Football Song" & "Waysailing Bowl"

STEWART, Al - Scotland\ Singer-songmaker\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Needless to say"

STEWART, Alec - Sutherlandsh\ Gaelic storyteller\ 1955 - (1904-80), came from a long line of musicians. His great- grandfather, James Stewart, was piper to the Duke of Argyle, and his father, John, was piper to the Duke of Atholl and also played in front of King Edward VII at Holyrood Palace. He was private piper to Lord Ward of Dudley and carried the championship of Scotland for 9 years, winning many trophies and medals at Highland gatherings. "In our family I had 2 sisters who were good pipers and two others who were professional Highland dancers. I was Pipe-major to the Boy Scouts at Dunkeld at the age of 11, played as a special piper to Lord Gort at Lisle in France in 1940 and have had a great number of pupils of my own" - photos by PK 0286-90 -- Blind tinker travelling with adopted son & daughter rec by PK, Armadale, Bettyhill 3/7/55: RTR-0629-41 & 5" 0642/ CASS-60- 1003/ FTX-259 Story of "Ossian" & "The Knowing Seamen" told in Gaelic & English with talk about heroes (see TOCHER #4 & #29)

STEWART, Belle, Alec & Family - Perthsh\ tinker Singer/ piper (Alec)\ 1954 - Belle (1906-1997), born Isabella came from the McGregor family that used to travel Perthshire with their "shelties" (Highland ponies), hawking, tinkering and helping farmers at harvest time. "I have always been interested in the very old songs, even as a very small child. I would rather listen to my brother, my uncle or my granny, than go out and play with the other kids. In fact I got most of my oldest songs and ballads from my eldest brother, Donald, and my uncle, Henry, who was 91 when he died. My father too was an exceptionally fine singer, but he died when I was still a baby, but I managed to learn most of his songs from Donald. Although my mother wasn't a singer, she knew all the songs" - TOCHER 54/55 (1999) has obituary by Hamish Henderson - photos by PK 0369-75 (7) -- rec by PK, Blairgowrie, 16/9/61: RTR-0647-0651/ FTX-017 The Overgate - FTX-031 Berryfields of Blair (comp BS) - FTX-182 - FTX-184 - FTX-185 - 301 mouth music - 502 "Ballads" Bonny Hoose o Airlie - rec by Isabel Sutherland & Joby Blanshard, Blairgowrie July 1955: 5"RTR-12111-2/ DAT "Bogie's Bonny Belle" Berryfields of Blair" "Galway Shawl" "Carry-on in the Berryfields" "The Hielan Chief" John, Andy & Donald" "Frank & Ruby Kelby" "The Corncrake" "The Overgate" "The False Knight"(or Bella?) "Two Brothers" - 35mm b/w cine sound film of "The Bonny Hoose o Airlie" filmed by PK on Hampstead Heath, London - TOPIC 12-T-138 1965 Alec, Belle, Cathie & Sheila - 12-T-179 1968 with Sheila & Alec (pipes & goose) (not Belle) - 12-T-180 1968 Belle Cathie & Sheila 12-T-181 1968 Festival incl Belle's song about Festival - 12-TS-307 1977 solo album "Queen among the heather" rec by Fred Kent - TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "The Bonny Wee Lassie frae Gourock" - TSCD-653 "Tragic" "Two Brothers"/ TSCD-656 "Love false & true" "Here's a health"/ TSCD-665 "Courtship" "Queen among the heather"/ TOPIC TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Overgate" & "Berryfields of Blair" - Alec STEWART (pipes): RTR #1117/ CASS-0445 - Belle & Sheila rec Sidmouth Radio Folk on Two 1984 (?) CASS-0453 Belle: "Two Brothers"/ Sheila: "As I cam in by Inverness- shire" SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" Belle: "Berryfields" & "She moves thro the fair" with Bob Rundle (N-pipes) Cathie: "Twa Heids" - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-416 1996 "Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland" Alec on pipes

STEWART, Bob - England\ Multi-instrumentalist\ 1974 -- ARGO ZDA-207 1975 - BROADSIDE BRO-133 [?] accomp the FUREYS - DECCA SML-1117 1974 accomp Shirley COLLINS - TOPIC 12-TS-238 accomp Shirley COLLINS (psaltery) - "How do you make a folksong?" (talk) Radio 2: 17/5/82: CASS-0415 - TRIPLE M/ CASS-0360 "Quest-Heritage (Holy Grail) Tour" narrated by Howard Goorney

STEWART, Davie - Angus\ street singer/ p-acc/ storyteller\ 1956 - (1901-1972) was born April 1st, at Windmill Street, Peterhead. His father, Robert, and his grandfather too, were general hawkers and tinsmiths, so Davie was brought up as a "traveller", spending the better part of a year on the road. Between the ages of 4 and 9 he spent only the winters at school in places such as Aberdeen and Fraserburgh. He started to get known as a singer from the age of 10 when his family were working in the farm bothies. Davie was 13½ when the 14-18 War began. Twice he tried to join the Gordons but he was called back by his father. The third time, at the age of 16, he was sent to France where he was wounded on 3 occasions. However he joined a pipe band and was tutored by the great Scottish piper, John McLennan. When he came out of the Army, at the age of 20, he resumed his travelling life, singing and hawking, combining farm-life in the Aberdeenshire bothies with playing the accordion and singing. 2 years later he fell in with another great travelling man, Jimmy McBeath (FOLKTRAX 058, 059 & 060) - photos by PK 0260-0265 some with Kirsty & some with Hamish Henderson -- rec by Alan Lomax, Dundee, Angus 1951 CAEDMON TC-1142 #23 "Bogie's Bonny Belle"/ EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Heather & Glen" "Mc Pherson" - rec by PK, Dundee, Angus 23/6/55: 5"-RTR-1119-1123 incl "McPherson"(song & on accordion) "Tarves Rant" Drumdelgie" "Hanging from a beam" (with daughter Jeannie (aged 17) "Galway Shawl" (with Jeannie) also "Kirsty", sister, Susan Hutchison: "Laird o Drum"): "Hanging from a beam" & Galway Shawl (with Davie) rec by AL: 7"RTR-0684-6 - EMI DLP-1143 1956 Folk Song Today 10"LP rec by PK "Barnyards o Delgaty" - FTX-023 "Barnyards" - FTX-025 "Rothsay O" - FTX-031 Beggar Wench/ I binged avree/ McPherson/ Tramps & Hawkers - FTX-180 solo album - FTX-260 Life story with songs"- FTX-441 Tinker cant - FTX-460 Bothy Ballads - FTX-461 Two Tinker tales: Piper stolen by fairies when returned he no longer remembered his children & Widow woman carried off in a silent coach by "The Burkers" - FTX-462 His own story on the roads of Scotland & ireland & 2 songs "I'm often drunk" "Jolly Tinker" - TOPIC 12-T-179 1968 - TOPIC 12-T-180 1968 - TOPIC 12-T-181 1968 rec by Bill Leader at Festival Concert at Blairgowrie Aug 1967 - TOPIC 12-T-293 1978 solo album rec by Hamish Henderson, Dundee 1954 - TSCD-655 1998 "Rural" "Tarves Rant" & "I am a miller to my trade" (Buchan Miller) / TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "McPherson's Rant" & "Boolavogue"/ (with ch): TSCD-663 1998 "Drink" "Merchants Son" (Beggar Wench) & "I'm often drunk & seldom sober" - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" - ROUNDER 82161-1633-2 2002 "Go on, sing another song" (Solo Portrait Album)

STEWART, Donald - Aberdeensh\ tinker fid\ 1955 - photos of players on Green 0273-5 (3) -- rec by PK, New Pitsligo 28/7/55: FTX-069 "McPherson" as both lament & march - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" with Albert "McPherson"

STEWART, Jimmy - Angus\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Jean Ritchie, Forfar 1955: FTX-501 Barbara Allen

STEWART, Jimmy - Aberdeensh\ fid\ 1955 - known as "the Hangman" -- rec by PK, Aberdeen 29/7/55: RTR-1159-63 & 1170-2/ 069 (20 tunes) - FTX-301 mouth music

STEWART, Kathie - Perthshire\ unacc singer\ 1961 - daughter of Belle & Alex Stewart - bn 1928 -- SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" sings "Twa Heids"

STEWART, Lucy - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1955 - Louisa Thames STEWART was born at Stuartfield in the parish of Old Deer in 1891. Her father, James, was a tinsmith and her mother, Elizabeth Townsley came from Durham. Lucy told us that because her family were all travellers and often on the road, she only had four and a half years schooling. She learned her songs from her parents as a child mostly around the age of nine. Lucy was one of a number of members of the Stewart family -- rec by PK, Fetterangus 27/6/55: RTR 4"-0645 & 7"-0702-4 - FTX-013 "The Ploughboy" - FTX-015 "False Bride" - FTX-017 "Lady of the Denty Doon-by" - FTX-025 "The Ewie wi the crooked horn" - FTX-365 solo album - FTX-501 "Two Pretty Boys" (The Two Brothers) - FTX-502 "The Battle of Harlaw" & FTX-503 "The Laird o Drum - rec by Kenneth Goldstein: FOLKWAYS FG-3519 1961 --- "Two Pretty Boys": Peter BELLAMY TOPIC 12-T-200 1970/ Alison McMORLAND & Peta WEBB: TOPIC 12-TS-403 1980

STEWART, Margaret - Aberdeen\ Tinker Singer\ 1954 - aunt of Jeannie ROBERTSON -- rec by Hamish Henderson: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 (M) "Jew's Daughter"

STEWART, Ned & Elizabeth (daughter) - Aberdeensh\ fid & piano\ 1955 photos by PK 0270 -- rec by PK, Fetterangus 28/7/55: FTX-069 Peterhead Polka/ S: Jessie Smith R: The Haughs of Cromdale/ Eliz (piano solo): Hen's March/ S: Bridge of Perth (2 ways)/ S: Miss Lyall (accomp Eliz)/ Madam Vanoni/ Aberdeen Polka (accomp Eliz)

STEWART, Robert - Caithness\ tinker accordion\ 1955 -- rec by PK, Scrabster, Thurso 1955: FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Jacqueline Waltz" & "Hornpipes" FTX-363 "The Button Buskers"

STEWART, Sheila - Perthsh\ unacc singer\ 1964 - daughter of Belle & Alex Stewart - born 1937 died 15/01/05 -- rec by Bill Leader, Camden Town 1964 TOPIC (12-T-138)/ TSCD-658 1998 "Events & Issues" "Young Jimmy Foyers" (Jamie Foyers)/ (with ch): TOPIC TSCD-667 "Ballads" "The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks crow" - FTV#33 1990 "Andrew Lammie"


STICKLE, John - Shetland\ unacc singer , fiddler & recit 1952 - (March 1875-April 1957) of Baltasound, Unst (details in JFSS 1947 pp79-80 & 1962 pp147129- Unst Bridal March transcription in TOCHER 50 (1995) p54 -- rec by Pat Shaw, Lerwick Feb 1952: RPL 18623 Poem in dialect/ "When I was a little boy/ Moon was shining brightly (Courtingt Coat) - RPL 18624 Green Bushes/ King Orfeo/ Norn Boat Song - RPL 18624: fiddle: "Da Farder in da welkimer/ Waterman's Hornpipe/ Doon da Rooth/ Da Bride is da bonny ting/ More Grog Comin" - FTX-068 - FTX-501 "King Orfeo" - FTX-515 "Norn Boat Song"

STIVELL, Alan - Brittany, France\ Singer with Celtic harp\ 1971 - also singing in French, Cornish, Welsh & Gaelic -- PHILIPS 6414-406 1971 Renaissance of Celtic Harp - FONTANA 6325-304 1973 From Celtic Roots - 6399-008 1973 Reflets - 9101-500 1975 E Langonned/ CASS-0169 (Breton, Irish, Welsh, Scots & Manx) - RTR 1173 Harps with Tony Mediana - Radio 2: 5/7/82: CASS-15-0754 with talk explaining style & GUARDIG SISTERS

STOCKTON, W H - Tenn, USA\ unacc singer\1950 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Flagpond Sept 1950: RPL 17146 "Fair Margaret"

STOCKTON'S WING - Ireland\ Folk Group\ 1982 -- Radio 2 1982: CASS-30-0755 "Ceili Swing"

STODDARD, Albert - USA\ Storyteller\ nd -- Lib of CONGRESS AAFS L-44/ CASS-0209 Brer Rabbit

STONE, Gladys - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Fittleworth 14/11/54: RPL 22740 "Deep in Love"/ FTX-015 - FTX-427 Sussex

STONEMAN Family - Virginia, USA\ singers & instrum\ 1959-1980 -- COUNTY 533 & 535 1980 - - Glen STONEMAN (fid) with George STONEMAN (banjo) & James LINDSAY (gtr) "John Henry" & George STONEMAN (banjo) "Sally Anne" rec by Alan Lomax Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1702 1999

STOWELL, Brian - Isle of Man\ Singer in Manx Gaelic\ 1973 -- KELLY MTS-14 1973

STRACHAN, (John) "Jock" - Aberdeensh\ ballad singer\ 1875-1958 rec 1951 (age 76) - see TOCHER Double number #36-7 (1981-2) ppp410-430 incl "Rhynie" "Oor Fairm Toon" "I am the Forester (Knight & Shepherd's Daughter/ Child 110)," "Johnny O Braidislie" (Child #114), "Bonny Udny" & "Ye Girls of Equal Station" - photo 0376 - rec by James M.Carpenter, Crichie, St Katherine's, Fyvie, Aberdeensh 1928-9 "Robin Hood & Little John" #27/ Laird o Drum" #27/ "Johnny Cock" #27/ "Shepherd's Daughter" #29/ "Barnyards o Delgaty" #57 & 278 / Jockey Bruce o the Fornet" #58/ "Such a wind from the firmament" #147/ "Clydeswater side" #157-8/ "Long Johnny More" #158/ "Two Sisters" #158/ "The Farmer's Son" #158/ "Bonny Irish Girl" #251/ "Keach in the Creel" #281/ "Lake of Coldfinn" #331/ "Low in the Lowlands"(Golden Vanity?) #331 - rec by Alan Lomax, Crichie, 21/4/52: - 7"RTR-0371 (Bothy Ballads) RTR-1158/ FTX-021 "The Jolly Miller o Stralloch" - FTX-029 "Erin-go-Bragh" - FTX-065 & FTX-066 (Original dubs) - FTX-123 "The Royal Forester" - FTX-460 Bothy Ballads - FTX-501 "Binnorie" - FTX-502 "Knight & Shepherds Daughter" "Robin Hood & Little John" - FTX-503 "Beggarman" "Glenlogie" "Lang Johnnie More" & "Clydeswaterside" - FTX-516 "Jock McGraw" / RPL 17810 "Lothian Hairst" & "Hairst o Rettie" - RPL 17811 "Barnyards o Delgaty" - rec by AL Edinburgh Ceili 6/7/51: RPL 21527 "Hairsts o Retty" & "Mormond Braes" - RPL 21528 "Johnny o Breadislie" - RPL 21530 "Brave Ploughman Laddie" "Bonny Udny" "Beggarman" "Two Sisters o Binnorie" - RPL 21531 "Boghead Crew" "List bonny laddie" (Two Recruitin Sergeants)/ "Jock McGraw, the Stoutest Man in the Forty-Twa" - RPL 21533 "Rhynie" (with ch) - rec by AL 1951: COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "The Bonny Lass o Fyvie" & "Glenlogie" - rec 15/12/55: RPL LP 23220 (4 songs & stories of old days) - EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Gallant Forty-Twa" & "Johnny o Breadislie" - TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1975 "Clydeswaterside" - John STRACHAN rec by Alan Lomax & Hamish Henderson, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire 16/7/51: ROUNDER 82161-1835-2 2002

STRADLING Rod & Danny - England\ Singers\ 1971 - (see also OAK) -- TOPIC 12-TS-212 1971 Welcome to our fair - Andy KERSHAW radio prog 1987: CASS-0349

STRAWHEAD - England\ Elec Folk Band\ 1980s -- Ben Jonson Anti-masque, Watkin's Ale & John Barleycorn (old version): Radio 2: 5/4/83: CASS-0410

STRAWSON, Rob - Herefordsh\ Singer\ 1980 with KESTY -- rec by PK Devon 1980: FTX-240 "The Travelling Nation"

STROTHERS, Jimmie - Va\ voc with banjo/ gtr\ 1936 -- rec by Alan Lomax & Harold Spivacke, State Farm (Penitentiary), Va June 1936: ROUNDER CD-11661-1823-2 1999 "Cripple Creek" (voc & banjo) & "Poontang Little, Poontang Small" (Salty Thing) (voc & gtr)

STUBBS, Kenneth - Sussex\ collector-singer\ -- FTX-280

STUBBS, Tish - Devon \ Club Singer\ 1978 -- STAVERTON BRIDGE rec by PK, Dartington School with audience 1974/ 5"RTR-0410-2/ RTR #0937-8/ CASS-0439 - SAYDISC SDL-266 1975 - SAYDISC SDL-280 1977 with Sam RICHARDS "Invitation to North America" (The New World seen through English Folksong) CASS-0179 PEOPLE'S STAGE - In b/w film of Dartington student group, "Staverton Bridge", 1971: FF-1101

SULLIVAN, Bill - New York, USA\ mel\ 1989 -- with Mitzi COLLINS (duolc/ piano) RTE "Long Note" radio prog 9/7/88 CASS-60-0906

SULLIVAN'S SHAMROCK BAND, Dan - Mass USA\ Irish Band\ 1930 - Boston -- HMV & Decca 78 rpm recs [nd] CASS 15-0907/ Extract of Sea Song (with band) "Goodbye Mick" or "The Good Ship Dan O Leary" on 78rpm disk rec late 1920s intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865 - Neil NOLAN (t/banjo) with Dan SULLIVAN (Kerry) pianist with Steinway in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" prog 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

SULLIVAN, Redd - London\ Street singer\ 1957-70 (d 1992) -- The London Ceilidhe Club, 27/10/1957: FTX 268 "The Ole Ark's a-moverin'": FTX 268 - F/S Cellar for Transcription 1965 - : RPL REC-95 1970 Arthur McBride (Hasted)/ Andy's gone with the cattle (Henry Lawson, Australia)

SUNDOWN PLAYBOYS, THE -- "Saturday Nite Special" Apple 44 1972 45 rpm (Cajun Song in French dialect)

SUSHA - Iran\ Singer\ 1972 -- TANGENT TGS-1972 Songs of Long Time Lovers incl "My Son David" (J Robertson)

SUTHERLAND, George - Shetland\ fiddler\ 1973 -- TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 3 reels from Bressay: "Flowers of Edinburgh" "Soldier's Joy" & "East Neuk of Fife"

SUTHERLAND, Isabel - Edinburgh\ Singer\ 1960 -- rec by PK with Robin HALL: RTR-0691-2 - COLLECTOR JES-11 1960 (45-EP) accomp by Alf EDWARDS (Engl conc) "Banks of Red Roses; Bonny Hoose o Airlie; Burnie Bushel; I never thought that my love would leave me; Bonny Glenshee" - EFDSS LP-1007 1974 - with Perry FRIEDMAN (banjo) EMI DLP-1204 1960 "Rocket Along" rec by PK "Wee Magic Stane" (comp by John McEvoy) - EMI CLP-1327 1960 "Beggar Wench" & "Lea Boy's Lassie" - EMI CLP-1362 1960 "Handsome (Female) Cabin Boy" & "Bleacher Lassie of Kelvinhaugh" accomp Perry FRIEDMAN (banjo) - TALKING BOOK 2/1502/26 1960 (33-EP) with Jimmie McGREGOR (gtr) - TOPIC 12-T-151 1960 Vagrant Songs of Scotland (solo album) - rec by PK with John COLE (harmonica) & Steve BENBOW (gtr): RTR- 0652 & 0693-8/ FTX-062 solo album: FTX-093 - Jamie Douglas: FTX-502--- Copies of her own field recordings, Blairgowrie, Perthsh 1955 (presented by Joby Blanshard): 5"RTR1211-2/ CASS-60-0966-7/ FTX-184 & FTX-185

SUTTON, J.B. - Eliz City NC\ unacc singer\ 1941 -- APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Mail Day Blues"

SWAIN. "Jim" (Harold) - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Angmering 8/11/54: RPL 22763 "Banks of Sweet Mosson"/ "Jim the Carters Lad"/ "Williiam Reilly" (frag) - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977/ TOPIC TSCD-660 1998 "Amorous Encounters" "Banks of Sweet Mosson" - FTX-427 Sussex - sung by others - Banks of the Sweet Mosson: Shirley COLLINS: TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974

SWAIN, Mary - Tristan de Cunha\ singer & talk: customs\ 1962 - married to Fred Swain - photos by PK 0352-5 (4) -- rec by PK, Calshot, Hampsh Aug 1962: FTX-609 Talk/ songs/ dances/ customs

SWAN ARCADE - Yorksh\ Folk Group\ 1973 - Dave & Heather BRADY & Jim BOYES -- LEADER LER-2032 1973 (S) - CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection"

SWANN, Donald - see Sydney CARTER

SWARBRICK, Dave - England\ fid/ singer\ 1966 - frorn the Yorkshire dales then Birmingham & joined Ian Campbell group -- B & C: PEG-6 1971 with Martin CARTHY (gtr) - ELEKTRA BY-6030 1967 with MC & Diz Disley - FONTANA STL-5434 1967 "Byker Hill" (with MC) - FONTANA TE-17490 1967 (45-EP) "No Songs" with MC - PHILIPS 638-2022 1967 (with MC) - (SONET SNTF-763) /CASS 0167 British Fiddle instrumentals - TOPIC 12 T 135 1966 accompanying ALL Erotic Love Songs - 12-T-174 1967 accomp Whaling Songs - with "friends": Simon NICOL, Dave PEGG, Tony DONAL & Roger & Beryl MARRIOTT rec Cambridge Festival Radio 2 1982: CASS-30-0755 - with "Whippersnapper" group rec Cropredy Radio 2: 6/4/88: CASS-15-0710 - with Martin CARTHY RPL Radio 2 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849 - Live with Simon NICOL (gtr) nd CASS-90-1024 3 songs & 16 tunes

SWEENEY'S MEN - Dublin\ Folk Group\ 1968 - Andy IRVINE, Johnny MOYNIHAN & Terry WOODS -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-SAM-37 1976 "1968"

SWEENEY, Paul - Ireland\ fid\ 1943 -- rec Studios 28/8/43: RPL 6372 3 Reels & 1 Hornpipe - RPL 6373 4 Jigs

SWIFT, Tufty - Yorksh\ mel/ fid/ harmonica\ 1977 -- with Alan & Sue HARRIS: FREE REED FRR-017 1977/ CASS- 45-0579

SYKES, Roosevelt - (voc/piano) prob with Alfred Elkins (string bass) rec Chicago 21/11/41: COLUMBIA 30024 / "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Training Camp Blues"

SYMONDSBURY & EYPE MUMMERS - Dorset\ Mummers & male singers\ 1950 - photo of filming by PK 0170 - JEFDSS 1952 p1 rec by PK Jan 1951 - JEFDSS 1953 p128 Song by Tom Eveleigh - ED&S mag 46/3 & 47/1-- rec by PK, Morcombelake, Bridport 23/2/51: RTR-0170-0173: RPL 16117-8 (4 sides)/ COLUMBIA SL-206 11952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998/ FTX-103 rec by PK 1954 incl Tom Eveleigh's singing - rec by PK 16/12/57: RPL LP 25509 Whole play & songs - SAYDISC (LP) SDL- 332 1982 "All around England and back again" - SDL-CD-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions" (Revised and enlarged version of LP) - Maddy PRIOR & June TABOR (THE SILLY SISTERS) "The Singing of the Travels" (song): FTX-123 - 16mm film "Walk in St George" by PK (sound) & Alan Simpson (camera) 1953 with further film by Trilith 2003: FF-1104 - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions" - Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000 - Film made by Arthur Simpson (camera) & Peter Kennedy (sound) 1951 (Original in Folktrax Archive)

SYRETT, Gordon - Suffolk\ Singer\ 1984 -- rec by John Howson, Mendlesham Green: VINTAGE TAPES VT-001 1984 CASS-1185

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