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BACON, Reg - Essex\ unacc singer\1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Radwinter 1970s: NLCD 3/4 2002

BACUP ROYAL BRITANNIA COCONUT DANCERS - Lancash\ dance custom\ 1972 -- with "The Nutters" Band rec by Dave Bland, Bacup 1/4/72: TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events" "The Nut Dance"

BAEZ, Joan - USA\ singer\ 1963 -- VANGUARD SVXL-100 1963 Solo album - VANGUARD SRL-7624 1965 [?] (Boxed) with Bob GIBSON "The Virgin Mary" - nd CASS 60- 0813 - RPL Radio 2 6/6/90 CASS#0882-C60 Bob Dylan Song: "My love has eyes like fire"

BAILEY, A "Spud" - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 - aged 64 -- rec by PK, "The Ship Inn", Blaxhall: FTX-036 "Jones Ale"

BAILEY, Bill - Devon\ unacc singer (aged100 yrs)\ 1973 -- rec by PK Totnes RTR#0933/ FTX-086 Talks about his life & sings "Widecombe Fair"

BAILEY, Roy - England\ Singer\ 1971 -- LEADER LER-3015 1971 with Martin CARTHY accomp to Leon Rosselson - LER-3021 1971 with Martin CARTHY & Leon ROSSELSON, Peter KNIGHT (fid) & John KIRKPATRICK (conc/jews harp)

BAIN, Aly - Shetland\ fid\ 1971 -- LEADER LER-2022 1971 with Mike WHELLAND - 2052 1973 with Tom ANDERSON - TOPIC 12-TS-281 1976 "Silver Bow" vol i - 12-TS-379 1978 vol 2 - "Folk on Two" Feature: Radio 2: 25/2/85: CASS 0441 incl long interview with Jim Lloyd & "Grappelli-style" with Mike WHELLANS (gtr) & BOYS OF THE LOUGH - Interview with Andy KERSHAW on BBC radio progr "Kaleidoscope" 1987: CASS-0349 - "Down Home" (TV Series) in USA & Canada LISMOR LIF-7011 1986 CASS-0814 - rec Sandy Bell's Ceili 1977 RTE radio prog 9/11/88 CASS#0899-C60 - RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988: CASS#0925-C90 - LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 3 Reels

BAKER, Alan - Minehead, Somerset -- talk about the music and musicians of the May "Hobby Horse" in video by PK, 1983: FF-1102

BAKER, Arthur - Devon\ Mummers incl songs\ 1954 - photos by PK 0196-8 -- talking about & remembering Christmas Mummers play and songs rec by PK, Sidmouth 14/10/54: RTR#0123 & 0890/ RPL LP 23537/ FTX-103/ earlier rec of Mr Baker by Sidbury headmaster, Wyn Humphries CASS#0547-C60

BAKER, James "Ironhead" - Texas USA\ unacc voc\ 1934 -- rec by John & Alan Lomax, Central State Farm, Sugarland, Texas 1934: ROUNDER CD-11661-1821-2 1999 "St James's Hospital" (The Unfortunate Lad)

BAKER, Mrs Etta - Appalachia USA\ Guitar\ 1956 -- TRADITION TLP-1007 1956-7 "One Dime Blues" "Going down the road feeling bad" "Railroad Bill" "John Henry" & "Bully of the Town"

BAKER, Victor - Wiltsh\ acc\ 1950 -- "Six Handed Clap Dance" rec by PK, West Lavington, Nov 1950 7"-RTR# 008/ FTX-406

BAKER'S WELL - Dublin\ F/group\ 1988 - Sean Potts (whistle), Sean Og Potts (U-pipes)/ Mick Hand (flute)/ Noreen O Donahue (harp), Kevin Glacken, John Kelly & John McIlroy (fids), Steve Cooney (gtr/kboards) -- RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988 CASS#0925-C90

BALDRY, Jim - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1956 -- rec by PK, Melton, nr Woodbridge 10/7/56: 7"RTR#0282 - RPL LP 23100 (6 songs & talk about poaching)- FTX-023 "Northamptonsh Poacher" - FTX-025 "The Irish Familie" - FTX-515 "Ratcliffe Highway"

BALDWIN, Stephen - Herefordsh/ Gloucestersh\ fid\ - (1840s-1955) - youngest son of George, known as "Charles" , charcoal-burner, of Newent, Glos who played for Clifford's Mesne Morris. Sharp coll from him in Newent almshouses incl "The Morris Call" 12th August 1910 when he was aged 88. Stephen, later working for GWR as railwayman, played for Mitcheldean Glos Morris doing dances he obtained from Bromsberrow Heath -- rec by PK, Upton Bishop Village Hall 13/11/52: RPL 18680-2 (32 fiddle tunes)/ FTX-115 - rec by PK, Oct 1952: RPL 20134 Talk about family & local Morris - ISLAND HELP-24 1976 Hornpipe acc & tamb - rec by Russell Wortley, Upton Bishop 22/6/54 (29 tunes): LEADER LED-2068 1976 "English Village Fiddler"/ TOPIC TSCD-659 1998 Dances of S England "Greensleeves", "Napoleon's March", "Gypsy Hornpipe" & "Untitled Schottische"/ TSCD-666 Seasonal Events "Girl I left behind me" -- John WRIGHT (fid): TOPIC 12-TS-348 1978 "Gypsy's Hornpipe"

BALFA, Dewey - Cajun fiddler: FF3306

BALL. Estil (E C) & Orna - Va USA\ Singer with gtr\ 1942 - First rec by Alan Lomax 1942 but his father, John, recorded Estil in the 1930s - "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 (with gtr)"The Farmer's Curst Wife"/ "The Paper of Pins" -- ATLANTIC SD-1349/ CASS-0163 - COUNTY 711/ CASS#0161 with FRIENDLY GOSPEL SINGERS - ROUNDER 0072/ CASS-0162 Solo album - rec by Alan Lomax 31/8/59 Rugby, Va: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "Pretty Polly"/ ROUNDER CD-1702 1999 "Poor Ellen Smith"

BALL, Skipper - At sea\ unacc singer\ 1958 -- rec on trawler "Wave Crest" May 1958: RPL LP 26954

BALLANTINE, Billy - Northumb\ piccolo & talk\ 1954 - photos by PK 0213-5 (3) -- rec by PK, Wark, N Tyne 29/6/54: 7" RTR #0044 & #0503-4/ RPL 20615-9 - FTX-119 & FTX-121/ with Tom HUNTER (fid): TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 "Northern Dances" "Gilsland Hornpipe", "Bonny North Tyne", with Jimmy HUNTER (harmonica): "The Prairie Flower, My Lodging & Blow the wind southerly", with Jake HUTTON & Tom HUNTER (fids): "Kielder Schottische", "Sylph & Proudlock's Hornpipe" -- "Ballantine's Polka" John KIRKPATRICK (acc) on Radio 2: 17/10/90 CASS#1017 aft "Brighton Camp" (slow)

BALLINAKILL CEILI BAND - Co Galway\ Band\ 1951- 2 fids, 2 flu & 2 acc) -- rec by Alan Lomax 1951: COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 Reels: "Sack of Potatoes" & "Maid of Mount Cisco" - 7"RTR#0589/ RPL 21349 1952 Reels: "Ash Plant" & "Grouse in the Gob"

BAMPTON MORRIS - Oxon\ Morris dancers\ 1937 - see also Wm BROOK and Albert TOWNSEND -- William (Billy) WELLS (fid) with male dancers rec 24/4/37 "The Quaker" & "Highland Mary" RPL 1321 (78 rpm - play from centre) & RPL 1322 "Maid of the Mill" & talk - Billy WELLS talks about the Morris rec by Douglas Cleverdon on Whitmonday 9/6/43: RPL 6493-4 (78 rpm) - Billy WELLS (conc) "Banbury Bill" & (fid) with dancers "Maid of the Mill": RPL 6495 (78)/ TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" - FTX-384 Billy WELLS & extracts of actuality dances - RTR#0154, 0164-5 & 0167 filmtrack rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"/ TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events" "Bobbing Around"

BANCHORY FIDDLERS, THE - Scotland\ fiddles, accordion, piano, bass & cornet\ 1975 - Members of Banchory Strathspey & Fiddle Society/ fiddles -- rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS#1313

BANE, Leslie "Les" - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Southrepps Feb 1955: RPL 22021 "Faithful Sailor Boy" & "Dark-eyed Sailor" - RPL 22159 "Black, White Yellow & Green" - rec again by SE Oct 1956: RPL 23383 "Miser of London" & "Loss of the Camperdown" - FTX-512 "Camperdown"

"BARBECUE" BOB & "Laughing" Charlie - HICKS, Robert & Charlie

BARBER, Bill - Cornwall\ Shanty singer\ 1956 - came from Scilly - born in St.Marys 11-10-03 and died in Ruan Minor on 17-12-70 - photo by PK 0322 -- rec by PK, Cadgwith 18/11/56: RPL LP 23654/ FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3/ FTX-515 "Liverpool Packet"
Letter from Adam Barber: Dear Peter,Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my correspondence. I have a keen interest in Sea Shanties, and as I grew up in Cadgwith, I sang the same songs every Friday night in the Cadgwith Cove Inn. My favouite was "South Australia ". The singing still takes place there every week, and it sounds beutiful on summer evenings outside in the pub courtyard. Bill was born in St.Marys om 11-10-03 and he died in Ruan Minor on 17-12-70, just a few months after i was born. Such a shame I never really knew him, and its always hard to get information from my father. Bills father, John Barber married a Scillonian lady, Margaret Guy, he was a floating blacksmith between the islands of Scilly, and he was a member of St.Marys lifeboat. He was tragically drowned on Bacon Ledges, a sandbank off St. Marys when Bill was only a baby. Bill was at sea most of his life, latterly in the Merchant Navy as a Bosun. During WW II he was aboard the SS San Florentino, a tanker, which was torpedoed in mid Atlantic by a U-boat. He was lucky to be picked up by a Canadian Corvette called the Mayflower, having been in the water for a long time. I wonder who else was in the Cadgwith Cove Inn that day in 1956 singing with Bill? Do you remember any others? The most well known of the singers from that time were Buller and Hartley. Buller was a fisherman and Hartley was a postman and artist. They were tenor and bass together.

BARBER, Damian - Norfolk\ vocal/ conc\ 1990 -- Radio 2: 15/8/90/ CASS#1010-C60 "The Little Pot Stove" (Australian Whaling Song)

BARCLAY, Elizabeth - Shetland\ unacc singer\ 1949 -- Elizabeth BARCLAY, Lerwick 22/1/49: RPL 13199/ COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998

BARCO, Patrick - Gloucestersh\ Irish mel\ 1989-90s -- "Woozin Tune" Band 1989: CASS#1098-C60 - rec at "Prince Arthur", Gloucester 14/10/89 by PK CASS#1099-C60 - (mel solo) rec by PK, studio, Gloucester, March 1991 CASS-60-1100 - POSH FROCKS AND JUKE BOXES rec 1991 CASS#1101

BARKER, Alfred - Norfolk\ unacc Singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Burgh-next-Aylsham 3/11/52: RPL 21151 "The Bold Fisherman"/ FTX-515

BARKER, Horton - Virginia USA\ unacc blind singer\ 1950/62 -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 "You Old Blind Fool" (Our Goodman) - LIB OF CONGRESS AAFS L1 "Farmer's Curst Wife" - AAFS L7 "The Two Sisters" & "Lord Thomas" - AAFS L54 "Barbara Allen" -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Chilhowie Sept 1950: RPL 17144-5/ FTX-908 with Spoken message and songs: "Farmer's Curst Wife" "Pretty Sally" (Brown Girl) & "Hares on the mountains" (learned from DNK) - rec by Sandy Paton: FOLKWAYS FA-2362 1962 "Wayfarin Stranger, Wondrous Love, Gypasy's Wedding Day, Th Miller's Will, Amazing Grace, Lord Thomas, Two Sisters, Pretty Saro, Turkish Rebilee, Blue-haired Jimmy, Drunkards Courtship or Courting Case, Farmer's Curst Wife, Marrowbones, Rolly Trudum, No night there or City Four Sqaure (Spiritual), Devilish Mary, Hop, Old Rabbit, Hop, Sweet Mary, Doran's Donkey or Paddy Doyle"

BARNBRACK - Ireland\ Group\\ nd - Irish Party Sing Song -- CASS#0926 & 0927

BARNES, Mrs E - Dorset\ unacc singer\1952 - see also Mrs Julia SCADDON, her daughter -- rec by PK, Chideock 19/10/52: RPL 18694 "Jersey City" (The Butcher Boy)/ (with Mrs Sarah Ann TUCK) Talk about "Prickly Bush" (Maid freed from the gallows)/ CAEDMON TC-1145/ TOPIC 12-T-160/RPL 18694 (with Sarah Ann TUCK 1952: talk bef)/ FTX-502 "The Prickly Bush"

BARNES, Walter - Devon\ dialect speaker\ 1943 -- The Fisherman's Alphabet, rec at Brixham 22/10/43: RTR#0798

BARNEY O SHAMROCK - Ireland\ accordion\ nd -- CASS#0928-9


BARRAND, Tony - Mass USA\ Singer\ 1973 -- SWALLOW TAIL ST-4 1973 "Across the Western Ocean" Sea Songs

BARRATT, John - Belfast\ Mouth music\ 1943 -- rec 30/8/43: RPL 6379 (78)

BARRETT, Jim - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, North Waltham 12/8/55: 7"RTR-0252 "The Miller's Daughter" - RPL 21861 "Spencer the Rover"/ FTX-426

BARROW-ON-HUMBER PLOUGH JAGS - Lincolnsh\ Mummers incl song\ 1953 - photos by PK 0026, hobby horse 0175 & implements 0176 - Burringham horse 0172-3 & fool's costume 0173-4-- rec by PK 22/3/53: RTR#0094-5/ RPL 19028-9/ FTX-105 "All jolly fellows that follow the plough" & Sword Dance with Luke STANLEY (mel)/ Frank Bell (tamb) & Jesse MUMBY (Jug & pan) playing "Follow me down to London" & "Luke's tune"

BARRY, Dermot - Co Armagh\ Gaelic Singer\ 1952 -- rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow "FIELD TRIP" FOLKWAYS/ OSSIAN/ CASS#0797/ "With Kitty I'll go" (Macaronic)

BARRY, Margaret - Co Cork\ Street singer with banjo\ 1952 - (1917-1989)- Photos by PK 0041-6 - RTR#0600 & #0678 - rec by Alan Lomax, Dundalk 1951 COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ FTX-070 - accompanying reels played by Michael GORMAN (fid) Sligo rec by PK, London: RTR#0524-5/ FTX-174 - Interview with Alan Lomax: RTR-0597/ CASS#0338 & 0930 - rec by PK, Dundalk, Co Louth 26/7/52: RTR#0802-3/ RPL 18295-8: FTX-270/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 "She moved through the Fair" (Our Wedding Day) - "Historic Collection Series: FTX-419/ FTX-420 - London Ceidhe Club 1957: FTX 268 - RIVERSIDE RLP-12-602 1955 "Irish Tinker Lady" - Talk rec by Alan Lomax Aug 1957 CASS-C90-0930 - TOP RANK 25-020 1960 solo album with Gorman (fid)/ CASS#1315 - TOPIC 10-T-6 1958 Songs & fid tunes (+ others) - TOPIC 12-T-123 1965 with Gorman (f), Tommy Maguire (mel), Paddy Breen (vert flute) & Patsy Goolden (piano)/ TSCD-651 1998/ TSCD-654 "Emigration" "If you ever go over to Ireland" rec by Bill Leader in Johnny Ambrose's house, Hampstead 1955 (TOPIC TRC-99), "Farewell, my own dear native land" with Michael Gorman (fid)/"Eileen Macmahon" both rec by Bill Leader & Reg Hall, Camden Town 1968/ "Farewell my own dear native land" (Shamrock Shore) with MG (fid)/ TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Wild Colonial Boy" & "Bold Fenian Men"/ with MG (fid): TSCD-665 "Courtship" "The Half Door"/ with MG (fid): TSCD-665 Courtship "I'll marry and I won't be a nun" - ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" - (with banjo) rec by Bill Leader, Bedford Arms, Camden Town 1957 or 1958: ROOT & BRANCH #2 CD#2 2000 "She moved through the fair" --- "I Sang Through The Fairs" Sound Portrait rec by AL & PK: FTX-270/ ROUNDER 11661-1774 p1998

BARTLE - Yorksh\ Custom with talk\ 1959 - "Burning the Bartle" annual custom on Sat nearest St Bartholomews (Aug 24) -- rec by PK, West Witton, incl talk with Alan HARKER & Jim WARD: RPL 26583/ FTX-451

BARTLETT, Winsome - Devon\ 3-hole pipe & tabor\ 1953 -- rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow, Dartington 1952: FOLKWAYS FW-8871 1959 "Leap Frog" & "Geud Man of Ballangigh"

BASS INSTINCTS - England\ Dance Band\ 1987 - (previously called "Hooligan Band" "Pluck, Suck & Blow") Stuart MOFFAT (gtr/voc); Val Woolard (recorder/ ham dulc/ bomb/ bagpipes); Graham Alston (gtr); Simon Haines (mel); Jonathon May (drums) -- Radio 2: 2/12/87: CASS#0432 "(Russ) Conway Reel", "Roll Away"(comp Woolard) "Country Park" & Polkas

BATE, Charlie - Cornwall\ Singer with p-acc\ 1965 - Hobby Horse Party leader Padstow -- rec by PK: EMI 7-EG-8911 1965 (45 EP)/ Festival Hall concert "The Sweet Nightingale": CLP-1910/ CASS #0287 "Padstow May Song" (with HH Party) "Pleasant & Delightful" "Sweet Nightingale" - FTX-010 Padstow "Wassail Song" - FTX-215 Hobby Horse Film Documentary - FOLKTRAX V3 Video: "Oss Oss Wee Oss" (16mm film) - RTR#1016 - "Sing Christmas" on radio from Plymouth 1957 with PK: FTX-950 with Bob Cann (mel), David Aldford (bones) & Cyril Tawney (gtr) "Boscastle Breakdown" & "Padstow Wassail Song" - "Gower Wassail Song" ROUNDER 1719 1998

BATTLEFIELD BAND - Scotland\ Dance Band\ 1982-8 - with Brian McNEIL (fid) -- Schottische-Marches (H-pipes) Radio 2: 28/12/82 CASS #0420 - Radio 2: 25/11/87: CASS#0405 Song by STING - Concert Radio 2: 8/3/87: CASS #0726-C20 incl "Mason's Apron" - rec Fylde Fest Radio 2 17/8/83: CASS#0777-C15

BATTS, Floyd - Miss.USA\ unacc voc\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Camp 11, Miss State Pen., Parchman, Miss.USA Sept 1959 "Dangerous Blues"

BAXTER, Ben & Harry - Norfolk\ unacc singers\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Southrepps Feb & 23/10/54: RPL 22019 Harry solo: "Blow the candle out"/ Harry & Ben: "Robin Hood Bay" (Scarborough's Banks) - RPL 22022 Ben: "The Fireship"", "Ram Song" "Lavender" & "Fishes" - RPL 22156-9 "12 Apostles" "Rich Merchant" "Caroline & Sailor" "Going to Windsor" "Factory Girl" RPL 22157 Story: Stick stick beat the dog" "As I roved out" "Lord Bateman" - 22158 "Seaman's Alphabet" "Cruel Mother""Died for Love""Black Velvet Band" "Frog" "3 Jolly Butchers" - 22159 "Poor Old Man" "Ye Gentlemen of England""If I were a blackbird" (3 frag) - rec 23/10/54: RPL 22421 "Outlandish Knight" "Barley Straw" & "The Flower Show"- rec by Seamus Ennis, 1956: RPL 23382 Ben: "Gypsy Girl""Gypsies Glee""Little Grey Horse" "Hot Ash Pelt"(frag) & "Bailiff's Daughter"/ FTX-234 - RPL LP 23382 rec 1956 (not in Lib) - FTX-503 "The Barley Straw"

BAXTER, Ernest "Rabbidy"- Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Mike Yates, Sussex: TOPIC 12-T-258 1975 "Will the Weaver"

BEADES, Paddy - Dublin\ voc with fid & acc\ 1946 -- (Regal Zonophone IZ1274) TOPIC TSCD-655 (Rural) "The Bonny Labouring Boy"

BEADLE, Bob & Tommy - Yorksh\ piano & fid\ 1951 -- rec by PK & AL, Middleton-in-Teesdale, W Yorks: FTX-211 with Mark ANDERSON (vocal) - Tommy (concertina) recs in BL by Vic Ellis

BEALE, Albert - Kent\ unacc singer\ 1954 - His father had songs noted by Cecil Sharp - photos by PK 0188- 0190 -- rec by PK & MK, Kenardrington 14/1/54: RTR#0214/ RPL 21156-7 toast & 6 songs incl "Villikins, Limerick Ditty, & The Frog & the Mouse" - FTX-428 - FTX-453 Dialect talk on farmwork - FTX-502 BALLADS "Bailiff's Daughter" & FTX-504 CAROLS "Moon shines bright"(His father sang this to C# in 1908)

BEALE, George - Dorset\ mel\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Abbotsbury 20/10/54: RPL 22437 "Not for Joe"

BEATLES, THE - Liverpool\ Skiffle & Rock group\ 1965 - PK, after auditioning skiffle groups in many regions of the UK, told George Martin at HMV Abbey Road of "The Quarrymen" in Liverpool and other young skiffle groups, and later arranged with Brian Epstein for Francis McPeake to make a set of Uillean pipes for John Lennon -- George Martin Orch: EMI PMC-1227 1965

BECKETT, Amos - Buckinghamsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Wilmslow 25/6/52: RPL 18141 "Watercress Girl""Wild Rover" "Young Maid Walking" (Young & Single Sailor) & "3 Poachers Poor" - rec by Seamus Ennis 25/6/52: RPL LP 23930 "The Gallows Tree" (or "Maid freed from the Gallows")

BEGGAR'S VELVET - England\ Accapella Group\ 1990 - Charlie & Kathie Yarwood & co -- Radio: 26/6/90 CASS #0882-C60 "Rolling Home" (Tams)

BEGLEY, Brendan - Kerry\ fiddler & Gaelic singer\1999 -- LOUGH-CD-007 1999

BEHAN, Brendan - Dublin\ unacc singer\ 1953 - "My Bonny Brown Boy" (Version of "Lord Rendal") & "Me High Caul Cap" collected by Hamish Henderson from Brendan & Dominic's mother, Kathleen Behan, in Dublin in 1956 in TOCHER 43 (1991) pp14-19 -- rec by PK & AL: RTR-7"#0596 "He was a queer one", "Join the British Army", "Zoological Gardens", "The Rifles Flashed", "Drums of War"(Marseillaise),"Some get married for Love"(Children's "Last Word" rhyme), "Joe Brady & James Carey" (with talk), "Pat O Donnell" (with talk), "The Manchester Three" & "The Praties they were small" - FF-2216

BEHAN, Dominic - Dublin\ Unacc Singer\ 1929-1989 - brother of Brendan & nephew of Peadar Kearney - died aged 60 (see obit in "Folk Roots" Oct 1989:13) - claimed to have wriiten "The Patriot Game" the tune being similar to that of Bob Dylan's "With God on our side" but tune is similar to a version of "The Nightingale" sung and rec by Burl Ives on his 1956 LP "In the Quiet of the Night" -- rec by PK, London 1959: 4 Dublin Street Ballads - COLLECTOR JEI-1 1958 (45 EP) with Robin HALL (gtr) "Bonny Boy, Master McGrath, Mrs McGrath, Finnegan;s Wake" - COLLECTOR JEI-2 wih Robin HALL (gtr) "Dicey Riley, Kelvin Lass, McCafferty, Bucket of the Mountain Dew, Van Dieman;s Land & The Wearing of the Green"- COLLECTOR JEI-3 with Robin HALL (gtr) *Limerick Rake, Boston Burglar, Get me down my petticoat, Charlady's Ball & Rocks of Bawn"- DOBELL F-LEUT-4 with Steve BENBOW (gtr) Johnny SCOTT (flute) - rec by PK: EMI CLP-1910 1965 introducing Festival Hall Concert - MAJOR MINOR MMLP-6 1967 Solo album - TOPIC 12-T-41 with Ewan McCOLL "Streets of Song"/ CASS 0202 - 12-T-44 1958 "Easter Week & after" with John HASTED (accomp) - 12-TPS-145 1966 with Ralph RINZLER & Peggy SEEGER "Master McGrath" - rec by PK, 1959 (15ips top track mono) "Joe Brady" "The Finding of Moses" "Free and Easy" & "As I went through Dublin city" with spoken intros RTR-0492 - Al O DONNELL: LEADER LER- 2073 1972 "Avondale" & "Crooked Jack" - The KERRIES of Coventry: MAJOR MINOR MMLP-9 1967 - THE DUBLINERS: MAJOR MINOR MMLP-14 1968 "Hand me down me petticoat" - The POGUES: STIFF 55 1984 "The Old Triangle" - Tape (15" studio) 4 songs with spoken intros - 'Twas Mary conceived" (his own comp) in 1957 "Sing Christmas": FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000 RTR#0492/

BELFAST GIRL SINGERS - Belfast\ Female choir\ 1948 - Conductor: Kay Simpson - Soloists: Nan SHAW & James J. WHITLEY -- rec 20/4/48: RPL 13163-4/ FTX-072

BELHAVEL TRIO, THE - Fid\ U-pipes & Acc -- TOPIC TSCD-670 Farmwork: "The Job of Journeywork"

BELLAMY, Peter - Norfolk\ Unacc Singer & conc\ 1970(d 1992) -- ARGO ZFB-81 1972 Poems by Rudyard Kipling arr by PB - FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 "Peggy Bawn" (Walter Pardon) & "Whalecatchers" (Merrick) - FREE REED FFR-014 1977 Kipling "Barrack Room Ballads"- FFR-021-2 "The Transports" arr by PB - TOPIC 12-T-200 1970 with Barry DRANSFIELD & Chris BIRCH - "Both Sides Now & Then" with Anthea, Louis Killen, Bill Shute & Lisa Null, Dave Swarbrick, Watersons, Royston *& Heather Wood TOPIC 1979/ FLEDGLING FLE-1002 1992 - Radio 2 28/12/82 CASS-0420: "We have fed our seas for a thousand years" with Dolly Collins (piano) & Ursual Pank (cello) - Radio "Folk on 2" rec Hastings 3/2/88 "The Transports" intro by PB: CASS#0397 - Radio 2 26/9/91 CASS#0990-C90

BELLEVILLE ACAPELLA CHOIR, THE - Va, USA\ Gospel Quartet\ 1954-60 -- rec by Alan Lomax Belleville, Va. USA Apr 1960: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 & 1711 1998/ RPL LP 26147 "Come on, Israel" "Honour Honour" & "Gospel Train" - ROUNDER 1708 1997 "John the Revelator"

BELLOEIL, John - Channel Islands, CI\ singer accomp by mel\ 1957 - Guernsey grower, aged 53 rec by PK 1957

BELLOEIL, Leonard - Channel Islands\ melodeon\ 1957 - aged 34 - son of John - learnt to play melodeon from his father and mother-in-law, Mrs Guille of Sark -- rec by PK, Kings Mill, Castel, Guernsey, CI 5/5/57: RPL LP 23839 "La Barbiere" "Heel & Toe Polka" "Sark Dance" - FTX-FTX-213/ FTX-245 "Sark Dance" & tune of "Au pres de ma blonde"/ FTX-308 A-ROVING #2 "La Barbiere"/ 310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Sark Dance: No more fancy girls for me"

BELTON, George - Surrey/ Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1967 - (b Oxted Surrey 1898) Madehurst Arundel -- EFDSS LP-1008 1967 Solo album "All jolly fellows" "Roving Navvy-man" "Sailor cut down" "Green Broom" "Soldier & Sailor" "My Old Man (Cuckold)" "Bold Fisherman" "Barbara Allen" "Good Companion" "Sweet Primeroses" "Dark-eyed Sailor" "Jim the Carter Lad" "Constant Farmer's Son" "Jerusalem Cuckoo" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1150 1975 rec pub Lewes Sussex: "Jim the Carter Lad" "All jolly fellows" "Toasting Song"

BENBOW, Steve - London\ Singer with gtr & Group\ 1959 -- (voc/ gtr) with Stella (v) & Pete TURNER (bass) rec by PK, "Skiffle Cellar", Soho 1/7/58 20 songs CASS-60-0828/ FTX-091/ FTX-093- RPL LP 24896-7 accomp Alan MILLS Canadian folksongs rec by PK, 15-17/6/59 25s - DOBELL F-LEUT-4 1962 accomp Dominic BEHAN with Johnny SCOTT (flute) - rec by PK: EMI DLP-1204 1960 with Shirley BLAND & Jimmie McGREGOR "Dark as a Dungeon" - CLP-1327 1960/ CASS-0294 "Jug of Punch": "Joe Muggins" "Jack Tar on shore" "Sugar Ray Robinson- Turpin Fight" & "Jack Hall" - CLP-1362 1960/ CASS-0295 "A Pinch of Salt" "Jack went a-sailing (Jackie Fraser)" - CLP 1963 "Admiral Benbow""Green Broom" "Paddy McGinty's Goat" "Dark-eyed Gypsies" "The Chivalrous Shark" " Let Mr Maguire sit down" "The Bonny Wee Window" "The Diamond" "High Barbaree" "Mrs McGrath" " "The Derby Ram" "Turpin Hero" "Time t be made a wife" "Marrowbones" "Ratcliffe Highway" "Ladies Tambourines" - solo album of sea songs: CASS#0298/ - "Have guitar will travel" Prog for RADIO LUXEMBURG rec by PK, at Denis Preston RSL Lansdowne Studios: RTR# 0495 - "Dirty Old Town" used on Cassette for opening of Gloucester National Waterways Museum 1988: 418 - SOCIETY SOC-919 1963 "The Folk Four" accomp Roy GUEST - ZOOM JAM-1 1971 The Advent of Steam (Thames TV) - 4 songs rec by PK, Studio 1959 "As I roved out""Gallows Pole""House of the Rising Sun" "They've gone & closed our railway"(comp by Peter King to"This Old House" tune) 292 - CLARON CL CD 01 2003 "Don't monkey with my gun" (latest CD available from

BENNELL, Mrs May - Buckinghamsh\ unacc singer\ 1954 - bn 14.6.1891 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Amersham 17/10/54: RPL 22422 "May Carol""Farmer's Boy"(Farmyard Song) "Barbara Allen" & "The Fox" - FTX-501 "Barbara Allen"

BENNETT, Billy - London\ Music Hall comedian-singer\ 1930s -- TOPIC TSCD-780 (1978) 1997 from 78 discs

BENNETT, Sam - Warwicksh\ singer fid & dancer\ 1928 - Morris musician at Ilmington -- rec on Dictaphone cylinders by James Carpenter 1929-35: #231-242 & #438/ CASS-1132-3 - RPL 9826 rec79/5/46 (fid) "Jockey to the Fair" & "Shepherds Hey" - 7 songs rec PK, Ilmington 10/8/50 7"RTR 004/ FTX-098 -- see also Arthur GOODE (talking about Sam Bennett) rec by Gwilym Davies, Cheltenham 1975: FTX-417

BENNINGTON, Billy - Norfolk\ Ham Dulc\ 1973 - of Barford, Norwich -- EAST ANGLIAN LIFE EAL-1 1987 Solo album - TOPIC 12-TS-229 1973 rec by Tony Engle/ TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Pony Trot Polka" - rec by Jim Couza 20/7/82 CASS#0871-2 - used on Cassette for opening of Gloucester National Waterways Museum 1988: FTX-418

BENOIT, Emile- Newfoundland\ fiddle\ 1989
1913-1992 bn 24/3/13 L'Anse-aux-Canards, Port au port Peninsula, Newfoundland, one oif the few French-speaking communities on the island. He received little formal education and worked as carpenter, cook, blacksmith, doctor, dentist and musician. Started fiddle at age of 9 on one made by his father and spent 50 years playing for community dances, weddings and house parties. Recorded 3 albums: "Emile's Dream" (1979), "It comes from the heart" (1982) and Vive La Rose (1992) . Died 3/9/92. -- Emile BENOIT (Canadian fiddler) rec CBC Studios, St Johns, Newfoundland AMBER ACD-9014 1989 "Vive la rose" includes unacc ballad "Lady Margaret"

BERESFORD, Peter & George - Yorksh\ fid & p-acc\ 1954 - Peter Age 73 (fid) & his son George (p-acc). Peter, a retired farmer of Langstrothdale, like his father had previously been a stonebreaker on the roads, then a postman for 30 years, walking 3 miles twice a week for 4 shillings. His mother played concertina and Peter learned to play the fiddle from his brother, Tom of Yockenthwaite. All 5 children formed a family band playing at local dances for 5 shillings a night: George & Jack (accordions), Tom (harmonica) Alan (songs) & Mary (piano) -- rec by PK, Oughtershaw, Buckden, W Yorks Nov 1954: FTX-211 Country Dance tunes & dance instr: RTR#0066/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4

BERKOFF, Steven -England\ Actor-director-playright\ 1988 - brother of PK's wife, Beryl -- with Richard Baker on Radio 3/1/83: CASS#0450 - CASS#0344 "Greek" adapt Musical called "Turnage" rec Edinburgh Festival 1988 - Interviewed by Sue Lawley on "Desert Island Disks" Radio 4: 12/1/92 CASS#1083

BERKS, Polly & Al -England\ parents of Beryl Kennedy & Steven Berkoff\ 1978 -- rec 30/8/78 CASS#0840-1-C60

BERNSTEIN, Ira -NY, USA\ fid/ clog\ 1989 - step-dance catalyst of "River Dance" in NY & The Irish Folk Dance Revival in 1990s -- Ira BERNSTEIN (clogging) with Jemmy (v/fid) & Evo (v/acc) BLUESTEIN rec NY 1989: CASS#0817 "Cumberland Gap", Cajun etc (gift from Ira) - Radio "FOLK ON TWO" 17/5/95 visiting Britain with Netty Van Drager (fiddle) & Frank Kilkenny (guitar): CASS#1312-C60

BEST, Anita -Canada, Newfoundland\ unacc singer\ 1997 -- with Pamela MORGAN (gtr/ whistle/ flute/ piano/psaltery/synthesiser & harmonium: AMBER ACD 9008 1991 - (solo unaccomp) "Crosshanded": AMBER 9804-2 1997

BIBB, Leon -USA\ Black Singer (gtr)\ -- VANGUARD SRL-7624 1965 (boxed set)

BIDDICK, Cyril -Cornwall\ singer & cello\ 1943 -- RPL 7029 Boscastle & Tintagel Players 1943 - RPL 9545 rec 1943 - COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-027 "Old Daddy Fox"

BIG BILL BROONZY -USA\ Blues singer\ 1951 - aka "Chicago Bill" -- ROOT & BRANCH #2 CD 2000 "Five Foot Seven"

BIHET, Constance -Alderney CI\ unacc singer\ 1957 - odd job man living in Braye Road - born in Jersey but came to Alderney at the age of three and spoke Alderney French up to 2 years previous - when recorded there was no longer anybody speaking except one old lady who was paralysed and could not talk! "Constant's parents were from la Manche, Normandie in France, and they eloped to Jersey where their children were born (and some remained), before moving to Alderney, and then to Guernsey. Constant remained in Alderney, whilst the remainder of his family (including his brother, my grandfather) moved to Guernsey, where the family still live. Many thanks - Carol Bihet 12/01/03" -- rec by PK 12/5/57: RPL LP 23845 Carol: "Petit Jesu" & conversation in Alderney Guernsey & Jersey French with Reuben WILSON & Carol "Petit Jesu": FTX-243

BILL, Casey (voc/gtr) with Black Bob (piano) & string bass rec Chicago USA 12/2/36: VOCALION 03186/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "W.P.A.Blues" (Works Progress Administration)

BIRCH, Amy -Devon\ unacc singer\ 1979 -- rec by Sam Richards, Paul Wilson & Trish Stubbs, Exebridge Devon 1976: TOPIC 12-TS-349 1979/ TSCD-661 1998 "Travellers" "Over Yonders Hill" (Apron of flowers) & "Royal Comrade" (The Lakes of Coolfin)


BISHOP, Emily -Herefordsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Photos by PK 0017-8 - Emily was aged 73 when this recording was made at her home at 3 Bell Cottage, Bromsberrow Heath, near Ledbury. Her father kept the village inn and was the "King" (Fool) of the local team of Morris dancers. When PK first asked her about songs, she said she could only remember bits, as she had not sung them for about 40 years. However the equipment packed up and when Peter returned a few days later she kept the recording machine busy for several hours without a break. Asked where she learned most of her songs she said: "from my brothers and old people in the village", -- rec by PK, Bromsberrow Heath 13/10/52: RTR#0097/ RPL 18677: "The Line To Heaven"/ RPL 18678 Talk/ No Sir/ Lord Lovel (Frag)/ Talk/ Jack Tar (Saucy Sailor)/ RPL 18679 Sweet Primroses/ Blow The Windy Morning (Baffled Knight) & Dark-Eyed Sailor - RPL 18683 Angel Gabriel/ Come All Ye True Good Christians/ RPL 18684: Little Room/ Fountasin Of Christ's Blood/ Talk/ Dives & Lazarus/ Talk/ Virgin Unspotted - RPL 18685 On Christmas Night/ Moon Shines Bright/ Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand/ Wassail Song - RPL 18695 Talk about songs, carols & local Morris dancing - FTX-013 "No Sir" - FTX-115 Talk about Morris & her sister Beatrice HILL (mel) Morris tunes - FTX-129 solo album - FTX-502 "Baffled Knight" - FTX-504 Carols - FTX-514 "Saucy Sailor" - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions" sings "Lazarus"

BLACK, Mary & Family - Ireland\ Singers\ 1987 -- (unacc with ch): Radio 2 Xmas Prog: 30/12/87 CASS#0423-4 "The Little Skillet Pot"

BLACK COUNTRY THREE, The -- KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1383 "The Boxing Match"


BLACKETT-ORD, Diana -Northumb\ N-pipes\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-TS-227 1974

BLACKMAN, George -Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Arundel 20/10/54: RPL 22735 "Farmyard Song" - FTX-027 "Farmyard Song"

BLACKMAN, Richard -Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Arundel 20/10/54: RPL 22736 "Herring Song"

BLAINEY, Terry - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1970s --landlord of "The Marquis of Cornwallis" rec by Neil Lanham, Chedburgh: NLCD 8/9 2002

BROOK, William - Oxfordsh\ Morris dancer & cake-bearer\ 1953 - aged 67 of Mill Green, Weald - see also Albert TOWNSEND & BAMPTON MORRIS -- filmed and rec by PK, George Pickow and Jean Ritchie, Bampton 1953

BLACKWOOD, Elda - Jamaica rec NY\ unacc singer\ 1947 -- rec by Frank & anne Warner: APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Two Little Blackbirds"/ "Uncle Ned" (1v & ch)

BLAIR, Bob - Scotland\ contemp singer\ 2000 -- "Reaching for the high high lands" LIVING TRADITION LTCD-1001 2000

BLAKE "Blind" - with piano, bass, drums & m ch: West Indies Broadcast recs for PK: RTR-0445/ CD 945

BLAKE, Bob - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Mike Yates: TOPIC 12-T-254 1975 "Sheepshearing Song" & "Grey Hawk" (coll Hammond) - 12-T-258 1975 "Basket of Eggs" & "Bonny Labouring Boy" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1150 1975 Lewes pub: story, "Old John Braddle-um" & "Basket of Eggs"

BLAND, Shirley - London\ Singer\ 1960 -- with Jimmie Mc GREGOR (gtr) rec by PK: EMI DLP-1204 1960 "The Fireman's not for me" (comp by McColl): FTX-093

BLAXHALL "The Ship Inn" -Suffolk\ pub singers & step-dancers\ 1955 - photo by PK exterior 0092 -- recorded by PK: RTR#0246-7 & 0253-61/ FTX-036 - Cine filmed by PK 1955 (black-and- white) titled "Health to the Barley Mow": FF-1105


BLIND MAN'S HOLIDAY -Australia\ Women singers\ 1989 -- Songs from Czech, Romania, Greece, Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, Hungary, Ireland, Brazil with talk about group (Australian) on FOLK ON TWO rec 18/10/89: CASS#0164


BLOOMFIELD, Alec -Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1950 - nephew of Harry LIST, son of George (living in Ipswich) - photos by PK 0095 with Harry LIST & 0096 on his own -- rec by PK, Benhall, nr Framlingham 1950 & 14/5/52: 7"RTR#0261 & 0263/ rec PK 1950: FTX-040 (5 songs) RPL 21150 "Wild Rover" "Young George Oxbury" (Georgie) & "Barbara Allen" - FTX-019 "Molecatcher" - FTX- 099 "Old Couple In The Wood" (Father Grumble) "Stand You Up Steady-O" (Sprig Of Thyme) "Molecatcher" "Burlington Fair (Rambleaway) "Poor Little Soldier's Boy" "Bold General Wolfe" "Highwayman Outwitted" "Ship That Never Returned" "Knife In The Window" - FTX-501 "Barbara Allen" - FTX-502 "Georgie" - FTX-512 "Ship that never returned" - FTX-516 "Soldiers Boy"

BLOOMFIELD, George -Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Alec's father -- rec by PK, Ipswich 27/8/52: RPL 21151 "Young George Oxbury""Stand you up" (Sprig of Thyme) & "Bold General Wolfe"

BLOWZABELLA -England\ Instrumental Group\ 1982 -- PLANT LIFE PLR-038 1982/ CASS-90-0723 - Paul James talks about dance & instr workshops with scratch orch rec Aldershot: Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS#0423-4

BLUESTEIN FAMILY, The - NY, USA\ Jewish\ 1989 -- rec NY 1986 GREENHAYS GR-90716/ CASS#0818 mainly Love Songs

BOARDMAN, Harry - Lancash\ Folksinger\ 1968 - d 1987 -- TOPIC 12-T-188 1968 with OLDHAM TINKERS, Mike HARDING & others - 12-T-204 1970 As previous with recitations - 12-TS-215 1971 "Transpennine" (Lancash & Yorksh) - 12-TS-236 1973 "A Lancashire Mon" - Jim Lloyd on his death with Harry & wife Leslie (banjo) with Mike Harding (jews harp) "Gallant Lads of Lancashire" - with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS: TOPIC TSCD-486 1997

BOGLE, Eric -Scotland\ Singer songmaker\ 1985 - spent time in Australia - songmaker-singer -- TOPIC 12-TS-437 1985 with John MUNRO & Brent MILLER "When the wind blows" - with band: Radio 2 24/8/88: CASS-15-0732 "Harry's Wife" - CASS-1309 Radio prog 19/4/95 -- "Farewell to Nancy" THE DUBLINERS rec Forum Hatfield Radio 2 rec 23/11/82 CASS-0782-C15

BOLDUC, Madame -Quebec\ singer\ 1930 -- harmonica & French song "Mon vieux est jaloux" with daughter, Denise (piano) on 78rpm rec: ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

BOLTON, Polly - Engand\ singer\ 1990 -- "Lovely Joan" (with group & women's voices) Radio 2 rec 17/10/90 CASS-1017 - with John Shepherd (keyboards) & Steve Donaghy (fid/ viola, mandolin) RPL Radio 2 1/5/91 CASS-60-1022 "" tune Brigg Fair" "Blackwaterside" "Gipsies-O" "I love my love" & "Lazarus

BOND, Frank -Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, North Waltham 13/8/55: RPL 21858 "Lord Bateman" (frag) - 21862 "God bless the master" (Mummers Carol) & "Chiner's Song" - FTX-426 - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977/ TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 Seasonal Events "God bless the master" -- Shirley COLLINS: TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974 "Chiner's Song"

BOND, Sam -Hampsh\ harmonica/singer\ 1955 - of North Waltham "Jolly Jacks" Mummers -- (harmonica): TOPIC TSCD-657 1998 "Fun & frolics" "Oh, the Hampshires do like duff"/ TSCD-666 "Seasonal Events" "Where does Father Christmas go?"

BOOTH, Jackie -Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1979 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Stroud: FTX-417 "Sarah"

BOSCASTLE & TINTAGEL PLAYERS - Cornwall\ fid Band\ 1944 - Harry DANGER (fid), Billy HOCKEN (conc) & others -- rec 26/1/44: RPL 7029 (78) "Helston Furry", "Lady Eversham's Jig" & "Breakdown Hornpipe" (2 extracts, close & distant with step dancer) - TOPIC 12-T-240 1974 copy of RPL/ TSCD 600 ("Hidden English") "Boscastle Breakdown" (says rec by Richard Dimbleby 1943!)/ TSCD-659 "Dances of S England" "The Breakdown"- -- rec by PK, Napoleon Inn, Boscastle 1975 with Mike WEST, Freddy JEWEL, Charlie JOSE, Loxton PICKARD & Evan TRIX & company: RTR-1009-1011/ FTX-096

BOSTON FOLK ORCHESTRA, THE - Lincolnsh\ Song & Dance Group\ 1978 -- VFM VCA-041/ CASS-1178 "Four Drunken Maidens" etc

BOSWELL, Gordon - gypsy - "Talking with gypsies" radio prog introduced by John Seymour: FTX-281 - 282 - 283

BOTHY BAND, THE -Ireland\ Folk Group\ 1970 -- Matt MOLLOY, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples - "Live in Concert" rec Paris Theatre 1976 & Kilburn National 1978: STRANGE FRUIT SFRSCD-063 1996 - Radio 2 "Folkweave" 1979: CASS-0413 Hebridean Mouth Music & Reels - Dub of LP "Out of the window into the Sun" CASS 60-0885

BOTTING, Bill -Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- rec by PK, Balcombe 2/9/63 RTR-0907/ FTX-428

BOTTING, Stanley -Canada\ unacc singer\nd - A-LUMBERING WE WILL GO

BOWMAN, Billy & Jack - Cumberland\ p-accordion & banjo\ 1959 -- FTX-117/ FTX-120 & FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 - LISMORE LICS-5155/ CASS-60-1172 "Bouncing in the Ballroom" Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Samba, Saunter, Waltz & Cha-Cha

BOYD, Joe -USA\ Record producer\ 1987 -- Interview with Andy KERSHAW on radio 1987: CASS #0349 - Interview with Jim Lloyd on Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS- 0423-4 intro Richard Thompson & Sandy Denny "Crazy man, Michael"

BOYER, Sue & Melissa TRIER -USA\ singer with h-dulc/ fid\ 1973 - Music Students/ h-dulc (Mackenzie Psaltery) -- rec by PK Dartington Ciderhouse 5"RTR-0424 (4 reels)

BOYES, Georgina - England\ collector & broadcaster\ 1993 -- "Voices of Arcadia" Progrs 5 & 6 on Radio 2: 18/8/93 & 25/8/93 CASS-1284

BOYLE, Andy -London Irish\ fid\ 1967 -- accomp by Reg HALL (piano) rec Camden Town 12/3/67: TOPIC TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the smoke"

BOYLE, Anna - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK & SB, Markethill 30/7/52: RPL 18537/ FTX-434 "The Hills above Drumquin"

BOYLE, Charles - Belfast\ Singer\ 1952 - Worked with Carl Hardebeck at School of Music in Cork - father of Sean O Boyle (collector) -- rec by PK 7/7/52: RPL 18404-7/ FTX-013 "Greenwood Laddie" - FTX-501 "Lady Margaret" - Dub of orig 5"(blue)-RTR-0438

BOYLE, Maggie - England\ Singer\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 2/12/87: CASS-0432 with John RENBOURN BAND "Tom Barber"

BOYLE, Neil - Dunglow, Co Donegal\ talk fid & singer\ 1951 - (1889-1961) bn 26th. November, 1889 to Paddy Boyle and Nancy Sweeney at Easton, Pennsylvania, He died at Crucknashallog, Dungloe on the 8th. August, 1961. It was another family of Donegal fiddlers, the Doherty's, who insisted that PK should do everything possible to make a recording of "Neily" because of his quite exceptional style. In the first place, he had learned much from his grandfather, the famous Padraig Mc Sweeney; secondly, because he claimed to have learned from "the little people", and thirdly, John, Michael and Simie Doherty told us that he had written a number of his own compositions, which were now very much sought after by other fiddlers but jealously guarded by Neily himself. Although he had previously made a number of 78 rpm records for Regal Zonophone and many broadcasts, in the first place Neily refused to record for Peter. However he finally agreed to talk about "The Present State of Irish Music", and learning from the "wee folk", and, in so doing, started to illustrate his talk. In this way Peter succeeded in making this remarkable recording. Because the house had no road access, Peter needed to use nearly half a mile of microphone cable in order to operate his tape machine from the car batteries, using the car horn as a signal. On playback, Neil was pleased with the result and finally gave his permission for publication, assigning his arrangements and recording rights to FOLKTRAX - photos by PK 0141-4 & 0145 with Sean Haughey & Sean O Boyle -- REGAL ZONOPHONE 12-721 (78rpm) A: "Harvest Home" & "Green Mountain" (Hornpipes)/ B: Haste to the Wedding" & "Over the hills" (Jigs) rec by Alan Lomax, Dunloe 1951: 7"RTR-0588 & DAT/ RTR-0607-10 - rec by PK, Dunloe 23/8/53: 7"RTR-1224-7 (4 reels)/ 170/ RPL 20012-7 - RPL 21349 Graveyard Keening anecdote - Radio prog on Co Donegal with Conal O Donnell & Noel Hamilton 1968: FTX-276 "The Blackbird" - Francie BYRNE (fid) Donegal talks about him: RTE "Long Note" prog 17/8/89 CASS-0897 - RTE "Long Note" radio prog about him 30/11/89 CASS-0932

BOYS OF THE LOUGH, THE -Belfast\ Song & Instrum Group\ 1973 -- LEADER LER-2086 1973 - LER-2090 1974 - rec Thurso Festival Radio 2: 24/8/78: CASS-0412 with "Happy Birthday to Aly" - rec Queen Elizabeth Hall Radio 2 CASS 15-0785 - Angus Polkas & Donegal Barn Dance (fid lead) Radio 2: 13/1/88 CASS-0422 - Aly BAIN Feature Radio 2 25/2/85: CASS-0441 - with Aly BAIN "Down Home" (TV Series) in USA & Canada LISMOR LIF-7011 1986 CASS-0814 - LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "Erin Gra Mo Chroi"

BRACEY F A & his wife, Paddy PALMER - London\ Talk Singer & Pianist\ 1964 -- rec by PK at John Lewis Store, Oxford St, London 23/12/64: Documentary of Phil TANNER (qv) Welsh singer in English: RTR-1047/ FTX-057

BRADER, Robert S "Bob" - Lincs\ unacc singer\1967 - rec Thimbleby, Scunthorpe by Fred Hamer -- EFDSS VWML-003 cass 1989/ TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 Dances & Ditties "Old Johnny Wallis"/ TOPIC TSCD-665 1998 Courtship "The Banks of the Sweet Dundee"

BRADLEY, May - Herefordsh\ unacc singer\ 1971 -- rec by Fred Hamer, Ludlow, Shropsh (daughter of Esther Smith from whom Ella Leather & RVW noted Carols in Herefordsh): EFDSS LP-1006 1971 - EFDSS VWML-003 1989 cass/ TOPIC TSCD-658 Events & Issues "Calvery"/ TSCD-661 Travellers "Under the leaves"/ TSCD-662 Sailors "The Willow Tree"

BRADY, Paul - Dublin\ Singer (with gtr)\ 1968 - Born Strabane, Co Tyrone 1947 - Founder of JOHNSTONS (with Adrienne (d. 1975) & Luci Johnson & Mick Moloney) & joined PLANXTY (with Andy Irvine) 1974 -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA- 169 1968/ TRA-185 1968 & SAM-11 1969 JOHNSTONS - GREENHAYS GR-705 1981 rec by Diane Hamilton - SHANACHIE 29003 1976 accompanying Tommy PEOPLES Co Donegal fiddler -(whistle & vocal with organ) rec by Hugh Murphy, Birdland, Bucks 1985: ROOT & BRANCH #1 1999 "The Green Fields of Canada"

BRAGG, Billy - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1987 -- CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection" - Andy KERSHAW radio prog 1987: CASS-0349 - "Between the Wars": John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s Radio 2: 2/4/87: CASS-90-0566

BRAND Oscar - NY, USA\ Singer with gtr\ 1957 - has hosted a public radio folk music broadcast NY for over 50 years -- CAEDMON TC-1505 1976 Singing Holidays - CAEDMON TC-1782 1986 Birthday Party in 14 languages - CAEDMON TC-6534 1985 "Drinking Songs" - ROULETTE SR-42060 Oscar BRAND "X" - (DERO) 1985/ CASS-0235 "The Best of the Worst" - FTX-136 "Riddle Song" with Jean RITCHIE - MILLER BRODY O/B 76/79 1975 "Songs of '76" (American Revolution) - RIVERSIDE RLP-646 1957 with Jean RITCHIE "Riddle me this"

BRAND, Anne & Laura - Scotland\ Singers\ 1965 -- FONTANA TL-5296 1965 "Best of TheWhite Heather Club"

BRANDON, Tom - Ontario, Canada\ Irish Singer\ 1962 -- FOLK LEGACY FSC-10 1962

BRANNIGAN, Joe - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - photos by PK 0104-5 - (42) Sheep dealer known as "The Float" - born Carcullion, Hilltown, worked as coalminer in Scotland 1929-39 - asked to sing unaccomp replied "You just want "The Raw Bar - the rougher I can get the better the folks like me" - would not sing without his mate "The Slew" (Mc ALINDEN, Mick) -- rec by PK & SB, Rostrevor, Aug 1953: RPL 19349-50 "Kevin Barry" with talk - RPL 19351 "Lord must I die for the want of a man?" - RPL 19352 "The Maid of Balladoo" & "Rathfriland on the hill" - RPL 21152 "John Thompson" (Scottish goalkeeper) talk bef & aft - FTX-433

BRASIL, Angela - Gloucestersh\ gypsy singer (age 15)\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Blairgowrie, Perthsh: FTX-501 "Edward" - FTX-512 "Poor Smuggler's Boy"

BRASIL, Harry - Gloucestersh\ gypsy singer\ 1985 -- rec by Mike Yates, Gloucester: TOPIC 12-TS-95 1985 (7 songs): "Bold Keeper, Sally Monro, Loyal Lover, Rambling Irishman, Blacksmith, Gown so Green, Flower Show" (also Debbie & Penny (Harris) age 14: "Barbara Allen"/ TOPIC TSCD-661 1998 Travellers "Sally Morrow" & "Blacksmith courted me"/ TSCD-668 Hunting & Poaching "Bold Keeper"

BRASIL, Lemmie - Gloucestersh\ melodeon\ 1985 -- TOPIC TSCD-661 "Travellers": "God killed the devil"

BRASS MONKEY - Lancash\ Dance Band\ 1980s -- Radio 2: 4/3/87: CASS-0408 Polkas

BRECKONS, Tommy - Northumb\ N-pipes\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Bellingham 1/7/54: RTR-0045/ RPL 20625 "The Bonnets o Blue" (talk prec) - 7"RTR-0046 "The Spirit of the Border" (comp by Tom Clough c 1940) & "Two Hornpipes" - TOPIC 12-TS-227 1974 "The Wild Hills o Wannies"

BREEN, Jack - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1954 - Singer for Sword Dancers -- rec by PK, Winlaton 25/6/54: RPL 21485 "Calling On Song" (one man only)

BREEN, Paddy - Co Clare\ "Orcon" flute/ unacc singer\ 1951 - Born at Kilmihill, (Cil Mhichil), West Clare (between Kilrush & Ennis) -- rec by PK, Camden Town, London March 1952: RTR-0600/ FTX-078 solo album of dance tunes (2 items with Michael GORMAN flute/ fiddle incl 2 songs: "Rambling Irishman" & "The Green Hills of Ireland" - "Historic Collection Series / SAYDISC SDL 420 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" - TOPIC TSCD-654 1998 (Emigration Ballads) "Sweet Inishcara" rec by Sean Davies at All-Britain Fleis Ceol, CSH, London May 8th 1966/ TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" (mouth music & whistle) "The Blue Meadow"/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "Silvery Tide" rec by Bill Leader & Reg Hall Camden Town 1967

BREEN, Phil - Co Fermanagh\ fid\ 1952 -- with Michael HERNON (fid) rec by PK & SB, 19/7/52: RPL 18545 (2 Reels) - rec by PK, Belleek 20/7/52: RPL 18542-3: 2 Untitled Highlands/ 3 Reels & Waltz: FTX-370

BREHARD, Walter & Frank - Guernsey C I\ talk & mel\ 1957 - Ex schoolmaster & grower aged 66 (talk) & son aged 25 (melodeon) living at "Le Planel" - for 30 years he was the headmaster of the school where he himself was a pupil -- rec by PK, Torteval 2/5/57: RPL LP 23845 "La Vauchee d'Ane" Christmas Eve legends/ FTX-213/ FTX-243 "Four Hand Reel (Soldier's Joy) & "La Jerriaise" Talk by Walter

BRIGGS, Anne - Nottinghamsh\ Singer (unacc)\ 1962 -- (TOPIC 12-T-86 1962) "The Recruited Collier" & "The Doffin Mistress" - 12-TPS-114 1964 "The Bonny Bonny Boy" - 12-T-135 1966 "Gathering Rushes""The Whirly Whorl""Stonecutter Boy""Irish Dragoons" - 12-T-207 1971 solo album (incl 2 comp by her)

BRIGHOUSE PACE-EGGERS - Yorksh\ "Pace-eggers" Theatre Group\ 1963 - Producer: Christine Thorburn -- Performance & interviews rec by Mike Storey & Stephen Gaunt 3/.3/63 (Tape from Joy Asquith): RTR-0207 & 0883-5 - CASS-0390

BRIGHT, Ben - Wales\ Sailor & Shantyman\ 1972 - McCOLL & SEEGER: SHELLBACK Book Lib #3081 (Shelf: E11)

BRIGHT LIGHT QUARTET, THE - Virginia USA\ fishermen's chorus\ 1960 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Weems Apr 1960: ROUNDER CD-1701 "Sweet Rosie-Anne"& CD-1705 1997 "Po Lazarus" - "Hey, hey, honey" , "I'm tired", "Just beyond the river" & "Christian Automobile" as well as Shanties sung by as they would have done net-hauling with the Menhaden fishing fleet rec by Alan Lomax, Weems, Va. USA 1960: ROUNDER 1708 1997

BRIGHTWELL, "Jumbo" - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1939 - (son of "Velvet") "Eels Foot" East Bridge Thebburton Leiston - Items assigned by Jumbo Brightwell 23/10/66 include MUDDLEY BARRACKS for use of "Soldier's Life" for Caedmon -- rec 13/5/39 with chorus RPL 2167: "Pleasant & Delightful" & "The Indian lass" rec 30/10/47: RPL 13861 "The Outlandish Knight"/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-099 & FTX-517 "Muddley Barracks" - FTX-514 "Indian Lass" - RTR#0280 -1 - rec by Neil Lanhan, "Crown", Snape: NLCD 8/9 2003 - TOPIC 12-TS-261 1975 Songs from the Eels Foot/ (TOPIC 12-TS-375 rec by Keith Summers in singers home, Leiston 1975) - TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Oak and the Ash"/ TSCD-653 1998 "Newry Town" (Wild & Wicked Youth)/ TSCD-660 "Blow the candle out"/ TSCD-662 "The Loss of the Ramillies"/ TSCD-664 "The Derby Miller" (The Miller's Last Will)/ TSCD-670"Muddley Barracks" - rec by Neil Lanham 1970s: NLCD 09 2003 - see

BRIGHTWELL, "Velvet" - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1947 - William BRIGHTWELL, father of "Jumbo" "Velvet", aged 91 when recorded in his house in Leiston in 1956, was born at Little Glenham but lived most of his life at Wickham Market. His son "Jumbo", also William, was born at Wickham Market 1900 and recorded the same day at "The Eels Foot" public house, Eastbridge. -- rec "Eel's Foot" Eastbridge Leiston Suffolk 30/10/47: RPL 13861 "Bold Princess Royal" - FTX-099 "Scarboro""Faithful Plough""Foggy Dew" & "Ramillies" - FTX-512 rec by PK 1956 "The Loss of the Ramillies"

BRISTOL SHANTYMEN - Bristol\ F/group\ 1981-- SUPERNOVA SNI-1981 1981 "Alongside Bristol Quay" CASS-60- 0870 (with book)

BROADSIDE, THE - Lincolnsh\ Folk Group\ 1973 - incl John Connolly (songmaker) -- TOPIC 12-TS-228 1973 "The Moon shone bright" - rec at Grimsby Club intro by Bill Meek Radio 2: 9/11/82 CASS 15-0760 incl "Fiddler's Green"

BROMLEY, Albert - Essex\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Shotley: NLCD 3/4 2002 & 8/9 2003

BROOKSBANK, Mary - Angus\ unacc singer\ 1968 - from Dundee -- rec Blairgowrie, Perthsh: TOPIC 12-T-181 1968 "My Johnny" (?) & "O Dear Me" (Jute Mill Song)

BROONZY, Big Big - see also under LOFTON, Cripple Clarence/ SCOTT, Roosevelt - (voc/gtr) with Memphis Slim (piano) Ransom Knowling (bass) & Washboard Sam rec Chicago 17/7/41: OKEH 06427/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "All by myself"/ with talk John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s Radio 2: 7/3/87: CASS-90-0565 -

BROWN, Bertha - Belfast\ Unacc Singer\ 1979 - (wife of Tom) Bertha Elizabeth Wallace (b.12.9.23) Mackey Stredet, N.Belfast (known as "Tiger Bay") from age of 14 worked at Jennymount Spinning Mills becoming doffin mistress at age 16 -- rec by PK, Devon 1979: FTX-134 sings "Doffin Mistress" & (with Tom) "Magherafelt Hiring Fair"

BROWN, Buster - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Great Easton: NLCD 3/4 2002

BROWN, Hilary - Devon\ unacc singer\ 1954 - (daughter of Richard Pearce) -- rec by PK, Exeter 13/10/54: RTR-7-0252 "The Two Lovers"

BROWN, Liza & Annh Johnson (vocal duet) - with Jim Jackson (gtr) & unknown piano: rec NY 19/9/29: COLUMBIA 14466/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Get on out of here"

BROWN, Percy - Norfolk\ mel\ 1956 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Cromer Oct 1956: RPL 23381 with "Shrimp" Henry Davies stepping & song: "Kitty Gray" (with & without acc) - 23382 with Bob THOMPSON (melodeon duet) "Sheringham Breakdown" - rec by Tony Engle, Aylsham 1972: TOPIC 12-TS-229 1973/ TSCD-659 1998 "Dances of S England" "Yarmouth Breakdown", "Valeta" & Heel-and-toe Polka"/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "Old Joe the boat is going over" & "Untitled Polka" -- OLD SWAN BAND FREE REED FRR-011 1976 plays "Percy Brown's Polka"

BROWN, Ray - Gloucestersh\ fid\ 1979 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Kings Stanley: FTX-417 Polka & "Soldier's Joy"

BROWN, Richard - Lincolnsh\ "Plough Jag" play\ 1953 - Age 83 -- rec by PK, Helpringham 23/3/53: RPL 19030 Talk about "Riding the Stang"/ RPL 19031 Remembering Barrow play: FTX-105

BROWN, Roland - Ireland\ U-pipes\ 1988 -- rec at The Clancy Summer Festival: CASS-90-0913

BROWN, Tom - Norfolk\ Unacc Singer\ 1979 - (see also Bertha BROWN) - born 1917 Caistor - known locally as "Jack Whampoo's boy, Tom", Thomas Harold William BROWN was born at Caister-on-sea, near Yarmouth, on 11th March, 1919. His father, Jack, was a fisherman with a skipper's ticket, and both his grandfathers were also skippers. His father lost his life in 1941 when the steam-drifter, "Helpmate", was blown up by a mine. His mother, Nellie Crane, was from Caister and Tom was the youngest of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). After school in Caister, at 14, he went on the steam-drifters, and, at 15, found himself on the Australian run as a deck-boy in the Merchant Service on S.S. "Port Caroline". The round trip then took 9 months. 1934, he was home fishing again as a net- stower, and in 1939 as a whalerman. During the war he served as a rigger, a leading hand-wire splicer, in the Royal Naval Supplementary Reserve. After the war, with his mother left on her own, he left the sea and worked for the Midland and Great Northern Railway at Stalham finishing up as a guard. When the line was closed he found work at Worksop in Nottinghamshire and it was here that he first attended a folk club and found himself in demand as a folksinger. This rediscovered interest he claims has lifted him "out of the doldrums" and Tom expresses his gratitude to all the Nottingham club members who have accepted him amongst them -- rec by PK, Harberton, 25/3/79: FTX-331 & FTX-332 Solo albums/ 5"RTR-0818-26 - PK presenting rec on Radio Folk on Two: 7/7/80 RTR-0828/ CASS-0419 - rec by Trevor Sharpe, Worksop, Nottingham mid-1980s: TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" "Widliecombe Fair" (Beggars at the Fair)/ rec by TS as previous: TOPIC TSCD-662 "Sailors" "Windy Old Weather" (Fishes)

BROWN, "Turp" Victor Albert Spencer - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1957 - Born 1887 at Ashen Wood, West Tisted nr Cheriton. Just sitting here thinking about Turp, I can remember only a few things, but can get more info from relatives in Hampshire. He married my great-aunt Anne. (She was one of the Brown family who all came from Wood Lane, Bramdean, Hants. Her parents were called Sarah and George, and my grandmother - her sister - was Emma Brown.) It is sheer coincidence that Anne Brown married a man also called Brown: this was Victor Albert Spencer Brown, otherwise known as Turp. Anne and Turp had nine children and only Babe is alive now. She is really called Joan but we still call her Babe (she was the youngest) though she must now be about eighty. We don't really know why he was called Turp, but Babe thinks he had trouble with his water works when young and somebody got him to drink Turpentine as a cure!! I can hardly believe this! I seem to remember that he was a master thatcher and when quite elderly he went to "a college in Winchester" to demonstrate thatching. There must be some photos of him in the Hampshire branch of the family and I can certainly get more details from cousins. Let's hope I can be a bit more helpful than this eventually. Moya Lee 10/09/02 - PS When Turp's wife Anne died, everyone went out into the fields and the whole family enjoyed a good game of cricket. I have just telephoned the Hampshire relatives and given them your details. They are going to look at the website and contact Turp's daughter, Babe, so that you should now get masses of biographical details and, doubtless, photos, too! - They have just told me that he could neither read nor write (hence his excellent memory).. He lived on long after Aunty Anne, to be quite an elderly gentleman, dying as late as the early 1980s (approx - Babe will know exactly when). I hope this all turns out well. Moya - -- rec by Bob Copper, Cheriton Nov 1957: RPL LP 26349 "The Streams of Lovely Nancy" "Abroad as I was walking" - FTX-426 & FTX-514 "Six Jolly Miners" - TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "Abroad as I was walking" - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Streams of Lovely Nancy"

BROWNE, Peter - Ireland\ U-pipes\ 1981 -- rec by Diane Hamilton: GREENHAYS GR-705 1981

BRUANT, Aristide - France\ singer-songwriter\ --\ -- CASS-0002 with Yves Montand on Side B

BRUNE, John - London\ Singer & coll\ 1969 -- rec by PK: RTR#0950 "Sir Patrick Spens"

BRUTE FORCE, THE - Antigua\ Steel Band\ 1955 - see also THE MERRYMAKERS -- rec by Ernest Eytle June 1955: RPL LP 23930 - 917

BUCHAN, Norman - Scotland\ Labour "Arts" MP\ 1984 - (1922-1990) obituary by Hamish Henderson in TOCHER 43 (1991) p70 -- recordings presented by NB made in The Ballad Club at Rutherglen Academy, Glasgow F/S Club RTR-0721-4 - Talk about f/m from 1951, Hamish Henderson. Jennie Lee rec Edinburgh Folk Festival Radio 2 14/4/84 CASS-15-0764

BUCKINGHAM, Billy - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1978 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Stonehouse: FTX-417 "Ball of Twine" & "Wassail Song" (with ch)/ TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events"
"The Wassayle Bowl"

BUCKINGHAM, Jim - Oxfordsh\ mel\ 1955 - Morris Dance musician -- rec by PK, Bampton: FTX-384 "Bobbing Around" & Interview

BUCKLEY, Jim - Chesh\ Antrobus Mummer talk\ 1954 - photo by PK 0243

BULLIMORE, Mrs A M - Norfolk\ piano & talk\ 1952 - Anne Mary Temple -- rec by PK, Morston 4/11/52: RPL 18705 Descr of "Long Dance" with tune played by her on pub piano/ FTX-328

BULLY WEE - England\ Folk Group\ 1982 - Founder-member: Colin REES -- rec S Yorks Festival Radio 2: 17/5/82: CASS-0415

BULWER, Walter & Daisy - Norfolk\ fid & piano\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-T-240 1974, 12-T-296 1976 & 12-T-455-6 1990 with Scan TESTER (conc) - Walter: (mandolin-banjo): "Old Mrs Cuddledee" & (fiddle) "Egg Hornpipe" - "Red Wing Polka" with Rakes & Russell Wortley (pipe & tabor): TOPIC TSCD 600 "Hidden English" - on TSCD-659 "Dances of S England" Shipdham H/ Sailor's H" - TOPIC TSCD-662 Walter (fid): "Sailor cut down" (Unfortunate Rake)

BUNGAY PRIMARY SCHOOL - Suffolk\ School Choir\ 1959/60 -- rec 25/11/59: RPL LP 25951 (4 songs coll by Cecil Sharp) - Games & rhymes rec May 1960: RPL LP 26349 (6 items)

BUNSTON, George - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Age 72 -- rec by PK, Hambridge Green 1/5/52: RPL 17778/ FTX-405 "Doodle dum dollikin"(Richard or Herchard of Taunton Dene)

BURDEN, Ruth - Kent\ unacc singer (61)\ 1982 - (According to George Frampton: Ruth died at Aylesham May 2000) - 43 songs from her mother (who lived most of her life in Bristol) rec Sandwich 27/2/82: CASS-90-0626 incl: Jolly Joe, the Collier, Daddy don't go down the mine, Green Mossy banks of the Lee, Box upon her head, Died for Love, Oyster Girl, Harry Brown, Dark-eyed Sailor

BURGESS, Harry - Sussex\ unacc singerr\ 1956 -- rec by Mervyn Plunkett in singer's home, Glynde 19/6/56: TOPIC TSCD-665 1998 "Courtship": "A Week before Easter" (False Bride)/ TOPIC TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "The Hungry Fox"(with photo of him with Godfrey Burgess)

BURGESS, John - Edinburgh\ H-pipes\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Edinburgh 1951: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 - EMBER EMB- 2055 1968 - TOPIC 12-T-199 1969 solo album "King of Highland Pipers"

BURGI, Evelyn - Swiss folksinger - Yodelling song at London Ceilidhe Club: FTX-268

BURKE, Duncan - Perth\ unacc singer & m-music\ 1954 - rec with Henry Mc GREGOR - photos by PK 0266-7 & 0268-9 with Hamish Henderson -- rec by PK & HH: RTR 1144-8 & 1154/ FTX-301 "mouth music" / FTX-501 "Cruel Mother" / FTX-502 "Lowlands of Holland"

BURLAND, Dave - Yorksh\ Singer (with gtr)\ 1971 -- FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 "The Duke of Gordon's Daughter" "George Collins" - LEADER LER-2023 1972 accomp Derek & Dorothy ELLIOTT - LER-2029 1971 solo album: "The Dalesman's Litany" - LER-2082 1972 solo album - TOPIC 12-TS-41 1980 with Nic JONES

BURNETT, Ian - Banffsh\ accordion\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 12/7/52: RPL 18779 (2 Strathspeys, 2 Retreats & 2 Marches)

BURNHAM, Bill - London\ Music Hall singer\ 1954 - with Bill FRENCH (voc/ piano) - his father, Art Burnham was in newspaper world for 48 years - Bill was an entertainer for ARP in the blitz and during 1914-18 war - at 12 yrs old he had piano pupils - first had a barrow then a shop in Tab\ard St., a notorious part of Bermondsey - a real cockney with check cap and a whiff (small cigar) - also sang "The Tramp" "hile the dance goes on" "The Inquisitive Kid" "The Mice have been at it again" "My pal, Jack," "The newspaper boy" - 2 brothers barred from singing "What a wonderful fish" -- rec by PK, "The Cock & Monkey" Bermondsey 13/2/54: RTR-0118 & RTR-0226/ RPL 21159/ FTX-331

BURT, Lewis - Durham\ miner's talk\ 1953 -- rec by PK & AL: FTX-409

BURTON, George - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, Southwater 16/10/54: RPL 22734 "The Pretty Ploughboy" (frag)

BUSH, Tom - Essex\ unacc singer\1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Ridgewell: NLCD 3/4 2002

BUTCHER, Ben - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, Popham 12/8/55: RPL 21862 "Cruel Lincoln" & "Sheffield Park" - FTX-015 "Sheffield Park" - FTX-426 "Cruel Lincoln" - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic Ballads" "CL" -- rec by Bob Copper:: TOPIC 12-TS-328"Pull the String"

BUTCHER, "Eddie" (Edward) - Co Derry\ unacc singer\ 1971 - b Magilligan 1900 -- rec by Hugh Shields, Dublin 1971: FREE REED FRR-003 1976 "I once was a Daysman" - LEADER LEA-4055 1972 "David's Flowery Vale" - LED-2070 1976 "Shamrock Rose & Thistle" - "When a man's in love" rec Dublin 1966: 2"RTR-1200 (slow speed) - TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" " Drummond's Land"/ TSCD-654 1998 "Emigration" "Killyclare"/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "Tossing the hay"/ TSCD-656 "Love false & true" "Another man's wedding"(Noblelman's W) -- JOHNSTON'S: TRANSATLANTIC TRA-185 "Coleraine Regatta"

BUTTER BOY - Texas\ Cowboy chant\1934 - (age 13) -- ("Eephing") rec by John Lomax, Smithers Plantation, Huntsville, Texas Apr 1934: ROUNDER CD-11661-1821-2 1977 (also rec "Raise a rukus")

BUTTER MOUNTAIN BOYS, THE - Yorkshire\ Cajun Group\ 1989 - York City -- CASS-0268 Radio FOLK ON TWO 19/4/89

BUTTERBEANS & SUZIE -- OKEH 8502/ B&B 012 "Oh Yeah"

BUTTERS, Kate - Essex\ Piano-acc\ 1955 (b.7/11/99 & d. 17/3/03 - Obituary in ED&S Autumn 2003 p22 -- rec by PK, Thaxted 11/4/55: RPL 22170 "Galopede" "Leap Frog" & "Haste to the Wedding"

BUTTERWORTH, George - collector & composer born London, 22 July 1885 and killed in action at Pozières, France, 5 August 1916, aged thirty-one. He spent his boyhood in York, and was educated at Eton. In 1904 he went to Oxford to read Greats. He met Cecil Sharp and Vaughan Williams and worked with them in the English Folk Dance and Song Society. He then spent a year at the Royal College of Music, and wrote critical articles for The Times. Many of his earlier manuscripts were unfortunately destroyed in 1914, when he enlisted in the Army; he gained a commission, and won the Military Cross -- ED&S mag 47/3 Autumn 1985 p10 Article by Michael Barlow -- Talk about him by Douglas Kennedy: FTX-481-493 - Louis KILLEN: TOPIC 12-T-110 1964 "The Ship in Distress" - Roy HARRIS TOPIC 12-TS-232 1973 "Valiant Sailor" - Shirley COLLINS TOPIC12-TS-238 1974 "Come all you little streamers" - Orchestral arr "Banks of Green Willow" Radio 2 27/7/93 Georgina Boyes prog CASS-1259 -- 1912 film taken at Oxford of George dancing the Morris Jig, "Old Molly Oxford" as well as Cecil Sharp, George Butterworth & the Karpeler sisters, Helen and Maud doing the Playford dance "Hey, boys, up go we" with Sharp nearly going wrong in the middle of the dance: FTV#34

BUTTON, Edgar - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1956 - Real name is Eric - bricklayer (aged 34) of Flash Corner Eastbridge ("flash" means "water") - bn Southwold, his parents died early and he was brought up by grandparents at Middleton - always taken an interest in songs - photos by PK 0317 & 0318 with Peter Kennedy, -- rec by PK, Thebburton, Leiston 16/7/56: RTR-0283 - RPL LP 23100 (4 songs) - EMI 7-EG-8288 1960 (45 EP) "Blow the candle out" - FTX-017 "Blow the candle out" - FTX-040 "The Oak & Ash""Larks" & "Foggy Dew"

BYE, Eric - Norway\ broadcaster & singer with gtr\ 1965 -- rec by PK, London: 5"RTR-0063 "The Lonely Road" Lullaby comp by EB in English (talk bef about America)

BYRNE, Francie & James - Co Donegal\ fids\ 1957 - from Cashel - James d 1980 -- CLADDAGH 4-CC-44 [nd] "The Brass Fiddle" Donegal Fiddlers CASS-0933 - RTE radio progr about Francie (aged 82) RTE "Long Note prog 17/8/89 CASS-60-0897 with talk on his life by Francie also rec Kilcar 1957 by Kieron McMahon of a fiddle duet "The Glory Reel" by the two brothers (James died 1980) & with his grandson, Peter Carr (fid) with octave lower (style known as "Reversing") "Ladies of Carrick" & "The Humours of Whisky"

BYRNE, Packie Manus - Co Donegal\ Unacc Singer\ 1969 - b Corkermore, Bruckless 1918 -- rec London EFDSS LP-1009 1969 - TOPIC 12-TS-257 1975 Solo album rec by Tony Engle & Mike Yates, London 1974: "Songs of a Donegal Man"/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic Ballads" "The Holland Handkerchief" (Suffolk Miracle) from TS-257/ TSCD-656 Lovers false & true "Molly Bawn"/ TSCD-667 "Ballads" "Young Alvin" - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-160 1967 with GREHAN sisters - CASS #0266: Radio FOLK ON TWO 11/10/89 Ballad "Young Elvin" & tin-whistle accomp Bonny SHALJEAN (harp) - with Bonny SHALJEAN (keyboard) Concert Hall Radio Folk on Two 1984 (?) CASS-0453

BYRNES, Dave - Wales\ singer with gtr\ 1989 -- "The Last Pit in the Rhondda" Radio: 1/3/89: CASS-15- 0729

BYRNES, Martin - London\ Irish fiddler\ 1960s - from Ballinasloe, Co Galway -- Irish Dance Music in a London pub with Bobby CASEY & others accomp by Reg HALL (piano) rec Camden Town: (TOPIC 12-T-176 1968) TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the Smoke" - accomp Reg HALL (piano): LEADER: LEA-CD 2004 1969 (Gift of Dave Bulmer March 2005)

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