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These include the texts and tunes of songs #121-144 in the book: FOLKSONGS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND edited by Peter Kennedy (Cassell/Schirmer 1975 paperback by Oak 1985 distributed by Music Sales). These are the original recordings of the songs in the book. It won the Library Association McColvin Award for the most outstanding reference book of 1975 and contains the full texts, translations, music notations and background information on the songs.


AS I ROVED OUT Seamus Ennis - BLACKBERRY GROVE Ted Lambourne - BONNY WEE WINDOW Jack Goodfellow - CA' THE YOWES Togo Crawford - COLIN AND PHOEBE Harry Cox - COME WRITE ME DOWN YE POWERS ABOVE Cecilia Costello - COUNTRY COURTSHIP Edwin Cox & Harry Stephens - EASTER SNOW Brigid Tunney - GREASY COOK Cox - GREENWOOD LADDIE Charles Boyle - HARRY THE TAILOR Bill Westaway - LION'S DEN Teresa Maguire - LONG AND WISHING EYE George Spicer - MADAM WILL YOU WALK? Lottie Chapman - MOUNTAIN STREAMS Denis Cassley - NEXT MONDAY MORNING Cox - NO SIR Emily Bishop - OLD GREY BEARD Jeannie Robertson - PLOUGHBOY Lucy Stewart & Jim O'Neill - QUEEN AMONG THE HEATHER Robertson - SPOTTED COW Cox - WHEN A MAN'S IN LOVE Sarah Makem & Michael Gallagher - YOUNG ROGER ESQ Phil Tanner

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