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LACHAN, Paddy - Co Donegal Ire\ fid - from the Rosses -- Seamus Ennis on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS#0865 "Patsy Tuohy's" & "Old Coffe St" (plays his own bass octave accomp as Frank CASSIDY)

LAIRD, Jimmy - Orkney\ accordion\ 1955 - member of South Ronaldsay Band -- rec by PK, 17/7/55: RPL 22727 "Heel & Toe Polkas"

LAMBERT PENITENTIARY - Miss, USA\ Male chorus\ 1954 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Lambert RPL LP 26147

LAMBOURNE, Ted - Buckinghamsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, North Marston, Bletchley 25/6/52: RPL 18139-40 - FTX-013 "Blackberry Grove"

LANDERS, Linnie - Tenn, USA\ unacc singer\ 1950 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Jonesboro Sept 1950: RPL 17146-7/ FTX-907 "Come in come in" (Young Hunting) "Three Little Babes" (Wife of Usher's Well)

LANGSTAFF, John "Jack" Meredith, born Boston, Mass 20.12.1920 - died Switzerland 13.12.2005 - American Singer, Dancer and Purveyor of English and British and American music and traditions and especially annually "The Christmas Revels" - Obituary by Derek Schofield with two photos one colour in Guardian 24.12.2005 - EMI CLP-1604 1962 Songs for Singing Children - CLP-1833 1965 with Martin BEST (gtr) - Study of Vocal style: FTX-136 - POWELL PS-109 1968 [?] Five Virginia Folk Songs with John POWELL (Piano) (arr JP 1938) - TRADITION TLP-1009 with piano/ unacc British & American folksongs

LARCHET, Sheila - Ireland\ Irish harp\ 1954 -- rec 13/3/54: RPL 20109 (6 tunes on harp)

LARNER, Sam - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1958 - (1878-1965) was recorded at his home in Winterton, Norfolk, just before the celebration of his 80th birthday on October 18th 1965. Born 1878 at Winterton, about 15 miles north of Yarmouth, he was one of nine children and first went to sea at the age of eight. At 12 he signed on as a cabin-boy aboard a sailing lugger, and spent the next 8 years on the North Sea herring luggers. In 1899 he made his first voyage on a steam drifter and continued with them until the Depression days of the thirties forced him to stay ashore. He died on 11th. September, 1965. The copyright of his songs was assigned to Folktrax the following year by Edward George his next of kin and executor. Sam's songs and style are similar to that of HARRY COX, who also came from a fishing family living near Yarmouth and who recorded an extensive repertoire - photo by PK, 0364 - Items assigned to Folktrax include NAPOLEON'S DREAM & THE SMACKSMAN assigned by his executor Edward S. George of Winterton 1/8/64 -- rec by Phillip Donnellan, Winterton 7/3/58: RPL LP 26075-6 - RPL REC-111 1971 "Sailor's Alphabet" - "Two Norfolk Singers"16mm film featuring Sam and Harry Cox interviewed by Charles Parker: talk and "Windy Old Weather" "All hail the dewy morning (Baffled Knight)" "Penny towards the pot" "Mignonetter" & "Coon Song" "Comic Song" & "Wild Rover" (complete): FF-2217 - FTX-139 solo album - FTX-512 "London Steamer" - FTX-514 "Hayraking" - FTX-515 "Dockyard Gate" - FTX=517 "Napoleon's Dream" - FOLKWAYS FG-3507 1961 rec Peggy SEEGER & Ewan McCOLL - TOPIC 12-T-244 1974 "A Garland for Sam" (rec by PD for RPL)/ TSCD 600 ("Hidden English") "Bold Princess Royal"/ TSCD-652 1998 (Sea) "Scarborough Town"/ TSCD-655 (Rural) "The Pleasant Month of May" (The Merry Haymakers) / TSCD-662 Sailors "Lofty Tall Ship" (Henry Martin) - by others - Ewan McCOLL Sam's version of "The Coachman and his whip" - Peter BELLAMY "The Ghost Song": TOPIC 12-T-200 1970

LASHBROOK, Dicky - Cornwall\ unacc singer\ 1950
Travelling chimney sweep/ Photo by PK, 0002 -- rec by PK, Village Barn Dance, Kelly, Lifton, Devon March 1951: 5"RTR-0018 & 7"RTR-0019 "Seeking Service" (edited version)/ rec by PK, 27/5/52: RPL 17796-7 (5 songs) 7T-019 - rec by PK, 27/5/52: RPL 18443 Talk about his early life (dub on 5"RTR-018) - FTX-010 "Where are you going to, my pretty maid?" & "Treble-tailed gypsies"(Gypsy Laddie) - FTX-017 "Blackbirds & Thrushes" (Hares on the Commons) - FTX-019 "Bargain with me" (Seeking Service) - FTX-025 "To be a good companion" (Drinking Song) - FTX-502 "Gypsy Laddie"

LAST, Herbert - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by PK, Woodbridge: 5"RTR-0249/ FTX-099 Nonsense Song: "Jump Jim Dandy"/ "I'll be level with her"/ "Jealousy" (Poison in a glass of wine)/ "The Poor Smuggler's Boy"

LATERU, Marie - Famous Roumanian doina singer (deceased) -- COLUMBIA KL 5799/ FTX-789 #22

LAUGHTON, Davie - Orkney\ unacc singer\ 1955 - (pron "lighten") of The Greens, Upper Sanday -- rec by PK 18/7/55: 5"-RTR-1065/ FTX-189 "Bold Dighton" "Hoy's Dark Lofty Isle" & "Spanish Play" - FTX-389

LAURENCE, Ted - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1976 -- rec by Keith Summers in singfer';s home, Shelfanger, Diss 15/5/76: TOPIC TSCD-670 "Farmwork": The Flies are on the Tummits"

LAURENSEN, Bruce - Shetland\ shantyman & balladsinger\ 1952 -- rec by Pat Shaw July 1952: RPL 18647 "Sally Brown""Blow the man down" & "Noble Fleet of Whalers" (Balaena) - RPL 18648 "Rosemary Lane" & "Yon Green Valley" - FTX-015 "Yon Green Valley" - FTX-515 "Noble Fleet of Whalers" -- Frankie ARMSTRONG: TOPIC 12-TS-216 1972 "Yon Green Valley"

LAURENSEN, James - Shetland\ unacc singer\ 1952-61 -- rec by Pat Shaw, Fetla 1952/ FTX-501"Lord Ronald" - rec by Tom Georgeton Aug 1961 "Lord Ronald" & "The Body he cam wi me (Roguey) 7"RTR-1085

LAURIE, William - Aberdeensh\ acc solos & accomp\ 1976 -- TOPIC 12-TS-347 1978 with Angus GRANT (fid)

LAVARELLO, Basil - Tristan de Cunha\ mel\ 1962 -- FTX-609

LAWLEY, Sue -- introducing traditional singers and musicians as well as PK and a student folk group led by Sam Richards, "Staverton Bridge",at the opening of The Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts, Totnes, Devon 1971: FF-1101

LAWN, Paddy - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by PK & Sean O Boyle, Lisnarrick: 7"RTR-0563&0564/ FTX-031 "The Little Beggarman"(with step-dancing)/ "The Pettigo Ram

LAWRIE, Angus - Angus\ jews harp\ 1959 -- rec Oban 26/5/59: RPL LP 24956 & 24972

LAWSON, Fred - Newcastle\ Concert Singer with gtr\ 1954
From South Shields born 6 June 1914. He married Margaret Halcrow 9 June 1946 who still lives half a mile away in Cleadon Village. Fred worked for
Reyrolles 1940 until 1978. He continued to sing around the North East
until he was about 70. He died in 1996 aged 82. -- rec by at Jack Armstrong's house 15/6/54: RPL 20610-11: 7 songs/ 7"RTR-0032-3 - EMI DLP-1143 1956 10"LP "Dance to your daddy" - FTX-425

LAWSON, Leslie - Norfolk\ unacc singer/ harmonica\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis Feb 1955: RPL 21903 "Farmer's Curst wife" - RPL 21904 "Pleasant & Delightful & "I know an old lady" - RPL 22022 (harmonica) "Yarmouth Hornpipe"

LAYCOCK, Tim - England\ singer multi-instr\ 1989 -- Radio 2: 6/6/89: CASS-10-0718 & 0719

LE FEUVRE, George - Channel Islands\ Singer in French\ 1960 -- rec by St Ouens, Jersey 1/5/60: RPL LP 26235 - FTX-012 "Belle Rose" & "Malbrouck" - FTX-214 - FTX-244 The Isle of Jersey

LE FEUVRE, John (known as "Jack") - Channel Islands\ unacc in French & English\ 1957 - Farmer aged 65 living at "La Genetiere" - he used to be cowman for the dame of Sark - most of his songs learned from grandfather, John Le Feuvre, who came from St Ouens in Jersey - also from Fred Baker, an Englishman who left him his notebook when he died 3 years before in 1954. -- rec by PK, Sark 3/5/57: RPL LP 23838 "La Barbiere" - RPL LP 23842 (9 songs & talk) - FTX-012 "Marguerite" "Petit Couturier" "Trois Demoiselles" - FTX-213 Songs/ talk about customs - FTX-245 The Island of Sark

LE MASURIER, George - Channel Islands\ Singer in French\ 1960 -- rec by PK, St Saviours, Jersey 24/4/60: RPL LP 26236 - FTX-214

LE MOIGNE, George - Channel Islands\ unacc singer in French\ 1957- aged 63 a greenhouse hand at La Hogue - born and lived all his life at Perelle - songs learned mainly from his father -- rec by PK, Perelle, Guernsey 6/5/57: RPL LP 23839/ FTX-012, FTX-213 & FTX-243

LE RUEZ, Adolphus - Channel Islands\ unacc singer in French & Engl\ 1960 - photos by PK 0331 & 0350-1 with Mrs Le Ruez - Age 77 when rec in 1957 - born at "The Devil's Hole" (now a tourist attraction) - only once out of Jersey for a holiday - St Mary's but farmed all his life mostly in St Ouens - now retired and living in a neat little cottage overlooking the harbour -- rec by PK, "Le Nid", Bonne Nuit, St Ouens, Jersey 24/4/57 & 1/5/60: RPL LP 23840-1 & 26235 - FTX-012 - FTX-027 "Frog & Mouse" - FTX-214 "Histoire de Nouveau Mariee" - FTX-244


LEANING, Joseph - Lincs\ unacc singer\ 1908 -- rec by Percy Grainger 1908: LEADER LEA-4050 1972 "Green Bushes" & "Sheffield Apprentice" FTX-135

LEATHAM, Chrissie - Scotland\ accordion\ 1930's -- PARLOPHONE F-3351 CASS-30-0970/ 363

LED ZEPPELIN - England\ Rock Group\ 1969 -- Jimmy Page's group: ATLANTIC 588-171 1969 "Blackwaterside" (coll by PK) - (WE 421) CASS-60-0812 incl "Gallows Pole"

LEDBETTER, Hudie - aka LEADBELLY - La. USA\ black singer with gtr\ - inventor of 12 string guitar - comp of GOODNIGHT, IRENE, HAVE A DRINK (WHIFF) ON ME etc -- (voc with 12-str gtr) rec by John Lomax Louisiana State Pen, Angolo July 1934: ROUNDER CD 1823 1999 - rec NYC 25/3/35 (ARC 6-04-55)/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1(Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Pig Meat Papa"- with Brownie McGHEE & Sonny TERRY (harmonica) rec by Alan Lomax, Washington DC May 1942: ROUNDER CD 1823 1999 "How Long Blues" - rec by John & Alan Lomax on parole TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1017/ CASS-0246 - XTRA-1126 1972 - RTR-0835 - (by others) Lonnie DONEGAN with THE SPINNERS: Radio prog 9/11/82: CASS-0407 "Almost done" - "Mummers and Masks": FF-4402

LEE, Frank - Dublin\ Ire\ 1940s -- TARA CEILIDH Band: REGAL ZONOPHONE (78 rpm) CASS-0892

LEE, Harry, or Henry - Kent\ gypsy fid\ 1974 -- rec by Ken Stubbs & Steve Pennells, caravan site, Borough Green 1962: TOPIC 12-T-240 1974 "Boscastle Breakdown" album/ TOPIC TSCD-661 1998 Travellers "Breakdown" (Lass on the Strand) & "Flowers of Edinburgh"

LEGG, Vic - Cornwall\ folk club leader & gypsy singer\ 1995 -- rec by John Howson on Radio 2: 10/11/95: CASS-1335 "Thorneymoor Woods" & "Down by the Riverside" (rec by Pete Coe) talk by his mother about hawking & song "Early early" & his father George Legg sings "I'm going to sing to you a song..."

LEITH, Mrs Johina - Orkney\ unacc singer\ 1954 - (1899-1991) from Stenness on the mainland near Dounby - TOCHER # 48-9 pp379-383 Ethel Findlater talking to Alan Bruford about Courtship & Marriage 1969/ Mrs J.Leith 1974-5 pp387-412 "Mr Frog" & "Will i' the Lum" Memories of a young Herd Lass, an Orkney Highwayman, Hearth, Butter & Cheesemaking, Halloween Pranks (incl photos of Mrs Leith) -- rec by PK, Stenness 18/7/55: RTR 1054/ RPL 22650 "Farewell to Stromness" "Auld Maid's Lament" "Orcadian Lullaby" - FTX-019 "Poor Old Maid" - FTX-189 "Lullaby", "Farewell to S", "Old Maid's Lament" & "Sailor's Return" (Young & Single Sailor) - FTX-389 - FTX-515 "Farewell to S"

LENIHAN, Tom - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1960 -- rec by Pat McKenzie & Jim Carroll in singers home Knockbrack, Miltown Malbay, Co Clare July 1983: TOPIC TSCD-655 1998 "Farmwork" "The Cranbally Farmer" - TOPIC TSCD-663 1998 "Drink" "Paddy's Panacea" -TOPIC TSCD-665 "Courtship" "Sixteen years, Mama" (Whistle daughter whistle)

LENOIR, J.B. - (voc/gtr) rec Chicago 17/7/60: BLUE HORIZON 1004/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Mojo Boogie"

LENNOX, Arthur - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1958 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Aberdeen 15/10/58: FTX-516 "The Soldier and the Sailor"

LESLIE, Jim - Orkney\ button accordion\ 1955 - from Rousay -- rec by PK, St Ola 18/7/55: RTR-1115/ RPL 22728 2 reels & 2 marches - FTX-064, FTX-363 & FTX-389

LEVELLERS, THE - (?)\ Popular group\ 1991 -- CASS-1290

LEWIS, Arthur - Shropsh\ unacc voc\ 1963 -- rec by PK, Hope Bowdler 30/10/52: RPL 19336 New Year Carol & talk about Christmas & New Year, carol-singing & hand-bell ringing

LEWIS, Bob - Kent\ Singer & storyteller\ 1975 from Midhurst -- rec in pub in Lewes:: TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1150 1975 2 stories:"Lost doorkey" & "Lost Sheep" & 2 songs: "Ale glorious ale" & "Hey, John Barleycorn"

LEWIS, Ed - Miss., USA\ voc with axe\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Camp B, Miss State Pen, Lambert Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 "John Henry" & Tom Devil"

LEWIS, Esme - Cardiff, Wales\ Singer in Welsh\ -nd -- acc by Alun DAVIS (harp): (RPL 25519) - EL Productions ELP-104 nd with other singers

LEWIS, Dr Mostyn PhD BSc - Denbigh\ talk and songs in Welsh\ 1954 - keen motor-cyclist - his father was MP for Flintshire and his mother's father was an MP, sec and late Pres of Welsh Folk Song Society - Mostyn has clear memory of visiting her main informant, Jane Williams, when he was aged 9 - his mother's phonograph cylinders were presented to the BBC -- 7"RTR-1032 Carols and songs in Welsh with talk about Lady Herbert Lewis, his mother, and her collecting in 1910 & publication - "As they roved out" radio progr on Lady Herbert LEWIS, who collected in 1910: 15/12/59: RPL LP 25788

LEYSHON, Beth - Bynea, Llanelli, Camarthensh, Wales\ vocal in Welsh with gtr\ 1967 -- acc by Derek Boot (gtr) FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 "Lisa Lan"

LIGHTFOOT, Gordon - Canada\ singer with gtr\ nd -- "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" (for centenary) on Colin Irwin's "Acoustic Roots: Railroads": Radio 2 broadcast: 3/5/89; CASS-0354 Side B

LIHOU, Edward - Alderney, CI\ acc\ 1968 - aged 54 - bn Little St. - went to Canada at the age of 16 but has been back on the island 17 years - his mother played and sang - he also plays harmonica -- rec by PK, Alderney

LINDISFARNE - Liverpool\ Rock Group\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Turn a deaf ear"

LINDSAY, Alec & Charlie - Perthsh\ whistle & accordion\ 1955 - Tinker family from Buckie, Banffshire- photos by PK 0294-0300 (7) -- rec PK, Pitlochry: RTR-5"-1109-1114/ FTX-363 - "Songs of the Travelling People": SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Leaving of Glen Urquhart"

LINEHAN, Matt - Co Kerry\ unacc singer\ 1948 -- rec Radio Eireann Nov 1948: RPL 21830 "As I strayed through Dublin City" (The Spanish Lady)

LING, Alderman - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 - Age 83 -- rec by PK, The Ship Inn, Blaxhall: FTX-036 "The Maid and the Magpie"

LING, Fred - Suffolk\ unacc singers\ 1953 -- rec by PK, Ship Inn, Blaxhall 1953: FTX-036 "Nancy of Yarmouth"/ FTX-512 "Nancy" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 Pub recording

LING, Geof - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by PK, Ship Inn, Blaxhall 1953: FTX-036 "Maggie May" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 Pub recording"Green Bushes", "Maggie May" & "Among my souvenirs" (Horatio Nicholls)/ Percy: "I'll come back, my little sweetheart" - rec by Keith Summers in home of his daughter, Iris Williams, Croydon 28/4/75: TOPIC 12-TS-292 1977/ TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "Green Bushes" - TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "Died for love"

LING, George - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Keith Summers in home of his daughter, Iris Williams, Croydon 28/4/75 - TOPIC 12-TS-292 1977/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "On board the Leicester Castle" (Paddy Lay Back) - TOPIC TSCD-662 "Jolly Jack the Sailor"

LING, Percy - Suffolk\ unacc singer\1974 -- TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 "I'll come back, my little sweetheart"

LIST, Harry - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1951 - uncle of Alec BLOOMFIELD - photo by PK 0094 & 0095 with Alec BLOOMFIELD - moleskin breeches, pig leather calf-boots, high-0collared corderoy waistcoat, blue serge coat and neckerchief -- rec by PK, Swefflingham 1955 RTR-0263: FTX-099 "Knife in the window", "Barbara Allen" & "Bold Drag'on" ("Light Drag'on") - FTX-503 "Bold Drago'n" -- "Bold Dragoon": Dave & Toni ARTHUR TOPIC 12-T-190 - Mike WATERSON

LITTLEJOHN, John - (voc/gtr) with Monroe Jones Jnr (rhythm gtr), Alvin Nichols (bass), Robert Pulliam & Willie Young (ten sax) & Booker Sidgraves (drums) rec Chicago 14/11/68: ARHOOLIE 1043 / "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Been Around the World"

LITTLEWOOD, Joan - Theatre Workshop Producer: FF-2213 - FF-2214


LLANGWM CHOIR PARTY - Merionethsh\ Male Choir\ 1954 - Leader: Emrys Jones -- with Selina JONES (harp) rec by PK, Langwm 10/11/54: RPL 22427 "Rhan o Awdl Cywydd" (Advancement) & "El enw a folant" (Praise ye the Lord)

LLANGYNWYD "MARI LWYD" PARTY - Glamorgansh\ Mummers Group\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Llangynwyd, Maesteg 1952: FTX-050

LLANSANNAN CHOIR PARTY - Denbighshire\ girl's choir\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Llansannan, 8/11/54 with Haf WILLIAMS (harp): 7"RTR-1036 "Ffarwel fo ichwi unwaith", "Mair Esgid fach yn Gwasgu", "Enwau", "Yr Nadolig" & "Melin Trefin"

LLOYD, A L "Bert" - England\ author/ collector/ singer - 1908-1982 - SPIN mag 4/4 p16 "Guest spot" article - radio progr "Ballads & Blues" (Sea) with Ewan McColl: 7"RTR-0062 -- - rec by AL & PK London 22/4/51: 7"RTR-0058 (includes talk about himself & family/ rec by PK London 12/7/51: RPL 16418-21 (includes Bramble Briar, Bonny Boy, Royal Duke of Grantham, Christ me did ransom, Captain's Apprentice, Grand Conversation, Polly Vaughan, Lord Bateman)/ FTX-056 - COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 English Album: "Polly Vaughan" - FTX-517 Grand Conversation of Napoleon - "Sing Christmas Radio prog 1957: FTX-950 - Biographical Film Portrait, "The Singing Englishman": FF-2212 - PRESTIGE 13066 The Best of A L LLoyd - RIVERSIDE RLP-621-9 Child Ballads with Ewan McCOLL - TOPIC 12-T-51 1960 Australian "Outback Ballads" - TOPIC 12-T-86 1963 Iron Muse/ CASS#0827-C45 - 12- T-174 1967 on tape with Alf EDWARDS (conc/ ocarina) Dave SWARBRICK (fid) Martin CARTHY (mand), Trevor LUCAS & Martin WYNDHAM-READ (ch) - 12-T-135 1966 Bird in the Bush - 12-TS-203 1971 Australian with others - 12-TPS-205 1966 Sea Songs & Shanties - 12-TS-232 1973 Valiant Sailor (Nelsons Navy) - 12- TS-234 1974 Sea Shanties - Radio Prog on "The Folksong Virtuoso" re-broadcast Radio 3 rec 10/1/90 & 17/1/90 CASS#1050 - "The Celtic World: Sound of the Voice"(prod: Madeau Stewart): Radio: 8/10/68: 5"RTR-1210/ CASS#0614 - Jim Lloyd's tribute Radio: 9/11/82 CASS#0762-C15 incl Lloyd, Louis Killen & Watersons - Dave ARTHUR prog on Radio 4: 1/10/83: CASS#0449

LOAD, Sid - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec Seamus Ennis, Southrepps Feb 1955: RPL 22020 "Rap-a-tap- tap"(Farmer's Servant)

LOFTON, Cripple Clarence - (voc/piano) with Big Bill Broonzy (gtr) rec Chicago 2/4/35: MELOTONE 6-11-66/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Brown Skin Girls"

LOMAX, Alan - USA\ Coll-singer gtr\ 1958 - 31/12/1915 - 19/07/2002 -- Third Progr 1960 "F/S of Southern States 1: Pioneer Strain": 7"RTR #0292 & 2: British Roots in American Pioneer and Mountain Music: 7"RTR-0293/ CASS-0459/ FTX-902 - rec by PK, London 1957 "Texas Folk Songs" incl Cowboy Songs TRADITION TLP-1029 1958/ FTX-904 - EMI CLP-1192 1958/ CASS 0291 "Great American Ballads" with Guy Carawan & Nick Wheatstraw (Alexis Korner): FTX-941 - 1957 "Sing Christmas" Round-up prog: FTX-950 - THE RAMBLERS: PYE NPL-18013 1958/ CASS 0290 "American Song Train" - (with gtr) Tunes for "FS of N America" book: RTR #0319 - "Southern Journey" ATLANTIC/ now on ROUNDER - CANTOMETRICS samples 7"RTR-0373-5 - "Blues in the Mississippi Night" features conversations with Memphis SLIM, Big Bill BROONZY & Sonny Boy WILLIAMSON rec by AL: RYKODISC RCD-90155 1990 (D/ CD) 1170 - Talking about Woody Guthrie: 2 progs by Tom Paxton: Radio 2: 30/9/87 & 7/10/87: CASS-0425 - AL talking to Charles Kuralt at Hunter Coll NY 1991: ROUNDER 1700 1997 - Ewan MacColl Birthday Film: FF-2213 - Memorial Film "The Ballad of Ewan MacColl": FF-2214 - Woody Guthrie: FF 3302 - The Elixir of Music: FF3303 - An Appalachian Journey: FF-3305 - The Cajuns: FF-3306

LOMAX, John - USA\ Collector\ 1934 -- AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS L-53 Radio Research Project: Penitentiaries/ CASS-0252

LONG, Mrs Maud (daughter of Jane Gentry) - NC, USA\ unacc singer\ 1950 - of Hot Springs, Madison Co -- AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS AAFS L47/ CASS-0253 Tales: Jack & the Drill, Sop Doll, Bull - rec by Maud Karpeles Sept 1950: RPL 17143/ FTX-907 "Bird's Courting""Froggie""I fed my horse""Down in the Valley" (Tree Song)

Lord KITCHENER - W.Indies\ Calypso singer\ 1948 -- ROOT & BRANCH #2 CD 2000

LOUGHRAN, Margaret - Co Tyrone\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Castlecaulfield 23/7/52: RPL 18532 "Jug of Punch" & "Boolavogue" - FTX-025/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Jug of Punch" - 432 Co Fermanagh & Tyrone

LOUVIN Brothers - USA\ Harmony Singers group\ 1956 -- CAPITOL 45-CL-14989 1956 (45-EP) "The Knoxville Girl" (Oxford Girl)

LOWE, Amanda - Leeds\hammered dulcimer\ 1994 -- GRINNIGOGS International GRIN-CD-941 1994

LOWE, Jez - Newcastle\ singer (gtr)\ 1990 -- at National Garden Festival, Gateshead on Radio 2: 27/7/90 CASS-1034 "Durham Gaol"

LOWER SWALEDALE SINGERS - Yorksh\ unaccx singing group\ 1954 - group range from 13 members to a trio - Matthew (28), Oliver (54) & Thomas Hutchinson KENDALL (42) of Low Row, Charles A SPENSLEY (22) & Douglas TEMPLETON (31) of Low Row --- rec by PK, "The Punch Bowl" (prop: Mr Lucas), Low Row, Reeth 30/11/54: 7"RTR-0068/ A-ROVING Radio Prog 1968 #7 "A Little Farm well tilled"/"The Swaledale Song" (words by Reynoldson with tune from Sankey)/ "Beautiful Swaledale"(Kendal)/ "The Lass of Richmond Hill" introduced by John HUTCHINSON (48) of Richmond: FTX-310

LOWNE, Bill - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Cley, Holt 17/11/55: RPL 22173-4: "Outlandish Knight/ Barley Mow/ Butcher's Order Song/ Happisburgh (Haselbury) Market/ Bold Princess Royal/ Bonny Irish Boy/ Thrush in Australia"

LUCAS, Walter "Charlie" - Wiltsh\ unacc singer\ 1949 - hurdlemaker Cranborne Chase -- rec by PK, Sixpenny Handley: RPL 9467 12/4/49 "The Prickle Holly Bush" - rec by PK, Village Barn Dance (with ch of villagers) March 1951: 7"RTR#0008/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-502 Ballads "Prickle Holly Bush" - FTX-513 "Brave Benbow" -- Redmaids School (see under MAID FREED FROM THE GALLOWS)

LUCAS, Trevor - England\ Australian Singer\ 1971 -- TOPIC 12-TS-203 1971 Great Australian Legend

LUCE, Harold - Chelsea, Vt., USA\ fiddle -- on "The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes" DVD by John Bishop 2003 rec 1983 (Colour)

LUCKHURST, Fred (aka "Lucky") - London\ Singer & talk about London\ 1978 - (2/9/17-10/1/97) born Frederick at Edmonton, N.London. He left school at 14 and got his first job in a printing works in Twickenham. Then he worked as a "forcer" (nowadays, in the plastics industry, called an "extruder) in Poppe's Rubber Factory. During the war he served as a paratrooper in the 1st Parachute Squadron in the Royal Engineers. He was one of those dropped at Arnhem in Holland and immediately taken prisoner by the Germans, but, after 200 days, managed to escape and make his way home. After the war he worked as a process-worker/ production control clerk at Hardinge's Engineering Works at Hanworth, then did various jobs, including centre-lathe-turner at Vickers. For the last 8 years, before retiring, he was Usher at the Crown Court at Swindon and has been a regular performer at the Swindon Folk Club run by Ted Poole. Fred has known most of these songs since childhood, but says that he has had to "bone up" on some of the words since he started singing them in the club -- rec by PK, Harberton, Devon 1978: FTX-331 with John Foreman & The Two Bills - FTX-332 solo album

LUNNEY, Annie - Co Fermanagh\ Singer\ 1952 - born 1924 when rec in Belfast age 28 afterwards living at Garvery, Co Fermanagh - died with her husband and one son in tragic house fire Sept 1976 - daughter of Patrick and Brigid TUNNEY from Pettigo, Donegal - sister of Paddy & Joe TUNNEY & Maureen MELLY - learned songs from her mother Brigid Tunney - she and her husband and son died in a tragic fire at their house in 1976 - photo by PK 0084 -- rec by PK, Belfast 3/8/52: RPL 18540 "The Buachal Roe" & "Drithearin-o-mo-chroidhe" (both in English): FTX-434

LUNNEY, Donal - Co Offaly\ Instrumentalist & producer\ 1981 - born Tullamore, brought up in Newbridge Co Kildare, founder member of PLANXTY, BOTHY BAND & MOVING HEARTS -- GREENHAYS GR-705 1981 "The Gathering" (gtr & bouzouki) rec Diane Hamilton

LUNNEY, Frank - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 40 Enniskillen - Mech Engineer with Univ educ - in England & Scotland occasionally 1932-46 -- rec by PK, Carrick, Co Donegal 12/8/53: RPL 19357 "Father Mc Fadden" & "Ta me mo shuidhe" (I'm sitting here) FTX-435

LUPTON, Hugh - Norfolk\ Revival Storyteller\ 1983 -- 7"RTR-0434 - FTX-304 Jack & the Giants/ Pirichan Pich & mor/ Old Witch (Jacob) & Mabel Marlow's Mrs April & the Snowman - FTX-305 Odyseus & Beowolf - FTX-306 Loki & Death of Balder/ Mabinogion

LUSTED, Albert - Suffolk/ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Haverhill, suffolk: NLCD 8/9/2002

LYNN, Henry ("Harry") - Co Antrim\ unacc singer\ 1953 - photo by PK 0112 - Farmer, 70, Moneystaghan (Co Derry), Portglenone, Co Antrim - sang "Banks of Claudy" (claimed he wrote it 12 years previously) & "Newgate's Gloomy Prison"

LYONS, James - Co Donegal\ fiddle\ 1947 -- rec Teelin 23/8/47: RPL 12054: "Paddy Owen's Jig" & "Hornpipe"

LYONS, John - Ireland\ Singer & accordion\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-TS-248 1974 May Morning Dew

LYONS, Tim - Cork & Dublin\ Accordion\ 1969 -- LEADER LER-3036 1972 (M) "The Green Linnet" - TOPIC 12-T-184 1969 "The Breeze from Erin" - ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music" "Within a mile of Dublin"

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