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Introduced by John Seymour. Produced by Hallam Nelson

These three radio programmes, put together by John Seymour in 1974, were notable for the inclusion of some well-known gypsies of the time and some outstanding gypsy experts including Gordon Boswell, Mary Ann and Bill Haynes, B Gilliat-Smith, Mervyn Jones, Phoebe and Joe Smith, Gratton Puxon, Professor Walter Starkie, Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald, Richard Wade and Dora Yates

The Fourth Nail (Gordon Boswell) - Why are they called gypsies? (Prof Walter Starkie) - The first records (Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald) - Language (Richard Wade & B.Gilliat-Smith) - According to the Dictionary (Boswell) - An identifiable ethnic group (Seymour) - Gypsy Trades (Starkie) - Fiddle (Starkie), mouth music (Bill Haynes) & tin tray - Ritual cleanliness (Wade) - The Cult of the horse (Boswell) - The Occult & Fortune-telling - A Rumanian gypsy talking about marriage - Weddings and food (Wade) - The Mandrake root (Boswell) - Country gypsies (Vesey-Fitzgerald) - Clans and names (Wade) - Names taken from landowners (Vesey-Fitzgerald) - Gypsies and gorgios - Illiteracy and memory/ Army experience - The 4th nail and the future (Phoebe Smith)


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