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These include the texts and tunes of songs #289-312 in the book: FOLKSONGS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND edited by Peter Kennedy (Cassell/Schirmer 1975 paperback by Oak 1985 and distributed by Music Sales). These are the original recordings of the songs in the book which won the Library Association McColvin Award for the most outstanding reference book of 1975 and contains the full texts, translations, music notations and background information on the songs.


BEGGARS AT THE FAIR Harry Cox - BRIAN-O-LINN Thomas Moran - COUNTING SONG William Rew - WONDERFUL CROCODILE Cox - DAME DURDEN Mark Fuller & Luther Hills - FROG & THE MOUSE Adolphus LeRuez - HAWK & THE CROW Liam O'Connor - HERRING SONG Seamus Ennis - I BOUGHT MYSELF A COCK George Blackman - MALLARD Harry Holland - MY FATHER HAD AN ACRE OF LAND Bob & Ron Copper - OLD DADDY FOX Cyril Biddick - OLD KING COLE Bill Westaway - RAM SONG William Rew - SOLDIER SOLDIER Colm Keane - THREE MEN WENT A-HUNTING Hywel Wood - THREE SCAMPING ROGUES George Endacott - TOM PEARCE George Maynard - WAS YOU EVER SEE? Manfri Wood - WHEN I WAS A BOY William Rew - WILD MAN OF BORNEO Ben Phillips - WIM-WAM-WADDLES Dorchester Mummers




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