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BALLADS -1- (Child #2-#84)

Selected recordings of ballads included in Prof Francis James Child's ENGLISH & SCOTTISH POPULAR BALLADS (numbers 2-84)

Cecilia Costello of Birmingham

ELFIN KNIGHT Thomas Moran/ Gabriel Figg - FALSE KNIGHT UPON THE ROAD Duncan McPhee/ Frank Quinn - OUTLANDISH KNIGHT Fred Jordan - DOUGLAS TRAGEDY Henry McGregor/ Enos White - TWO SISTERS John Strachan/ Dorothy Fourbister/ Ethel Findlater - LORD RANDAL Carrie Warren/ Elizabeth Cronin/ James Laurensen/ Andrew Thomas - EDWARD Mary Connors/ Jeannie Robertson/ Moran/ Angela Brasil - KING ORFEO John Stickle - CRUEL MOTHER Duncan Burke/ Cecilia Costello/ Moran - BONNIE ANNIE Teresa Maguire - THREE CROWS Jordan - BROOMFIELD HILL Cyril Poacher - CAPTAIN WEDDERBURN Moran - TWO BROTHERS Lucy Stewart/ Nellie McGregor - FAIR ROSIE ANN or KING'S DAUGHTER Willie Mathieson - LORD BEICHAN Moran - LADY MAISRY Carolyne Hughes - LORD THOMAS & FAIR ELLEN Jessie Murray - LORD LOVEL Ethel Findlater - LORD GREGORY Moran/ Cronin - BARBARA ALLEN Jimmy Stewart/ Murray/ Jordan/ Charlie Wills/ May Bennell/ Alec Bloomfield/ Bill Westaway/ Phil Tanner/ Thomas Moran



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