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Music of the Canals & Waterways

Songs and tunes of the Inland Canals & Coastal Waterways - produced especially for the opening of the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester Docks on 1st April 1988 418NarrowboatCanalBarge(PK).JPG
"Narrow boat" (Photo:PK)

THE CRUISE OF THE CALABAR (Terry/ arr Cyril Tawney) - MA BONNY LAD (Isla Cameron)- THE KEEL ROW (Jack Armstrong: N-pipes) - DIRTY OLD TOWN (c McColl/ Steve Benbow Four) - THE SHROPSHIRE UNION (Martin Graebe) - THE IRISH ROVER (Inn Folk) - THE MAN AT THE NORE (c Kennedy/ Cyril Tawney) - MARY ANNE McHUGH (c Percy French/ Seamus Ennis) - CANDLELIGHT FISHERMAN (c Phil Hamond/ Fred Dallas & Original Riversiders) - ROW BOATMAN ROW (Cadgwith Fishermen's Choir) - THE WATER IS WIDE (coll Sharp/ Sylvia Moore with flute & harpsichord) - THE LONDON WATERMAN (Bob Roberts) - YUS I LUVS 'IM (Kennedy/ Betty Redshaw) - OLD JOE THE BOAT IS GOING OVER (Billy Bennington - hammered dulcimer - with step-dancer) - STORMY WEATHER BOYS (c Kennedy/ Mike Shail & the Eezum Squeezum Band) - FINE GIRL YOU ARE (Seamus Ennis & The Shanty Crew)






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