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Classic Ballads 2 (#85-#217)

There are 15 different variants of THE GYPSY LADDIE, others have 2 or 3

Willie Mathieson

GEORGE COLLINS - Enos White - LOWLANDS OF HOLLAND Duncan Burke/ Brigid Tunney - FALSE LANKIN George Fosbury - MAID FREED FROM THE GALLOWS Sarah Tuck/ Julia Scaddon/ Charlie Lucas & ch - JOHN BARLOW Robert Cinnamond - BAILIFF'S DAUGHTER OF ISLINGTON Albert Beale - FAMOUS FLOWER OF SERVANTMEN Carolyne Hughes/ Belle Stewart - KNIGHT & SHEPHERDS DAUGHTER John Strachan/ Shepherd's Daughter - BAFFLED KNIGHT Emily Bishop - GREAT SILKIE John Sinclair - JOHNNIE COCK Jeannie Robertson - ROBIN HOOD & LITTLE JOHN John Strachan - JEW'S DAUGHTER Carolyne Hughes/ Cecilia Costello - BATTLE OF HARLAW Jeannie Robertson/ Lucy Stewart - FOUR MARIES Ethel Findlater - BONNIE HOOSE O' AIRLIE Lucy & Belle Stewart - GYPSY LADDIE Robert Cinnamond/ Paddy Doran/ Jeannie Robertson/ Willie Mathieson/ Harry Cox/ Bert Wiltshire/ Dickie Lasbrook/ Christy Purcell/ Carolyne Hughes - BARON O'BRACKLEY Henry McGregor - GEORDIE Alec Bloomfield/ Harry Cox/ Teresa Maguire/ Louis Hooper - BRAES O YARROW Jimmy McBeath - CLYDESWATERSIDE John Strachan - THE BROOM O' THE COWDENKNOWES Ethel Findlater



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