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Introduced by Peter Kennedy with Noel Hamilton & Conal ('Condy') O'Donnell

As Seamus Ennis pointed out in "The Gaelic West" (FTX 275) covering the West of Ireland and Scotland, County Donegal has a style more in common with the Scottish Islands and Highlands than the rest of Ireland and the Tory Island families, in particular, have preserved an important pocket of tradition. In this programme Peter introduces some of the outstanding performers and their music and also attempts to convey much of the sense of the song tradition for non-Gaelic speakers.

MALLAIGH SHLEIBHE (The Mountainside) - JACKSON'S REEL - Noel Hamilton talks about the Gaelic language - AN SEAN BRISTE MOR (The Old Trousers) - THE ONE-TUNE FIDDLER - THE BLACKBIRD - Noel talks about Tory Island - CUACH MO LONDUBH BUIDHE (My Yellow Blackbird) - AMHRAN NA SADAN (Herring Song) - Talk by Noel & Condy about dances - HIGHLAND - NA BUACHAILLI IN ALBAIN (The Boys in Scotland) - A SCAIRTEACH A DHEANAMH IN ARAINN RAN MOR (Drowning Lamentation) - MUNSTER BUTTERMILK - THIAR I gCONNACHTA (Over in Connaught) - A BHEAN UDAIDH THALL A SHIÓGÓ (O Woman Over There) - A STOR, A STOR, AGHRA - SEAN O DOIGHTE (Cuckold Old Man) - THE GIRL TOO SMART FOR THE FIDDLER or TWISTING THE HAYROPE


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