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FOLKTRAX 270 - I SANG THROUGH THE FAIRS - Margaret Barry talks about her life

Margaret Barry was born in Cork Jan 1st 1917 and died 10th Dec 1989. She
is buried at St Colman's, Laurencetown, Co Down. Before coming to London and
teaming up with the Sligo fiddler, Michael Gorman, she bicycled to the football
matches, markets and fairs of Ireland with her tenor banjo slung across her
back. Peter Kennedy recorded her when her caravan was parked at Crossmaglen
in Co Armagh in 1952. Her singing can be heard on Folktrax 070. On this recording
made 1952 & 1957 she talks about her early life in Cork and coming to London.

Introducing the song: "She moves through the Fair" rec by PK, Dundalk, Co Louth 26th July 1952 - Learning to be a singer and musician - "The Little Brown Road" - At the Irish Football Matches - At fairs and markets - Keening and Diddling (Lamentation & Mouth-music) - School till the age of 14 -The First Adventure - The Bashful Busker - Dreaming up a tune: "The Strayaway Child" - A family of musicians - Trouble with a man - Coming to London - The Bedford Arms in Camden Town - All kinds of listeners - Television on St Patrick's Day - "This is your life" - Back to the Bedford - A Song for every County




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