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Village Traditions - Lake District

Dialect songs, speech, stories & dance-music of the lakes and fells of Cumberland, Westmorland & West Yorkshire - Miles Wilson, Margaret Dalton, Moore Sedgwick & Alan Nelson - local dances played by John Oliver of Keswick (fiddle) & Fred Clarke of Kirkby Stephen (melodeon) - hunting songs & stories - courting - rescuing a hound from an ice-covered tarn - recorded by Peter Kennedy in 1954-1959 410HandKnittingCouple(Dalesman).JPG

JOE BOWMAN (Song followed by sound of the hunting horn) - Story about a local fox hunt and talk about hunting songs - THE ULLSWATER PACK - IT'S NOBBUT ME (poem composed by John Richardson of St John's-in-the-Vale & published in "Cummerlan Talk" by John Russell Smith, London 1871) - HOWGILL LADS - Talk about fox-hunting & song-making & demonstration of hunting horn - NAY NOT A BIT ON'T (Dialect Song) - Talk about previous song and story of courting in the old days - WI' MY COURTIN' COAT ON - Talk about previous song & another courting story - THE SQUARE EIGHT & THE HOOLIGAN (Local Country Dances) with talk about playing - DRINK, PUPPY, DRINK & story of a hound falling into a frozen tarn (lake) and its rescue - JOHN PEEL played for a Barn Dance






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