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Sailors and their Sweethearts

Jack Tars tend to love'em & leave'em, but some break a ring in two and, on their return, in disguise, they put their lassie's faithfulness to the test 514b.JPG
Nicholas Hughes (Photo: PK)

ALEHOUSE Elizabeth Cronin - BANKS OF CLAUDY Bob & Ron Copper - CANADA-I-O Harry Upton - LOYAL LOVERS Mary Connors - DARK-EYED SAILOR Phil Tanner - MAGDALEN GREEN Jimmy McBeath - HAY-RAKING Sam Larner - GREEN BEDS Nicholas Hughes - MAID THAT'S DEEP IN LOVE Lal Smith - INDIAN LASS Jumbo Brightwell - LAUREL WEAR Annie Jane Kelly - LOVELY NANCY Michael Gallagher - PLAINS OF AMERICA Jean Matthew - PONTCHARTRAIN Paddy McCluskey - SAILOR AND THE SHEPHERDESS Andrew Curtis - SAILOR IN THE NORTH COUNTRIE George Maynard - SAUCY SAILOR Emily Bishop - STREAMS OF LOVELY NANCY Victor Brown - TWO LOYAL LOVERS John Reilly - WILLIAM AND MARY Paddy McCluskey



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