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"Les Iles Anglo-Normands", in spite of anglicisation and tourism, some of the islanders still keep up speaking the local French and the old traditions. In addition to the French songs with explanations, there are dance-tunes and song- airs played on accordion, fiddle, melodeon & drums. Also a husband-and-wife conversation in Jersey French, with translation, as well as talk about local customs, black-butter nights, smuggling etc.

TRA-DE-RI-DE-RA - Talk about L'ASSEMBLIEE JERRIAISE, the Society and its activities - VIVE LA COMPAGNIE - Conversation in Jersey French - L'ALOUETTE - Talk about smugglers, Spring Jack, Black butter nights, and local Jersey French variations - EN PASSANT PAR UN MOULIN - MEUNIER TU D'ORE - Talk about grandfather sailing to the Gaspe coast of French Canada, making their own entertainment - BELLE ROSE - HEEL-TOE POLKA - LE MAUGI DE CIDRE - Talk: "Jersey Wonders" & "La Grande Charrue" - ELEANOR POLKA - MALBROUK - LE GAS DE LA MARINE - LE HECHOT (The Gate) - O GIGOTON - LE NOUVEAU MARIE (explan in English then story in Jersey French) - LE VEILLE HOULOGUE - LE BITHAITHE DE SAINT LOURIHAN (story in English & song in Jersey French) - O GIGOTON & HEEL-TOE POLKA - LA BARBIERE - Talk about Black Butter Nights by Adolphus le Ruez


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