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R CAJUN - England\ Cajun\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS 90-0550 "Lareno Waltz"

RAASCHE - Israel\ Female Singer with gtr\ 1961 -- RPL LP 26584 Jewish Songs (9) rec London 5/4/61 some accomp Ivor MAIRANTS (gtr)

RAFFERTY, Gerry - Glasgow\ Singer-songmaker\ 1969 - with Billy CONNOLLY known as "The Humblebums" (comedy folk duo)-- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Please sing a song for us" - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1381 "New Street Blues" & "Coconut Tree" - cass 1382 "Shoe Shine Boy" & "The Long Way Round" - cass 1383 "Blood and glory" & "Mary Skeffington"

RAHMINGS, Nat - USA\ Drummer\ 1960 -- with Hobart SMITH (banjo) & Ed YOUNG (cane fife) rec by Alan Lomax, Williamsburg, Va. USA 1960: ROUNDER 1708 1997 "I got a home" & "Walk on the bay"

RAINEY, Ma -- PARAMOUNT 12098/ B&B 013 "Lost Wandering Blues"

RAKES, THE - London\ Folk Band\ 1963 - THE RAKES BAND first played with Bob Davenport in 1958 and have continued with him for the last 35 years. Led by Reg Hall (melodeon/ piano) the other members are Paul Gross (fiddle) and Michael Plunkett (whistle) -- rec by PK 1963 - EMI &EG-8911 (45-EP) & CLP-1910 1965/ CASS-0287: Festival Hall Concert rec by PK 1963 "Folksound of Britain" - rec by PK London with Bob DAVENPORT: CONCERT HALL SVSC-2339 1970 "Northumbrian Minstrelsy"/ FTX-330 "Chevy Chace" - "Sing Christmas" 1957 radio prog: FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000 - LEADER LER-2088 1973 with Bob DAVENPORT & BOLDON BANJOES - Radio 2 1/4/87: CASS-90-0567

RANCHERS, THE - London\ Dance Band\ 1970s - - "Princess Margaret's Fancy, Glover's Reel, Fairfield Fancy " 45 rpm 1961 - EFDSS CDM 5 Dances from CDM 5 prod by David Fleming-Williams

RASMUSSEN, A H - Norway\ shantyman & journalist\ 1955 - Albert Henry Rasmussen was born on 2nd October 1883 at Skien, South Norway and died on 6th December 1972. He was a well-known Norwegian writer and was a war historian to the Royal Navy. Both these two retired Naval officers had a lifelong interest in sailing ships as well as in collecting and singing sea-songs and shanties. Both were in their mid-seventies when recorded -- rec by PK, London 11/4/55: 7"RTR 0080-1 & 0212/ RPL 22348-50 - FTX-205 shanties & talk (with Cmdr H R P HALLIDAY) - introduced by PK in "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 sings "Fire Down Below": FTX-255 - A-ROVING radio prog 1968 sings "Blow, boys, blow" FTX-308

RAVEN, Jon - Staffordsh\ Singer-songmaker (gtr)\ 1966 -- ARGO ZFB-29 1971 "Kate of Coalbrookdale" - SPA-A 132 Sampler - BROADSIDE BRO-100 1968 (M) Songs of Black Country & W Midlands - BRO-115 1973 "Nailmakers" musical documentary - BRO-118 1975 [?] Engl Canals - LEADER LER-2083 1973 Songs of Changing World with Nic JONES & Tony ROSE - WOLVERHAMPTON WS-100 1966 (45-EP) Black Country Songs

RAVENHILL FLUTE & DRUM BAND - Belfast\ Marching Band\ 1953 - Conductor: George Hawthorn -- rec 19/4/53: RPL 18978 (6 airs) - rec 9/5/59: RPL LP 25646 (12 airs) - 518 "O Donnell Abu" - "Vimey Ridge March" in Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000

RAZ REZ - Gloucestersh\ Funk Band\ 1990 -- CASS (Masters) 45-1103-4

REA, John & Willie - Co Antrim\ H-dulc\ 1979 --rec by Tom Anderson 7"RTR-1085/ CASS-0436 "Jackson's Jigs" - TOPIC 12-TS-373 1979 rec by Robin Morton/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Sailor on the rope" & "The Bonny Bunch of Roses"/ TSCD-662 "Coil the rope" & Lord McDonald"/ CASS-60-0942/

REAVEY, John - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1963 - Birtley -- RPL LP 29982 "The Kerry Recruit"

RED CLAY RAMBLERS - N C, USA\ Bluegrass Group\ 1980s -- Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS-0403 rec WFNT Radio

REDFORD, Jean - Banff\ singer\ 1997 -- rec by Tom McKean: ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music" The Day we went to Rothsay O"

REDPATH, Jean - Scotland\ Singer\ 1966 - Hamish Henderson writes about her in TOCHER 30 (1979) -- ELEKTRA BY-6004 1966 "Songs of Love, Lilt & Laughter" - (EKL 274B "Laddie lie near me") - FOLK LEGACY 049 "Frae my Ain Countre"- (LEADER Trailer LER-2106 "There were Minstrels") - - (PHILO-2015) "Jean Redpath" includes "Lady Dysie (Child #269) - Children's Songs Radio 2 "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411 - ROUNDER series "Songs of Burns & Lady Nairn" (not in Lib) arr by Serge Hovey on Radio 2: 4/3/87: CASS-0408

REDSHAW, Betty - Kent\ Singer\ 1954 - age 22 living West Wickham, Kent (bn Friern Barnet) her grandfather, sailor, wrote songs and shanties in notebooks - photos by PK 0182-3 with Valerie White (22) -- rec by PK: RTR-0225/ FTX-019 - FTX-428 - FTX-418 "He comes down our alley" (Still I love him)

REECE, Colin - England\ Fid\ 1984 - formerly with BULLY WEE -- DAMBUSTER DAM-003 1984

REEDER, Reg - Suffolk\ ham dulc\ - -- rec by Jim COUZA Saxmundham Suffolk 21/7/82 CASS 0873 - "Old Hat Concert Party" with interview: CASS-0378 - Interview with Andy KERSHAW radio prog 1987: CASS-0349 - with OLD HAT CONCERT PARTY in 1hr progr on Radio 2: 10/10/90 CASS-60-1016

REID, Boone - Appalachia, USA\ 5-str banjo\ 1956 -- Mrs Etta BAKER (gtr): TRADITION TLP-1007 1956-7 "Sourwood Mountain" "Johnson Boys"

REID, Tam - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1999(?) -- SLEEPYTOON SLPYMC001 (Cass) "Bandy's Roup" "Oor Fairm Toon" "Muckle Friday Fair"

REILLY, John - Co Roscommon\ tinker singer\ 1967 -- rec by Tom Munnelly in own home near Boyle winter 1967: RTR#0570/ FTX-175 solo album - FTX-502 "Gypsy Laddie" (Child 200 - 2var) - FTX-514 "Two Loyal Lovers" - TOPIC (12-T-359) TSCD-657 1998 Fun & frolics "The Rosin Box" (Jolly Beggar)/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "Adieu to all truelovers"/ TSCD-665 Courtship "Old Carathee"/ TSCD-667 "Ballads" "John Baker" (Lord Bateman) & "Once there lived a captain" -- : PLANXTY: POLYDOR 2383- 186 "Raggle Taggle Gypsies"- PLANXTY: POLYDOR 2383-232 "The Well below the valley"

REILLY, Peter - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - bn Cullyhanna, 11th April, 1893. After school he worked in a colliery and copper-works in Lancashire 1910-13 and at Pilkington's glass works. He was in Scotland until 1921, then in the Irish Free State Army 1922-3 before returning home to work for local farmers. He was cobbling in the winter until he retired in 1955. He learned his songs from his father, James Reilly, shoemaker of Newtonhamilton, and his mother, Brigid Langan of Cullyhanna - photos by PK 0065-6 -- rec by PK, Cullyhanna 15/7/52: 5" RTR 0533 "St Peter's Day was a dawning" - RPL 18307-9 (5 songs) & RPL 18487 (3 songs) - FTX-025 "Billy Johnson's Ball" - FTX-165 South Armagh - FTX-431 Co Armagh - FTX-516 "McCaffery" -- "St Peter's Day" sung by Paddy TUNNEY: TOPIC 12-T-165 1966

RELATIVITY - Scotland\ Folk Group\ 1980 - John (fid) & Phil (acc) Cunningham, Michael (gtr) & Fiona ni Donnell (voc) -- Songs & instr incl "Highland Laddie" & Cape Breton song rec EBU Festival Denmark: Radio 2: 13/1/88 CASS- 0422

RENBOURN, John - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1966 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Branle Gay" - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-143 1966 accomp Bert JANSCH - John RENBOURN Band SHIP O FOOLS with Maggie Boyle (voc), Steve Tilson (songwriter/gtr) & Tony Roberts (pipes/ sax) talks about Dartington College Degree Course "Death & the Lady" & "Verdant Braes of Skrene" (False Young Lover) "Cobbler's Jig & Maltese Bransle" - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1381 "Day at the seaside" & "No Exit" - cass 1382 "The Hermit" & "After the dance" - cass 1383 "Red's Favourite" & Judy"

RENNIE'S SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE BAND, Adam - Scotland\ Dance Band\ nd -- PARLOPHONE F-3431/ CASS-30--0968

RETROSPECT - Devon\ Folk Group\ 1975 - Robin FRY, Derek ARMSTRONG, Roger CAVIL & Pam -- rec by PK, Dartington Ciderhouse, Devon 1/7/75: CASS-0332

REW, William - Devon\ unacc singer & conc\ 1950 -- RTR 0944/7T-0008 rec by PK, Sidbury Nov 1950 "Handkerchief Dance" (Over the water to Charlie) - 7"RTR #0009 "The Counting Song" (One Man Went To Mow) & "The Farmer's Boy" (Farmyard Song) - rec by PK 13/10/54 RPL 22321 "Counting Song" "Ram Song" & talk about his life - RPL 22322 "Farmer's Boy" "Barbara Allen" & talk about "a family spree" - FTX-017 "Among the New Mown Hay - FTX-027 "The Counting Song""Ram Song" & "When I was a boy and a Farmers Boy" (Farmyard) - FTX-086 Devon - rec by Jean Ritchie (Sidbury 1952) Maxell tape RTR 0062 incl "When I was a boy" talk about pig verse "I'm proper Devon" - "Mr Rew's Waltz" "Dannish Waltz" "Up comes a chap" (frag: The Devonshire Lad) "Irish Recruit" "Pretty Little Dear" (Triumph) & "Derby Ram" - OLD SWAN BAND: FREE REED FRR-011 1976 play "Mr Rew's Polka"

RHOADS, Mary Faith - NY, USA\ Ham dulc\ 1980 -- UNDERDOG DB-1940 1980 with John PEARSE (voc/ gtr)

RIACH, Pipe Major Jock - Scotland\ H-pipes\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 9/7/52: RPL 18133 (remade as RPL LP 26506 (4 tracks)/ RTR 1105

RICE, Les - Devon\ step-dancer\ 1972 -- filmed step-dancing on farm cart with Bob CANN (melodeon), South Tawton, Devon 1971 including slow motion sequence: FF-1101

RICHARDS, Nansi (Jones) - Wales\ triple harp\ 1954 - (1888-1979) born on the 14th. May 1888 and died on the 21st. December 1979. Her interest in the harp began at the age of 10 when she surreptitiously crept into a bedroom where she was staying and played in her nightdress. She owned her first harp at 12. Her first teacher was Tom Lloyd, who won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair, both for making and playing. Nansi attended the Guildhall School of Music in London for only one year, leaving to join the comedienne, "Happy" Fanny Fields on the Music Halls. Fanny Fields was famous for her Laughing Songs and for the Frog Dance, and Nansi learned to do various stunts such as playing with her back to the harp and playing two different tunes on two harps at the same time. She also learned a great deal from travelling street musicians and from Welsh Romanies, such as John Roberts of Newtown, who, together with his 9 sons, played before Queen Victoria. From both the Roberts and the Woods families she learned hornpipes and dance-tunes and, on a number of occasions, she played for the Gipsy Wood's clog-dancing. Nansi toured America extensively in 1923 and returned 50 years later to give a recital in New York in 1973. In between these dates she played in Britain giving over 2,000 performances with Cor Telyn Eryri and others. She was official harpist for the Welsh Eisteddfod for a number of years and frequently appeared on radio and television. In 1967 she was awarded the MBE for her services to music in Wales and received an honorary Doctor of Music from the University of Wales in 1977. She published a volume of her reminiscences, entitled Crwpwrdd Nansi, in 1972, and another one followed later. Nansi told us that the best TRIPLE HARP makers were the Richards of Llanwryst in the late 18th Century and Basset Jones in Cardiff. The triple harp is held against the left shoulder and the accidentals played with the left hand -- rec by PK, Penybontfawr, Oswestry, Shropsh 11/11/54: RPL 22343/ FTX-053 "Men of Harlech" "Wrexham Hornpipe" & "Gypsy's Hornpipe" (Breakdown) with clog dance by Hywel Wood - with Woods (gypsies) & talk: RPL LP 25589 rec 3/11/59 (6 tunes & demo of range - Talk about her life with Madeau Stewart rec Oswestry 17/11/59: RPL LP 26003 rec 25/4/63/ CASS 20-0869 - RPL LP 27994 (10 tunes on triple harp)/ FTX-307 - A-ROVING Radio Prog #1/ FTX-351

RICHARDS, Sam - Devon/ Singer/ 1978 -- in group called STAVERTON BRIDGE filmed at The Dartington Institute of Traditional Arts 1971: FF-1101/ rec by PK, Dartington School with audience 1974/ 5"RTR-0410-2/ RTR-0937-8/ CASS-0439 - SAYDISC SDL-266 1975 - SAYDISC SDL-280 1977 with Tish STUBBS: Invitation to North America" (The New World seen threough English Folksong) - PEOPLE'S STAGE C-45 1978 CASS-0179 - "The Village Song Man" (Baring Gould singers) Radio 3 28/1/80: CASS-0460 - "Mapping" mentioned by Fiona Ellis of Gulbenkian Radio 2 1/5/91 CASS-30-1021

RICHARDS, Sidney - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1952 - (b1877) - photos supplied by his grandson in Scotland (2003) - Aged 75 when recorded and still working as a farm labourer - his father Harry sang to Cecil Sharp in 1904 - his song (#1) was noted by Cecil Sharp from his uncle Harry and published in Folk-Songs From Somerset (15). In Sharp's original notation he notes the variations in the last phrase of the tune (See Sharp: English Folk-Song: Some Conclusions p.25) -- rec by PK, Curry Rivel 2/5/52: - tunes on melodeon rec 2/5/52: 5"RTR-0942 - RPL 17779 "The Trees they do grow high" & "Green Mossy Banks of the Lee"/ RPL 17780 "Talk about Ashen Faggot" & "Wassail Song"/ RPL 17781 "Sweet Primeroses"FTX-405 Somerset Village Music - rec by PK 2/5/52: RPL LP 23622/ FTX-518 "The Banks of the Nile"/

RICHARDSON, Albert - Sussex\ Concert singer\ 1928 - also known as "Laddie" bn 1906 he was gardener at Burwash, church sexton, bell-ringer and grave-digger - the same day he rec he also broadcast for the RPL at Savoy Hill - brought to London by Major Meade of Brighton - also sang "Buttercup Joe, The Farmer's Boy & Sarey" with unidentified studio pianist - as a result he appeared in Jack Hylton's "Jubilee of Song" at the Palladium and RPL's "In Town Tonight" in 1935 - Bob Copper found him serving petrol in a garage at Burwash -- rec Queen's Hall, London 14/5/28: REGAL Zonophone T-5178/ TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & Frolics" "The Old Sow"

RICHARDSON, Albert "Wickets" - Suffolk\ singer-Chairman\ 1955 -- rec by PK, "The Ship" Blaxhall: FTX-021 "Fagan the Cobbler" (action song) - FTX-036 Chairman - "Barley Mow" 16mm b/w film, Blaxhall 1955: FF-1105

RICHARDSON, Dave & Tich - Northumber\ Instrumentalists\ 1974 - Dave (banjo, mand, ham dulc) & Tich (gtr) -- TOPIC TFRS-501 1974 accompanying Alistair ANDERSON "Concertina Workshop"

RICHARDSON, "Mooch" - (voc/gtr) recMemphis, Tenn. 13/2/28: OKEH 8611 / "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Lowdown Barrelhouse Blues Pt 2"

RIDDLE, Almeda - Ark, USA\ unacc singer\ 1959 - Heber Springs, Miller, Ark -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 incl "My Little Rooster" "The Merry Golden Tree" - ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 "American F/S for Children" "-My Little Rooster"/"Frog Song"/ "Chick-a-li-lee-lo"/ "Go tell Aunt Nancy"/ "Mama buy me a Chiney Doll" - Ballads & Hymns from the Ozarks rec by Rounder Collective at Aengus Studios, Fayville, Mass May 1972: ROUNDER RND-0017 1972 "Lady Margaret/ Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow/ Old Churchyard/ Old Cottage Home/ Merrimac/ Rome County (in East Tennessee)/ Tedious & Tasteless the hours/ Four Maries/ Peggy of Glasgow/ Butchers Boy/ Nightingale/ Man of Constant Sorrow"- NEW FREEDOM Mike Seeger's 2 cass 1974 : "The House Carpenter" from VANGUARD 9158 - MINSTREL JD-203 rec by Jerry Epstein & Don Wade NY 1977: Frog Song/ Soldier of the Legion/ Tom Sherman's Bar-room or Unfortunate Rake/ Poor Wayfaring Stranger/ Barbara Allen/ Come all ye Texas Rangers/ Orphan Girl/ Children of the Heavenly King/n Oxford Girl/ Water is Wide" - Baptist Hymns & White Spirituals from the Southern Mountains: NEW WORLD NW-294 1977 - rec by Alan Lomax Greers Ferry, Oct 1959 "Poor Wayfaring Stranger"on ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 & ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 - "Jesse James" & "Hangman Tree"(Maid freed grom the Gallows) on ROUNDER CD 1705 1997 - "(Bury me beneath) the willow tree" "Merry Golden Tree" (Golden Vanity), "Titanic", "Alan Bain", "Rainbow mid life's willows"(Locks & Bolts), "Lonesome Dove"(Truelover's Farewell) & "Down in Arkansas" on ROUNDER CD-1707 1997/ FTX-902 "Merry Golden Tree"

RIDGE, Percy - Texas USA\ unacc voc\ 1934 - from Fort Worth, Texas -- rec by John Lomax, State Pen, Huntsville, Texas USA May 1934: ROUNDER CD-11661-1823-2 1999 "Western Cowboy" (Cuckold Song)

RIDLEY, Chris & Janet - Cornwall\ Singers\ 1958 -- RPL LP 24159 ORIG RIVERSIDERS Skiffle Group led by Fred (later Karl) DALLAS rec by PK, London 1958 - HURLER HURLS-008 1972 (45-EP) "A Taste of Cornwall

RING O BELLS - Surrey\ Family Dance Band\ 1987 -- "Hoedown Saturday Night" BEECHWOOD BEE-003 1987 CASS-1207

RIPLEY WAYFARERS - Derbysh\ Folk Group\ 1971 - Andrew Train, Mick Peat, Barry & Arthur Renshaw, Phil Langham - see also ROGUE'S GALLERY -- TRADITION TSR-006 1971 "Chips and Brown Sauce" incl Birmingham Brothel, East Wind, Daddy Fox, Winnats Pass Murder, Hot Asphalt, O Waly Waly/ Poker Row, Miner & his son, Spanish Lady, Annie Laurie, What do you see? Humber Bridge - Radio 2 1984 (?) CASS-0453

RIPON SWORD DANCERS - Yorksh\ Mummers Group\1980 -- rec by Doc Rowe "The Black Bull, Ripon 26/12/80: "TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events" (Doc Rowe says custom ceased 1986)

RITCHIE, James - Teacher & Film-maker of Children's games "The Singing City" - talking about film with Hamish Henderson & Alan Lomax, Norton Park School, Edinburgh 12.7.52: 7"RTR-0720

RITCHIE, Jean - Ky, USA\ Singer with dulc\ 1950 -- rec New York Sept 1950: RPL 16042-3 some with dulc - COLLECTOR CLE-1201 [nd] 1950 [?] "Field Trip" - WESTMINSTER UL-5334 1953 at the 2nd World Festival "The Cuckoo" & "Going to Boston" with dulcimer - ELEKTRA EKLP-2 1952 & EKL-25 1954 - TRADITION TLP-1011 1957 with Paul CLAYTON - FOLKWAYS FW-8871 1959 "Field Trip: England" - GREENHAYS GR-701 1979 "High Hills & Mountains" (& on cassette) - LIB OF CONGRESS L-14 & 57 - RIVERSIDE RLP-12-260 "Saturday Night & Sunday too" with Roger SPRING (v/banjo) - RLP-12-646 "Riddle Songs" with Oscar BRAND (voc/ gtr) - Jean RITCHIE & others: LONDON (SIRE) SES-97014 [nd] "Clear Waters remembered" - TRADITION TLP-1011 1957 with Paul CLAYTON - TLP-1031 1959 "Carols of all seasons" - LONDON (SIRE) SA-7530 1977 "None but one" - IRE SES-97014 1977 "Clear Waters Remembered" - "Concert" GREENHAYS GR-101 CASS 0794/ - FTX-920 - "Family & friends" GREENHAYS GR-90717 1987 CASS-60- 0792 Kentucky Christmas - "Sweet Rivers" JUNE APPAL JA 0037 1981 CASS-0795 - "As I roved out" OSSIAN OSS-15 1989 CASS-0797 - "The most Dulcimer" with John McCUTCHEON, Mike SEEGER, Diane HAMILTON, Jon & Peter PICKOW: GREENHAYS GR-CD-714 [nd] CASS- 0801 - "Mountain Born" with sons, Peter & Jonathon (Pickow) sing "Cabin Country": GREENHAYS GR-70725 1995 (CD & cassette)

RITTER, Tex - Tenn, USA\ American Country singer\ 1973 -- EMI DUO-112 1973 Double album

ROARING JELLY - England\ Folk Group\ 1976 -- FREE REED FRR-013 1976 "Golden Grates"

ROBB, Anthony - Northumber\ N-pipes\ 1976 - (b.1948) PhD Chemist & headmaster of school in Alnwick - Sec of N Piper's Soc & adjudicator at competitions (Carole also plays N-pipes & flute) -- TOPIC 12-TS-278 1976 with Alistair ANDERSON, Colin ROSS & Jim HALL - SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 "I saw my love come passing by me" "Dargai"(Scott Skinner)

ROBERTON, John - Banffsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 5/7/52: RPL 18133 (remade as RPL LP 26506 "A lady was walking" (Young & Single Sailor)

ROBERTS, A W "Bob" - Suffolk\ Singer with mel\ 1953-70 - (1907-1982) he went to sea at 14, his first ship being "The Waterwitch", the last square-rigged merchantman trading out of Britain. In the 30's he made ocean voyages on many well-known yachts and served as a mate on an American trading schooner carrying rum from the West Indies. From then on his life became a story-book adventure and in his books he has told the tales with a reverence for his ships and the sea. Bob was born in Dorset, where he heard local singers and step-dance players, and remembered Ralph Vaughan Williams coming to visit his father to collect folksongs. After the war he settled for Thames sailing barges and lived at Pinmill, near Ipswich, working as a journalist on the East Anglian Times. He became skipper of "The Cambria" in 1954, the last working Thames barge. He bought her from Everards in 1966 and until 1977 he was trading on his own account, up and down the East coast of England. Purchased by the Maritime Trust as a floating museum, they were unable to persuade him to remain on board to show visitors round. Instead he purchased the last of the motor coasters, "The Vectis Isle" on which he traded until his death in February 1982 - photos by PK 0098-0100 - See also Biog by Durham in VWMLibrary (Roy Palmer has written biog for National Biog.) - Assignment of works dated 15/1/67: BARGEMAN'S ALPHABET - BOLD PRINCESS ROYAL - CAPTAIN KIDD - CAN'T YOU DANCE THE POLKA? - COLLIER BRIG (Or WAITING FOR THE DAY) - DEAD HORSE SHANTEY - FAREWELL TO THE SHIPYARD - FISH AND CHIP SHIP - FOGGY DEW - GOODBYE FARE YOU WELL - HANGING JOHNNY - HAUL AWAY JOE - HENRY MARTIN - HIGH BARBAREE -HOMEWARD BOUND - JOHNNY TODD - JONAS AND THE DEVIL - LITTLE BILLY - LONDON WATERMAN, THE - MAGGIE MAY - POOR SMUGGLER'S BOY - STORMALONG - SWANSEA TOWN (FAREWELL TO YOU, MY NANCY) - SWELL MY NET FULL - TIME FOR US TO LEAVE HER - WILL WATCH - WHISKY JOHNNY - WINDY OLD WEATHER - STORMY WEATHER. BOYS - UP THE SIDES AND DOWN THE MIDDLE -- rec by PK, Pinmill 25/10/53 (5s & talk) - RTR 0284-6 & 0864-5 - RPL 19985-7 - RPL 21153 rec PK 22/5/54 (2s extracts) rec at sea off Harwich - rec PK, Pinmill 12/7/52: RPL LP 23100 (3 songs with mel) - FTX-047 solo album (1) - FTX-208 (2) - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 - COLLECTOR JEB-6 1959 (45 EP) - DLP-1143 1956 10"LP "Folk Song Today" - DLP-1204 1960 "Rocket Along" - EMI CLP-1362 1960 - EMI DLP-7-EG 8288 1960 45-EP - FTX-502 "Henry Martin" - FTX-503 "High Barbaree" - FTX-513 "Captain Kidd" - FTX-515 "Candlelight Fisherman " & "Waiting for the Day" - TALKING BOOK 2/1501/26 1960 (33-EP) "Windy Old Weather" & other songs - TOPIC 12-TS-361 1978 Songs from the Sailing Barges solo album (3)/ TSCD 600 ("Hidden English") "Candlelight Fisherman"/ TOPIC TSCD-668 1998 Hunting & Poaching "While gamekeepers were sleeping" - SAYDISC SDL CD-SDL 405 "Sea Songs & Shanties" includes 14 titles sung by Bob --- sung by others:- "The Collier Brig" (Waiting for the Day): Bernard WRIGLEY: TOPIC 12-TS-241 1974 - American Express TV Advert "Penguins" Dec 2002 "Maggie May"

ROBERTS, John - USA\ singer\ - see Tony BARRAND

ROBERTS, Keith -- Lancash\ singer whistle, banjo & mand\ 1972 -- LEADER LER-3031 1972 "Pier of the Realm"

ROBERTS, Robert - Wales\ singer in Welsh\ 1950 - Trefor Owen at Workington has copies of Delyse recs -- rec with Osian ELLIS (harp) 17/3/50: RPL 17294 "Dydd llun, Dydd mawrth, dydd mercher"

ROBERTSON, Geordie - Aberdeensh\ Tinker Singer\ 1954 - Gavin Greig collected 3 Robin Hood ballads, all without tunes, he also used Geordie Robertson as a piper but never asked him about songs -- rec by Hamish Henderson: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 Robin Hood & the Pedlar" 261

ROBERTSON, Jeannie (Mrs Higgins)- Aberdeensh\ tinker-singer\ 1953 - (1908-1975) was awarded an M.B.E. for her service to Scottish music. Alan Lomax said of her: "Jeannie was one of the great ones. She had the refined mouth and the powerful throat that's typical of the great singer, and out of it came trumpet-notes suitable to the big ballad and soft flute-like tones suited to the sweet randy love-songs...she had a great sense of how to lay a tune along the words, to make both shine more brightly, and she knew how to put in the delicate brush of embellishment, to make the song come to life in the most important parts" - see also Lizzie HIGGINS, daughter - Assignment to Folktrax dated 9/9/60: Bonny Wee Lassie Who Never Said No & 12 other songs/ assigned 4/8/64: Butcher Boy, Deadly Wars & Handsome Cabin Boy & Children's Rhymes - photos by PK 0177- 0181 (5) - Biography by James Porter & Herschel Gower publ by Univ of Tennesee 1995 - TOCHER 32 (1979) pp113-121 "Prayer upon a policeman"/ TOCHER 33 (1979) pp196-201 about her mother & father (taped reminiscences) -- RTR-0660-2 & 0664-0678 - rec by PK, London 28/11/53: RTR-0664-678 - RPL 21083-21093 Talk about herself on RPL 21093-4 - RPL LP 27809-10 rec Aberdeen 14/8/63 - RPL LP 29543 (4 ballads) & RPL LP 29544 (2 ballads) rec Aberdeen 27/1/64 - COLLECTOR (USA) CLE-1201 nd 1950 (?) rec by Jean Ritchie "When my apron hung low" - (JAZZ) COLLECTOR JES-4 1959 (45-EP) accomp Robin HALL (gtr) "Twa Brothers/ Davy Faa/ My Rovin' Eye"- EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Never wed an old man""My Rovin Eye" & "My Son David" - EMI DLP-1143 1956 10"-LP "Folk Song Today": "My Son David" 7-T-007 - FTX-013 "Old Grey Beard" & "Queen among the heather" - FTX-017 "She was a rum one" - FTX-019 "Never wed a auld man" - FTX-067 solo album talk ballads & children's songs - FTX-186 Scots songs and ballads - FTX-187 stories & life story rec by Alan Lomax - FTX-441 Travellers Cant - FTX-501 - FTX-502 - FTX-503 - FTX-514 "Broken Token" - 516 "Battle of Harlaw" "Deadly wars" - FTX-517 "Twa Recruiting Sergeants" - RIVERSIDE RLP-12-633 1956 accomp Josh McCRAE (gtr) - TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1975 "Gypsy Laddie" - TOPIC 12-T-96 1959 8 ballads/songs only/ 12-T-181 rec by Bill Leader at a concert in The Angel Hotel, Blairgowrie, Perthsh Aug 1967/ TSCD-651 1998 Courtship & Marriage: "An Old Man come courting me"/ TSCD-660 Amorous Encounters "When I was noo but sweet 16"/ TSCD-663 Drink: "The Bonny Wee Lassie who never said no"/ TSCD-667 Ballads "Gypsy Laddies" - ROUNDER #1720 1998 "The Queen Among The Heather" Sound Portrait rec by Alan Lomax & PK - sung by others: - Ewan McCOLL: ARGO ZDA-67 1968 "She was a rum one" & "Cuckoo's Nest" - Ed McCURDY: RIVERSIDE RLP-12-601 1955 "Son, Davie" - SUSHA: TANGENT TGS- 114 1972 - Ray & Archie FISHER: TOPIC 12-T-137 1966 "Eenst upon a time" - SONGWAINERS ARGO ZFB-31 1971 "Deadly Wars" - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People"

ROBERTSON, Lell - Shetland\ fiddler\ 1973 -- TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 "Shaalds o Foula" & "Tilley Plump"

ROBERTSON, Stanley - Aberdeen\ unacc tinker singer\ 1976 - bn 1940 son of a travelling pedlar or packman - photo on p23 of Topic booklet#3 (TSCD-653) -- rec by Bill Leader at folk club, "The Royal Hotel", Aberdeen 23/2/73 -- (with chorus): TOPIC TSCD-653 "Tragic Ballads" "The Clattering of the Clydes Waters" (Clydeswaterside)/ TSCD-656 1998 "Love false & true" "The Ballad of the Ewe Buchts" (The Broom o the Cowdenknowes)/ TSCD-665 "Courtship" "Moorlough Maggie"

ROBERTSON, Tom - Shetland\ fid\ 1970s -- rec by Tom Anderson, Shetland CASS 60-0435 (11 tunes)

ROBERTSON, Wayne & JELKS, Nigel - Northumb\ accordion & mandolin\ 1999 -- SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-CD- 40473 1999

ROBICHAUD, Jerry - Waltham, Ma., USA\ fiddler & fiddle teacher -- on "The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes" DVD by John Bishop 2003 rec 1983 (Colour) including "The High Level Hornpipe" with guitar

ROBINSON, Dean - Lincs\ unacc singer\ 1908 --- rec by Percy Grainger: LEADER LEA-4050 1972 "Bold Robin Hood" & "T'Owd Yowe wi One Horn" FTX-135

ROBINSON, William ("Billy") - Co Antrim\ fid\ 1953 - Shepherd, 81, widower, Brackenhill, Ballyclare - father was shepherd at Glenwherry - worked as shepherd & gamekeeper for Sir Thomas Dixon for 57 years - learned fiddling from David Rea from Owencloughey, a workman - photos (2) by PK 0118-9

ROBSON, Billy - Hexham Northumberland\ conc\ 1954 -Age 88 -- rec by PK 29/6/54: RPL 20603 "Bonny Tyneside"

ROCKMORE, Phineas "Flatfoot" - Texas\ voc & gtr\ 1940 -- rec by John & Ruby Lomax, Lufkin Oct 1940: ROUNDER CD-11661-1821-2 1999 "Boll Weevil"

RODGERS, Bob - Frodsham Cheshire\ singer mummer recit\ 1954 -- rec by PK 1/11/54: RPL 22346 Souling Song & play with song - 22347 talk about play & horse "nominy" (speech) & Helsby version of play & song - FTX-107

RODGERS, Jimmie - Meridian, Miss USA\ Country singer\1974(?) - "The Singing Brakeman" worked on trains until he got TB and then took up singing country songs - died in 1933 of TB - see Richard O HAMILTON (of W Va USA) -- NEW FREEDOM Mike Seeger 2 cass 1974 "Never no mo' Blues" (from VICTOR c 1930) - "Waiting for a train" Colin Irwin's "Acoustic Roots: Railroads": Radio 2 broadcast: 3/5/89; CASS-0354 Side B - "He fought Texas" (with yodelling) in 2 progs by Tom Paxton:Radio 2: 30/9/87 & 7/10/87: CASS-0425

RODGERS, Kitty - Co Donegal\ Gaelic singer\ 1967 -- rec by Noel Hamilton, Torre Island: FTX-276

RODGERS, Paul & Patsy - Co Donegal\melodeons\ 1967 -- rec by Noel Hamilton, Torre Island 1967: FTX-276

RODGERS, William - Co Donegal\ Gaelic singer\ 1967 -- rec by Noel Hamilton, Torre Island: FTX-003

ROGERSON, Alan - Dumfriesshire\ unacc Singer\ 1954 - originally from Common Burn, living in Northumberland -- rec by PK with generator (dubbed from copy tape from Louis Killen 8/7/57): 5"RTR-0063 "When fortune turns the wheel" "By Annan's Winding Stream" "Among the green brackens on Kellyburn Braes" "College Valley Hunt" & "Toddle and but"

ROGERSON, Davie - Northumb\ fid\ 1962-4 - bn 1901 Whitsun Hill Head, nr Banks Hill between Langholm and Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire -- rec in John Armstrong's farmhouse, Carrick, nr Elsdon 1962-4: TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 Northern Dances: "Tenpenny Bit, Rakes of Kildare, I lost my love and I care not" & Untitled Reel

ROGUE'S GALLERY - Derbysh\ Folk Group\ 1988 - (prev Ripley WAYFARERS): Mick PEATE (v/gtr)/ John SQUIRE/ Barry COOPER & Lester SIMPSON/ Barry RENSHAW (drums/ banjo) -- Radio 2: 13/4/88 CASS-90-0848 with talk about band - Radio 2: 26/10/88: CASS-15-0735 with talk about group "Mary Anne", "Bully in the Alley" & "Eternal Life"

ROLAND, Raymond, QUARTET - London\ Irish Dance Band\ 1965 - Raymond ROLAND of Galway (chr acc), Vincent GRIFFIN of Clare (fid), Liam FARREL of Co Tyrone (banjo) & Kevin TAYLOR (flute/piano) rec London -- EMBER EMB-3361 1965 "Saturday Night at the Ceili"

RONSTEDZ HOT CLUB JAZZ - Devon\ Jazz Group\ 1979 -- rec by PK, Harberton Village Hall, Totnes: FTX-251 "Sweet Georgia Brown"

ROOKE, Fred - Norfolk\ Singer-Songmaker\ 1975 -- rec by PK RTR-0121, 0300 & 0936 - FTX-044 Norfolk song compositions - FTX-045 Gypsy comp"Ballads of Bawlengro" - FTX-046 More gypsy comp - FTX-423 Cambridgeshire & Fens - ROMANY RYE RECORDS RRR-001 1977 (all his own comp) - CASS-0392 - on Radio 1976: CASS 0399 - Tales in Norfolk dialect CASS-0455

ROSE, Frank - Oxfordsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Swinbrooke 16/10/52: RPL 18687 "Here's luck to all my" (Cocks and Hens) talk bef

ROSE, Tony - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1970 -- RPL REC-95 1970 "William Taylor" (coll by Grainger Lincolnsh) & "Compliments Returned "(Gardiner, Cornwall) - LEADER LER-2013 1970 "Young Hunting" - LER-2024 1971 "Under the Greenwood Tree" with various accompanists - LER LER-2083 1973 "Songs of a Changing World" accomp by Jon RAVEN (gtr)

ROSE, "Prof" Vernon - Cornwall\ Punch & Judy\ 1975 -- rec by PK, Dartington 1975 RTR-0380/ CASS-30-0836 & 60-0837

ROSE AND THISTLE, THE - Country Dance Band\ Birmingham\ 1964 -- Red River Threesome/ TennesseeMixer (Alabama Jubilee/ Robert E Lee) 45 RPM (not issued)

ROSENBAUM, Art - USA\ Singer/ banjo\ nd -- CASS-0244 dub (via Phil Davidson, Bristol 1989)

ROSS, Colin - Northumb\ N-pipes, fiddle, flute\ 1965 - Chairman N Pipers Soc -- LEADER LER-2007 1969 with High Level Ranters - TOPIC 12-T-122 1965 - 12-T-186 1968 - 12-T-189 1962 - 12-TS-219 1972 - 12-TS-278 1976 - with Jim HALL (N-pipe duet) rec at National Garden Festival, Gateshead on Radio 2: 27/7/90 CASS-1034 incl "Redesdale Hornpipe" - with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS: TOPIC TSCD-486 1997 - (N-pipes) rec by Burt Feintuch, Portsmouth NH, USA 20/8/98: SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 "Jock o Hazeldean" & "The Gentle Maiden"

ROSS, Doctor - Detroit, USA\ Blues Singer\ 1972 -- BEAR-2 1972 "Dr Ross Harmonica Boss" - POLYDOR 2460-169 1972 "Live at Montreux"

ROSS, Pipe Major Willie - Edinburgh\ H-pipes\ 1951 - Pipe Major William Ross MBE (1879-1966) served 23 years in the Scots Guards and 12 years in Lovat Scouts and from 1919-1957 he taught the Army piping class at Edinburgh Castle -- rec by Alan Lomax, Edinburgh Castle 1951: FTX-188 - CASS#0445 - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-416 1996 "Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland" - TOPIC TSCD-654 1998 "Emigration Ballads" "Leaving St Kilda"

ROSSELSON, Leon - London\ Singer-Songmaker\ 1971-- LEADER LER-3015 1971 Hugga Mugga with Martin CARTHY & Roy BAILEY - "The Wig Crusade" Radio 2: 17/5/82: CASS-0415 - Radio 2: 12/11/87: CASS-0425 "Boys will be boys" "I heard it on the radio" & William Morris" - with Frankie ARMSTRONG (with gtr) Radio 2: 13/9/82: CASS-0474 incl "Digger's Song" - rec Concert Hall Radio 2: 29/3/83 CASS-15-0786

ROWE, Joe - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - aged 82 -- rec by PK, Ship Inn, Blaxhall 10/10/53: RPL 19982 "The Blackbird" - FTX-036

ROWE'S BAND, Teddy - Dorset\ "Rough Music" Band\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Sherborne 10/1 -0/54: RPL 21474-5 incl talk by Bill BROWN, Chairman of Band Committee, about route "Pack Monday Fair", Abbey Clock striking 12 & sound of band in various locations

ROWLAND, Mary - England\ singer/ minstrel harp\ 1960 -- rec 13/7/60: RPL LP 25995 (10 songs)

ROWSOME, Leo - Dublin\ U-pipes\ 1964 -- rec by PK, Clones, Co Monaghan 18/5/64 with other pipers: Felix DORAN, Dan DOHERTY, Seamus DOWLING, Patrick McANULTY & Sean SEERY Large Studio Reel with John Henry etc/ FTX-172 - TOPIC 12-T-159 1975 rec 1926-1944 Dublin & London

ROY, Raoul - Canada\ French Canadian Singer with gtr\ 1959 -- rec by PK, London 7/4/59: RPL LP 24697 (7 songs)

RUADH, Calum - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1978 - Bard of Skye -- TANGENT TNGM-128 1978 booklet

RUKIN, Laurie - Yorks\ singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Upper Swaledale W Yorksh 22/11/54: 7"RTR-0067/ RPL 22325 "White Cockade" & "Yorkshire Lass" intro by Dick GUY: FTX-265/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 - FTX-518

RUMBLE, "Fanny" - Wiltsh\ singer\ 1954 - Photos by PK 1950: 0004 & 1954: 0191-2 -- rec by PK, Tilshead 1950: 7"RTR#0005 "When shall we get married?" & 7"RTR#0009 "Dumble dum dollicky" - rec by PK 6/10/54: RPL 21493-4 "What shall I wear to the wedding, John?" & "Dumble Dum Dolliky" (Richard of Taunton Dene) - rec by PK "Village Barn Dance" prog 1951: COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-406 - Short 16mm film with fiddler, Ioan JENKINS (soundtrack on 7T-017) - 7"RTR#0005 "Richard of Taunton Dene" & "What shall I wear to the Wedding?"- also 7"RTR#0016 (dub of RPL disks)

RUNDLE, Bob - Devon\ mel/ N-pipes/ whistle\ 1955 -- "Flamborough Sword Dance" & "Steamboat" Age 18 In "Dancing English" radio prog with Sybil Clark: CASS-60-0547 - rec by PK, Totnes 1978: FTX-124 with Tony FRANKLIN (mand/ banjo / ocarina) - rec by PK, Blairgowrie, Perthshire July 1955: FTX-185 accomp Belle STEWART "She moved through the Fair" - Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000

RUS - Ukraine, Russia\ Folk Group\ 1993 - from Socchi-- Gift CASS-1289

RUSH, Otis - (voc/gtr) with Walter "Shakey" Horton (harmonica), Harold Ashby (ten sax), Little Brother Montgomery (piano), Louis Miles (gtr), Willie Dixon (bass) & Odie Payne (drums) rec Chicago 1957: COBRA 5015/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Love that woman"

RUSSCO, Freewheelin' - Devon\ contemporary singer-songmaker\ 1975 -- rec by PK, Brixham 6/11/75: FTX-094 "Woody Guthrie, Bobby Dylan and me"

RUSSELL, Janet - Fife\ singer with gtr\ 1980s --Radio 2: 7/10/87: CASS-60-0401 & Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS-90-0423-4 "Secretary Song"

RUSSELL, Micho - Co Clare\ fife/ flute/ whistle/ conc\ 1975 -- (fife) rec by Seamus Ennis, Doolin 1960 RPL LP 29885 (2 jigs & 1 reel) - whistle, flute & songs: Engl & Gaelic with Packie (conc) & Gussie (whistle) rec Doolin: FREE REED FRR-004 1976 - TOPIC 12-TS-251 1975 rec by John Tams & Neil Wayne in O Connors bar, Doolin, Co Clare 1974/ TSCD-651 "Courtship & Marriage" Micho: "Nora Daly"/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Poor Little Fisher boy"/ TSCD-663 "Drink" "When Mursheen went to Bunnen" - rec RTE "Long Note" prog June 1988 CASS-0894 - rec by Edward Haber & Bill Ochs: PENNYWHISTLE PWCD-80001 1995/ FTX-155

RUTHERFORD, Jim - Northumb\ fid\ 1954 - photos 0230-1 - also played "Corn Rigs, Cumberland Reel, Drops of Brandy, Flowers of Edinburgh, Garden Party Polka, Handkerchief Dance (version of 3-Reel "Kielder Schottische" - double arch twice/ swing RH partner/ swing LH partner), Harvest Home, Heel & Toe (My mother said), John Anderson (air), Keel Row, Little Pet Polka (Bluebell), Loudon's Bonny Wood,Marquis of Lorne, Roxburgh Castle, Saraband Waltz, Spanish Fandango, Spanish Waltz, Sylph, Varsoviana -- rec by PK, Rochester, Otterburn 8/7/54: 7"RTR- 0044/ RPL 20628 "Morpeth Rant"/ FTX-121/ TOPIC 12-T-283 1976/ TSCD-669 1998 Northern Dances

RYAN, Sean - Co Galway\ whi\ 1990 -- with Alec FINN (bouzouki) of DE DANNAN RTE "Long Note" 9/11/88 CASS-60-0899 - (with bodhran & gtr) Radio 2: 6/6/90 CASS-60- 0882 "London Lasses" & comp/ Untitled Reel (with piano)

RYAN, Winnie - Ireland\ tinker singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belfast 24/7/52: RPL 18301 "Slieve Galtee Mountains" & "Banagher Town" (Irish Girl) - RPL 18305 "Galway Shawl" - RPL 18306 "Boy (Man) in love he feels no cold" "Early early" (Died for love) & talk - RPL 18580 "Lullaby: Hush, little baby" - RPL 18583 "Going to Mass (Church) last Sunday" - RPL 18586 "You Rambling Boys"& "Garden where the praties grow" (with Mary DORAN) - 18588 "I am a poor girl" & "Julia Donoghue" - FTX-015 "Down by Blackwaterside" & "Going to Mass last Sunday" - FTX-017 "Little Ball of Yarn" - FTX-031 "Hush little babbie" - FTX-166 & FTX-167 -- Peta WEBB: TOPIC 12-TS-223 1973 "I am a poor girl"

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