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FTX 259 - Ossian - Scots Folk Tales in Gaelic and English

Recorded by Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy, these must be the oldest stories still in oral tradition in Britain. They were told by the blind bard, Alec Stewart, in his bender tent on the seashore outside Bettyhill in Sutherland. His family included two adopted children, said to be that of a local laird, and, in order to ensure that the stories were being kept in memory, Alec used to make a deliberate mistake and, sure enough, the youngsters would jump in straight away to correct him. Hamish believed these stories to be at least as old as the Homeric legends.

AM MAIRACH MAIRN EALACH - THE KNOWING SEAMAN Parts 1 & 2 - (in Gaelic & English)

OSSIAN AND HIS BRIDE (in Gaelic & English)

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