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These three radio programmes, put together by John Seymour in 1974, were notable for the inclusion of some well-known gypsies of the time and some outstanding gypsy experts including Gordon Boswell, Mary Ann and Bill Haynes, B Gilliat-Smith, Mervyn Jones, Phoebe and Joe Smith, Gratton Puxon, Professor Walter Starkie, Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald, Richard Wade and Dora Yates

Black Country singer: "The Oxford Girl" (2v only) How life has changed (Gordon Boswell & Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald) - The gypsy's contribution (Dora Yates) - Song "The Old Fat Buck" (Mary Ann Haynes) - The Joy of being sad (Prof Walter Starkie) & Pop-singers at Appleby Fair - Gypsy childhood incl fairies (Richard Wade) - Children stolen (Boswell & others) - Hard times stopping in East Anglia (Boswell) - Horse Fairs and horseracing (Wade) - Gypsies as scapegoats (Wade) - House-dwelling and school (Various) - Winter comfort in a house (Joe Smith) - If I was to buy a house (Smith) - The need for suitable camping sites (Yates) - Education (Gratton Puxon of the Gypsy Council) - A Government White Paper (Seymour) - The Gypsy "Problem" (Wade) - The Last Word (Yates) & Fiddle tune (Starkie)


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