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MABSANT - Glamorgansh Wales\ Welsh Duo\ 1983 -- Susan George & Stuart BROWN Bob Partridge, Cardiff, 1983: FTX-054 Folksongs from Glamorgansh, all in Welsh ("Wassail" & "On Tredegar Common" are from (Kennedy: Folk Songs of Britain & Ireland") - (GWERIN SYW 240 12songs) - (SAIN 125 OM) (2songs with other groups)

MACOM, Uncle Dave - Tenn USA\ Singer with banjo\ 1927 -- NEW FREEDOM Mike Seeger 2 cassette 1974 "Jordan is a hard road to travel" with Fruit Jar Drinkers from VOCALION 5053 [c] 1927 released on FOLKWAYS RBF 51 -- see "All in and out Blues"

MADDRELL, Ned - Isle of Man\ Manx Gaelic Speaker\1961 - of Craigneash in the south of Man - interviewed by Fred Macaulay in Scots Gaelic & English with talk in English about language & fishermen's superstitions, "The Lord's Prayer" in Manx" & a Gaelic conversation with fellow Manxman, Douglas FARRAGHER, and a Manx love song from Douglas: CASS-60-0866/ RPL LP 30510/ FTX-445

MAGEE, Jim - England\ Unacc folksinger\ 1980s -- Sea shanties with Johnny COLLINS rec Sidmouth on Radio 2: 104/5/82: CASS-0414

MAGHETT, "Magic" Sam - (voc/gtr) with Little Brother Montgomery (piano) Mack Thompson (bass gtr) & Billy Stepney (drums) rec Chicago 1957: COBRA 5013/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "All Your Love"

MAGPIE - Washington DC USA\ Folk Group\1978 -- and Friends "Live at the Dunham Inn" SMITHSONIAN/ FOLKWAYS FTS 312061 1978 CASS-0819/ COLLECTOR C-1936 1982 CASS-0821 - "If it aint love" PHILO C-PH-1112 1986 CASS- 0820 - "Living Planet" COLLECTOR C-1948 1989 CASS-0822 incl song "The Magpie" - Radio 2: 19/9/90/ CASS 60-1011 incl "The Magpie" (comp by David Dodds)

MAGPIE'S BAND - Derbysh\ Country Dance band\ 1963 -- rec by PK, Derby 1963 45 rpm : FTX-321

MAGUIRE, Big John - Fermanagh N Ire\ unacc singer\ 1970-2 - bn 1914 farmer, huntsman and rail-track layer in his time -- rec by Robin Morton: MERCIER IRL-12 1970 2 songs - LEADER LEE- 4062 1973 "(Bonny Wee) Lassie who never said no" - "Big" John Maguire: rec by Keith Summers at singer' home, Lehinch, Newtonbutler 10/8/80: TOPIC TSCD-668 1998 "Hunting & Poaching" "The Huntsman's Horn"/ TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Neatly Thatched Cabin"

MAGUIRE, Sean (Senior) - Co Cavan\ fid & whistle\ 1952 - bn 1889, Mullagh-hoarn, Co Cavan, & learned to play the fiddle and flute from his father, a farmer, well respected locally for his music and as a player at local dances. His mother was Rose Brennan, who excelled as a "lilter" (making mouth-music). John's sister, who went to America, played fiddle left-handed. John only once went over to England, when he travelled there with Malachy Sweeney's Ceilidhe Band in 1949. When recorded in 1952 he was still working as a labourer at the Gas Dept. of Belfast Corporation - photos by PK, 0055-6 -- solo whistle rec by PK, Belfast 7/7/52: RPL 18377 (5 reels & 1 jig) - with his son, Sean (fid): RPL 18378 (3 reels & 3 jigs) - solo whistle: RPL 18379 (2 hornpipes & 1 reel) - with Son & 3 other fiddlers: RPL 18380 (3 reels) - FTX-375 (fiddle) - FTX-376 (whistle) - 7 tunes on whistle rec John Levy 26/10/59: RPL LP 25825 incl"Reynolds Reel/Concert Reel/ Golden Headboartd/ Queen' Hornpipe/ Denny O Brien"- "Historic Collection Series": FTX-420/ SAYDISC (CD) SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland"

MAGUIRE, Sean - Belfast\ fid & gtr\ 1952 - (1924 - 2005), learned music from his father, but later developed his own individual style in which he maintains a firm pressure with the bow. His father, also Sean Maguire of Mullagh-hoarn, Co. Cavan, born 1889, can be heard playing tin-whistle on FTX-376. On some of the tracks Sean accompanies his father on fiddle. - photos by PK 0051-4 -Geof Harden wrote (April 2005): Sean had a stroke at Christmas and was in hospital after that. He seemed indestructible after surviving throat cancer and more.  He was teaching with great enthusiasm right up till his stroke. It looked as though he would recover but sadly he began to fade about a month ago and died on 24 March -- (fid) with father on whistle rec by PK, Belfast 7/7/52: RTR 517/ RPL 18378 - (fid solo): RPL 18379: 2 reels & "Bank's Hornpipe" - with Liam DONNELLY, Tom TURKINGTON & Bill MONTGOMERY (fiddles) & his father John (whistle) rec PK, Belfast 8/7/52: RPL 18380 - with Bill MONTGOMERY (fid): RPL 18380: 3 reels - Bill MONTGOMERY (fid) with Sean MAGUIRE (gtr): RPL 18381: 2 Reels - with Francis McPeake Junr (U-pipes): RPL 18381-2 - (solo fid) with Eamon O CONNOR (step-dancer): RPL 18381 "Tobin's Favourite" & "Planxty Drury" - (solo fid): RPL 18385 "Foxhunter's"/ FTX-375 & FTX-376 - rec by PK, Belfast 8/7/52: RPL 18549 "The Three Tunes" & "Sweets of May" - RPL 21833 Reels with gtr accomp brother (gtr) rec by Seamus Ennis for The Irish Folklore Commission) 1948 incl "The Mason's Apron"/ Reels rec by Seamus Ennis 1948 with his brother RTE radio prog June 1988 CASS-0984 - RPL 21994 Reels rec by SE Aug 1954 "Mason's Apron" "Woman of the House" with variations - Sean MAGUIRE (fid) with (Alice Murphy) Eilis Ni MHARCAIGH (piano): GAEL-LINN CEF-011 [nd] - rec by Cathal O Connell (cass) from radio prog with Seamus Ennis 1954 incl "Mason's Apron" - with Eileen HUNTER (piano) & Pat CONROY & Steve Cooney (guitar) CELTIC MUSIC CM-CD-048 1990 (Gift of Dave Bulmer Mar 2005)

MAGUIRE, Teresa - Belfast\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Sean O Boyle, Belfast 7/8/55: RPL LP 24842 (Geordie) & "The Cherry Tree" "Glove & Lions" "Seven Joys of Mary" "Green Banks of Yarrow" "The Jersey" Johnny Harte" - FTX-013 "Lions Den" - FTX-501 "Bonnie Annie" - FTX-502 "Geordie" - FTX-504 Carol: "The Cherry Tree" - FTX-518 "Johnny Harte"

MAGUIRE, Tommy - Co Leitrim\ melodeon\ 1957 -- rec by PK at Ceilidhe Club, London 1957: 7"RTR-0497/ FTX-268 "The Queen of the Fair"(Jig) solo mel & with Michael GORMAN (fid) & Margaret BARRY (banjo): "The Mountain Road & The Heathery Breeze"

MAHY, Wilfred J - Guernsey, Channel Islands\ singer\ - grower aged 48 -- rec by PK, "Burlington", Les Landes, Vale 8/5/57

MAIDMENT, Charles - Hampsh\ unaccomp singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper: RTR-7-0252 "Young Sailor Cut Down" (with others in chorus)

MAINER, E J, BAND, THE - NC USA\ Bluegrass Band\ 1959 - J.E.Mainer (fid); Glenn Mainer (banjo), Carolyn (Mainer) Helms, Mary & John Dillon (gtrs); Floyd Overcash (bass) -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 "Train 111" - rec by Alan Lomax, Concord Oct 1959: "Columbus Stockade" "Whoa Mule" & "Glen's Chimes" on RPL LP 26150 - "Johnson's Old Grey Mule", "Whoa Mule", "Glen's Chimes & "Train 111" on ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 - "Three Nights Drunk" (Cuckold Song) on ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 - "Columbus Stockade" (Go and leave me) on ROUNDER CD-1705 1997

MAISEY, George - Gloucestersh\ talk about custom\ 1976 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Glos: FTX-417 "Buff Blow"

MAKEBA, Miriam - S Africa\ Singer\ 1989 -- Children's Song with ch: Radio: 19/4/89: CASS-10-0717 "Spotted Leopard among cheetahs"

MAKEM Sarah - Keady, Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - bn 18th October 1900 and died April 20th 1983 - age 52 when recorded in 1952 - learned songs from various members of her family, but most from her uncle Jimmy Green - her husband was a quarryman and fiddler - she and her neighbour, Annie Jane Kelly frequented each others houses for a bit of crack and a celidhe - Sarah was well known locally for keeping a "Ceilidh House" where you were "as welcome as the flowers in May" and could only record while moving round her kitchen cooking and making tea. When Peter Kennedy and Sean O Boyle were recording her kitchen became a central gathering point for singers and musicians from the area and her recorded voice singing her version of SEVENTEEN COME SUNDAY was heard weekly as the signature tune for the weekly RPL Radio series, AS I ROVED OUT, which ran from 1952 for over ten years. Until she married, Sarah was a weaver in a linen factory which then stood in the centre of the village. Most of her songs were learned from her mother, but her uncle Jimmy and her uncle Johnny Green, Annie Jane's father, were also sources. One of her sons, Tommy, who played bagpipes and tin-whistle, became very interested in the fact that the collectors were paying so much attention to his mother's songs, and, after these recordings were made, he went to the States where he joined an Irish theatre company in New York and teamed up with the three Clancy brothers and became part of a famous folk group of singing actors - Songs assigned 30.7.52 include As I Roved Out - Derry Gaol - Factory Girl - John Mitchell - Willie Reilly - Caroline & The Young Sailor - Mary Of Kilmore - Servant Maid In Her Master's Garden - Man In Love He Feels No Cold - Erin's Lovely Home - Jackets Green - Twas In The Month Of January (Forsaken Mother) - Cot In The Corner - Farewell True:Love Remember Me - photos by PK 0063-4 - It was Jimmy Connolly, the breadman who told Peter & Sean about the Makem family at Keady --rec by PK, Keady Co Armagh 11/7/52 - 7"RTR-0552 & -0547 As I roved out, Jackrets Green, Man in love, Erin's Lovely Home, Cot in the Corner, Month of January, Willie Reilly, Dobbin's Flowery Vale, Caroline & her young Sailor bold, Servant Maid in her master's garden (Young & Single Sailor) & Derry Gaol - 7"RTR-0551 Mary of Kilmore & John Mitchell - 7"RTR-0552 Songs off disc - RPL 18411-2 (7 songs) - RPL 18474 3s incl "As I roved out" (frag) rec by PK, 30/7/52/ PK talking about rec: Radio 2 CASS-90-0622/ rec Jean Ritchie & George Pickow CASS 0797 also "Barbara Ellen" - RPL 18476 "Derry Gaol"(Gallows) first part with Annie Jane KELLY rec by PK, 30/7/52 - RPL 18535-6 (3 songs) rec by PK, 30/7/52 - COLLECTOR CLE-1201 "Derry Gaol" rec by Jean Ritchie - FTX-013 "When a man's in love" - FTX-015 "Forsaken Mother & Child" (Month of January) - FTX-021 "Factory Girl" - FTX-029 "Derry Gaol" - FTX-161 "Derry Gaol" with Annie Jane KELLY - Video (David Hammond) - FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Derry Gaol" - "Historic Recording Series": FTX-419 - Filmed by David Hammond with members of her family, including her son Tommy, at home in Keady 1977: FF-2209 - TOPIC 12-T-182 1968 Ulster Ballad Singer (Notes by Sean O Boyle rec by Diane Hamilton or David Hammond ?)/ TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & marriage" "I courted a wee girl" (The False Bride)/ TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "The Wind that shakes the barley"/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "The Factory Girl"/ TSCD-667 "Ballads" "Barbara Allen" - OSSIAN OSS-15 (cass) rec by Jean Ritchie - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" "Factory Girl" -- PLANXTY: POLYDOR 2383-232 1973"As I roved out" - Shirley COLLINS: TOPIC 12-T-170 1967/ - June TABOR: TOPIC 12-TS-432 "Knight & Shepherds Daughter" - Ray & Cilla FISHER (unacc) rec Bewdley Festival: Radio 2: 26/10/88: CASS-30-0073 "The Month of January"

MAKEM, Tommy - Co Armagh N Ire\ Singer with gtr/ whistle/ banjo\ 1967 - son of Sarah - he went to New York to Irish theatre & met up with the CLANCY Brothers -- "Cork Hornpipe" (Harvest Home) (on whistle) & Family Ceili Band rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow 1951 FOLKWAYS FIELD TRIP IRELAND 1960/ OSSIAN OSS-15 1989 CASS-0797/ DAT - CBS-63112 1967 Tommy MAKEM sings TM - 63249 1968 CLANCY Brothers & Tommy MAKEM "Home boys Home" (Charlie WILL's version learned from PK)- PICKWICK Hallmark CHM-630 with Bob & Peggy - TRADITION TLP-1042 CLANCY Brothers & TM - 1044 TM solo album - VANGUARD SRL-7642 1965 (boxed)

MALCOLM'S INTERVIEW - England\ Indie pop group\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS-90-0550 "Blow the man down, bullies" (with harmonica)

MALONEY, Paddy - Co Clare, Ire\ whistles\ 1974 -- (whistle) with Sean POTTS (whistle) & Peadar MERCIER (bodhran): CLADDAGH CC-15 1974

MALONEY, Paddy - Dublin\ U-pipes/ whistle\- leader of THE CHIEFTAINS -- Reels with Matt MOLLOY (fid) & giving demonstration of pipes on Gerry Anderson's "Ireland Radio 2: 30/6/93 CASS#1235

MANN, Curt - Roanoke, N.C., USA\ Singer with guitar\ 1951 - his neighbour, Martha Ann Midgette also rec -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Mann's Harbour N.C. 1941: FTX-926 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Lonesome Valley"/ APPLESEED APR-CD-036 2000 "Only a friend"

MANNEIM, Magnus - Norway\ Hardanger fiddler\ 1967 -- Shetland fiddle record: FTX-368

MANNING, Reg - Essex\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham: NLCD 3/4 2002

MANUEL, Ian - Scotland\ Singer\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-TS-234 1974 Sea Shanties

MARCANO, Neville "The Growling Tiger" - Trinidad\ calypso singer\ 1962 -- (with group) rec by Alan Lomax, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad 17/8/62: ROUNDER 1717 1998

MARKWELL, Annie & John - Suffolk\ singer & mel\ 1956 -- rec by PK, Lowestoft: FTX-099 "Scarboro" (with mel) "William & Polly" & "Dark eyed Sailor"

MARSHALL, Arthur - Yorksh\ mel\ 1953 - age 57 - musician for Loftus Sword Dancers - living at Saltburn-0n-Sea - his father played melodeon for weddings and parties, he himself started at 12 years old - in 1914 he was in "Jazz bands" collecting for old people - 1934-5 he played for the Boosbeck sword team and went to London in 1935 - he revived the Skelton Green team 1948 and came to Royal Albert Hall, London with them in 1950 - the present Loftus team went to London wit5h leader, Ken Taylor (age 16) in 1953 - Mr Normanton is headmaster of the County Modern School at Loftus -- rec by PK, Scarborough N Yorksh 7/4/53: 7"RTR-0070-71/ RPL 19239 - FTX-111 Music for dance/ TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 Northern Dances (First two figs only)

MARSHFIELD PAPERBOYS, THE - Wiltshire\ Mummers\ 1943 - Revived by Rev Alford (father of Violet Alford) now held annually on Boxing Day nr Bristol, Bath & Chippenham rec 1943 & 1957 - Song see BEAU RATTLE- rec by PK, 1957: FTX-104 -- rec 28/1/43: RPL 6703 & 9593 (Talk about custom) -- 7"RTR-0098-9/ Interviews rec by PK 8/12/57 - 5"RTR-0794 - rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow: FOLKWAYS FW-8871 1959 - "Sing Christmas" 1957 radio prog with PK: FTX-950 - rec 1977: RPL 38623 & 38737- Film by Peter & Beryl Kennedy 2004: FF-1119

MARTEN, Clement - Devon Engl\ Dialect researcher & speaker\ 1978 - see book in Library: "The Devonshire Dialect" -- CASS-60-1247

MARTIN, Jim - Devon\ Singer\ 1951 -- accomp by Sandy MOIR (acc) rec by PK, Village Barn Dance, Kelly, Lifton March 1951: 7"RT"-0008/ FTX-407 "I wish I was single again" (When I Was Single)

MARTIN, John - Barrow-on-Humber Lincs\ Coll of "Plough plays"\ 1953 -- rec by PK, Barrow-on-Humber Lincolnsh 23/3/53: RPL 19030-3/ FTX-105

MARTYN, John & Beverley - England\ Singers with gtr\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "John the Baptist"

MASON, Sam - London\ p-acc\ 1957 -- London Ceilidhe Club, 1957 7"-RTR-0497/ FTX-268 playing two compositions: "Molly Mahoney" (wife's name) & "Bampton Billy"

MATHESON, William - TOCHER 35 (1981) (Gaelic singer not to be confused with Willie Mathieson)

MATTHEW, Jean - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Turriff 16/7/52: FTX-261 - RPL 18781 & 18785 "I'm a stranger from America" FTX-514 - "Bleacher Lassie" "Scarboro" & "Dowie Dens o Yarrow" FTX-517 - "Bonnet o Blue" FTX-518 - 18788 "Plains of Waterloo"

MATTHEWS BROTHERS, THE - Cornwall\ unacc harmony group\ 1956 - Group comprises Lewis and Ted and 2 other brothers all farm labourers of Penberth, St Buryan -- rec by PK, Logan Rock - RTR-129/ FTX-010 "Lamorna" - FTX-217 "Lamorna" "Wandering Down" "Any Old Thing will do"

MATHIESON, Willie - Turriff, Aberdeensh\ coll-singer\ 1952 - father was William Harvey Mathieson - born 21 Nov 1879 at Overton, Ellen - TOCHER 43 (1991) p22-38 talk & songs rec by Hamish Henderson 1952 incl: "Wester Badenteer", "The Rambling Beauty", "Spanish Lady" & "Bonny Parks o Kiltie" -#9-11 -- 36 songs rec on Dictaphone cylinder by James M.Carpenter, Denhead, Dunlugas, Turriff, Aberdeensh 1929 - 28 songs (mainly only a few verses) & talk about himself (age 72) & his Ms book rec by Alan Lomax, Turriff 17/7/51: RTR-0682 (AL#45-49) - RPL 18789 rec Seamus Ennis 16/7/52 "Bleacher Lassie" & "I'm a rover, seldom sober" (Love is bonny) - FTX-501 "Fair Rosie Ann" (Child #52) - FTX-502 "Gypsy Laddie" (Child #200) - FTX-503 "Andrew Lammie" (Child# 233) & "Rantin Laddie" - FTX-512 "Scarboro Banks" - see info about the singer on TANGENT TNGM 119 "The Muckle Sangs" notes p2 (info from MikeYates June 2000) - ROUNDER CVD-1775-6 "Classic Ballads of Britain & Ireland" "The Bonny Rantin Laddie" & "The King's Daughter"

MAUDE, Caitlin - Dublin\ unacc singer Gaelic\ ?-- rec by PK, London RTR-0581

MAURICE - Co Waterford\ unacc singer\ 1965 - nothing known -- rec by Reg Hall & Jimmy Power, Haughton's pub, Ross 6/12/65: TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" "A Nice Piece of Irish Pig's Head"

MAYAL, Jimmy & Billy - Orkney\ fiddles\ 1955 -- from Sanday rec by PK, Orkney July 1955/ AS I ROVED OUT Radio prog Sea Songs 1956: FTX-255 "Sanday Waltzes"

MAYBELLE, Big - (voc) with Eli Robinson (trombone), Sam "The Man" Taylor (ten sax), David McRae (bar sax), Lee Anderson (piano), Brownie McGhee (gtr), Al Hall (bass), Marty Wilson (drums) arr & cond by Leroy Kirkland rec NY 11/6/53: OKEH 7009/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Maybelle's Blues"

MAYNARD, "Pop" George - Surrey/ Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1956 - photos by PK 0313-5 (3) - born Smallfield, Horley, Surrey Jan 6th 1872 & died 29/11/62 - his wife died at 42 and he told her he wouldn't marry again - rides bikes up hills (which youngsters wont do) - see EFDSS publ "Life & Times of George Maynard" 1963 with transcripts by Pat Shaw of "Ground for the Floor" "Undaunted Female" "Broomfield Wager" "Keepers & Poachers" "Shooting Goschen's Cock-ups" "Seeds of Love" "Rolling in the Dew" "Locks & Bolts" "Sailor in the North Countrie" "Poison in a glass of wine" "Polly on the Shore" - Items assigned to Folktrax 23/10/66 include Lansdown Fair & 45 other titles - Songs rec by PK on TOPIC but not scknowledged as PK recs include: "Aylesbury Girl" (TSCD 665) "Colin & Phoebe" (TSCD 656) "Seeds of Love" (TSCD 660) & "William Taylor"/ "Keepers & Poachers" (TSCD 668) -- rec by PK, "The Cherry Tree" (landlord: Albert Simmons), Copthorne, Sussex 4/2/56 & 23/3/56 (Chairman: Charlie Holman aged 65 with 35 yrs on rly): RTR-0227-240 - RPL LP 23092- 3 (20 songs)/ FTX-015 "Locks & Bolts" - FTX-023 "Keepers & Poachers" - FTX-031 "Shooting Goschen's Cock-ups" (Row Dow Dow) - Solo Albums Songs, Stories, riddles & customs (Marble championships): 279 (rec at home) & FTX-280: (pop in the pub) - FTX-453 dialect - FTX-513 "Polly on the Shore" - FTX-514 "Sailor in the North Countrie" - FTX-515 "Pull the String" - all items except one ("Goschen' Cock-ups") rec by PK: TOPIC 12-T-286 1976 "Polly" "Sweet Nightingale" "Locks & Bolts" "Down by the Seaside" "Jack the Jolly Tar-O" "Seeds" "Goschen's Cock-ups" "Wm Taylor" "Rolling in the Dew" "Sailor in the NC" "Banks of Claudy" "Three Sons o Rogues" "Weaver's Daughter" "Wager" "Sun being set"(Ground for the Floor)/ TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "Our Captain calls all hands" (says rec by Mervyn Plunkett), The Cherry Tree, Copthorne, Sussex Sept 1956/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true" "Colin & Phoebe" (rec Frank Purslow & Ken Stubbs)/ TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" "Three Sons o Rogues" (rec by PK)/ RPL LP-23093/ TOPIC 12-T-286/ TSCD- 660 "Amorous Encounters" "Rolling in the Dew" & "The Seeds of Love" (says rec by Reg Hall & MP)/ TSCD-662 "Sailor in the North Country" (rec by PK) & "Polly on the Shore"/ TSCD-665 "Courtship" "Aylesbury Girl"(says rec by Mervyn Plunkett) / TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "William Taylor" (Keepers and Poachers) (rec PK but no rec credit given "prob rec in singer's home")/ TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "Ground for the floor" (says rec by Reg Hall & Mervyn Plunkett) - also rec by Roderick Balkham (photographer) of Tenterden 1960 - CASS-1178 copy - Maynard songs performed by others - "Down by the Seaside" sung by Shirley COLLINS: TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974

MEARE, Bill - Somerset\ talk\ 1957 - Age 68 - blew the organ in church for 30 years -- rec by PK, North St., Drayton, Langport 25.1.57: 5"RTR-0904 Song & talk following incl local stories - FTX-453 Story of musicians in cart during flood at Muchelney

MEARNS, John & Alice - Aberdeen\ Unacc singers\ 1950 -- 4 songs rec 14/2/50: RPL 14404 - rec 25/'2/54: RPL 20083-5 11 Bothy Ballads - rec by Alan Lomax Aberdeen 13/7/51: COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Sleepytoon o Kennethmont" - 7"RTR#0681/ RPL 21415 1 song with ch by Mrs Mearns, 3 with both together & 6 solos by John 1 with ch - Reminiscences on Radio 4 rec 1/10/84: CASS#0637

MEEHAN, Annie - Co Donegal\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 75 when recorded and died about 1959, farmer's wife, The Ring, Tamur, Pettigo - sister of Brigid Tunney - photos by PK: 0130-3 (4) & 0134 with Paddy Tunney & Sean O Boyle

MEEHAN, Danny - London Irish\ fid\ 1967 -- with Bobby CASEY: TOPIC (12-T-176 1968)/ TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the Smoke"

MEEKINS, Steve - N.C., USA\ fid\ 1941 -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner (paper disk) 1941 Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks: FTX-927 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Been to the East"

MEENAN, John - Co Donegal\ unacc singer\ 1948 -- rec by Noel Hamilton, Torre Island: RTR-0615-0623 (with ch)/ FTX-003 - FTX-276 - rec by Radio Eireann 1948: RPL 21832 "Mallaigh Shleibhe" (The Mountainside)

MEIL, James & Willie - Orkney\ fiddles\ 1955 - of Sanday -- rec by PK, Kirkwall 16/7/55: RPL 22725 Untitled Waltz

MEKONS, The - England\ Group\ nd -- (ROOTS FLEX 01)/ CASS-0187

MELLY, Maureen - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 34 (bn 5/12/18) sister of Annie Lunney, brother of Paddy and daughter of Brigid Tunney, Belleek, Co Fermanagh from whom she learned her songs - worked as handler in Belleek Pottery & Assistant in Campbell's Restaurant in Belfast -- rec by PK, Belfast 2/3/53: RPL 19354-5 (8 songs in English) FTX-434

MEMPHIS JUG BAND - Will Shade (harmonica), Charlie Burse (gtr), Jab Jones (piano/ jug) Robert Burse (washboard, cowbells, blocks) Rec Chicago, Illinois USA 6/11/34: OKEH 8958/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) v'Gator Wobble"

MEMPHIS MINNIE - see also under McCOY, "Kansas" Joe - (voc/gtr) with Little Son Joe (gtr) rec Chicaho 21/5/41: OKEH 06288/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Me and my chauffeur Blues"/ with Kansas Joe


MERRYMAKERS, THE - Devon\ Street Band\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Chagford 11/10/54 - FTX-086 & FTX-407

MERRYMAKERS, THE - Antigua\ Steel Band\ 1961 - see also BRUTE FORCE -- rec by PK, London 27/5/61 RTR 866-7 - RPL LP 26584/ FTX-917

MIDDLETON, John - Edinburgh\ shantyman\ 1928 -- rec by James Carpenter: FTX-141

MIDGETTE, Martha Ann - N.C;., USA\ Unaccomp singer\ 1951 - neighbour of Curt Mann also rec -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Mann's Harbour, Roanoke: FTX-926

MIDGLEY PACE-EGG PLAY - Yorksh\ School Mummers Group\ 1952 - performed by Boys of Calder High School, Mitholmroyd, nr Halifax W Yorksh -- rec by PK 10/4/52: RPL 18112-3 - FTX-109

MIDGLEY, Mrs - Yorksh\ talk about local customs\ 1954 - with Mrs B Rowe (70) -- rec by PK, Dent, Sedbergh, W Yorksh 22/11/54: 7"RTR-0069/ RPL 22324 Talk & tune of "Square Eight" & talk about Pace Egg customs FTX-109

MILES, Dick & Sue - England\ Duo\ 1984 -- "The Bald-headed end of the broom" Radio "Folk on Two" 1984: CASS-0453

MILES, Graeme - Yorksh\ Singer-songmaker\ 1977 - First had his interest in folk music kindled by the "As I roved out" radio programmes in the fifties, introduced by Peter Kennedy & Seamus Ennis, when he was living at Billingham and attending West Hartlepool Art School. To obtain authentic background for his own song-making, he worked as a moulder's labourer, deckhand, railwayman, docker and quarryman. Then in 1955 came National Service. mainly in Germany with the Royal West Kent's, and, after demobilisation, the "Skiffle Craze" with guitars and banjo. In he mid 60's he was living and working in the Cleveland hills and it was then that he developed skills in shaping the more rural type of songs. Inspired then by the work of Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger, he became interested in writing songs for documentaries and to-date has recorded more than 200 of his songs for FOLKTRAX -- RTR-0345-0361/ FTX-221-C90 cassette - FTX-222-C90 cassette Rural Ballads of Cleveland & Teesside - FTX-223 Sea Songs - FTX-224 Army - FTX-225 - Iron & Steel - FTX-226 Country - FTX-227 Sporting - FTX-228 Industrial - FTX-229 Protest - FTX-230 Primeval - FTX-231 Wealden (Kent) - FTX-511 - "Ring of Iron": Teesside FETTLERS: TRADITION TSR-016 1974 - "Ironmoulder's Wedding": Ewan McCOLL: ARGO ZFB-12 1972 - "Eldorado" Marie LITTLE: RPL Radio 2 on 30/9/87: CASS-0404 - "Atago" (Emigration) Martin WYNDHAM-READ (unacc) Radio 2: 12/11/87: CASS-0425

MILLER, Jimmy & Betsy (mother) - see McCOLL, Ewan

MILLER, Leroy - Miss\ unacc voc\ 1959 --- with group of prisoners rec by Alan Lomax, Parchman Farm, Camp #7, Miss Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-1703 1997 "O Lord, 'Berta, 'Berta"

MILLS, Alan - Canada\ Singer\ 1959 - (1914-1977), born as Albert Miller, was a native of Lachine, a historuc suburb of Montreal, and started work as a newspaperman who began to collect and sing folksongs as a hobby. Winning an audition in 1935, he toured Canada with the noted musicologist, John Goss, and the "London Singers" Quintet. In 1944 he changed his name and became a full-time folksinger, starting with regular broadcasts, "Folk Songs for Young Folks" on CBC in 1947. In 1951 he wrote "The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly", popularised by Burl Ives, and in 1955 he started giving concerts in company with the fiddling step-dancer and Toronto taxi driver, Jean Carignon, who said of him: "In my whole life I have never met such a wonderful man, and, in all likeliehood I never shall again". His other partner in concerts was Helene Baillargeon who said of him: "he was an upright man, a jovial, humble, affectionate and generous man. While he was always tolerant about the behaviour of others, he was truly inflexible in the domain of art; everything had to be authentic as well as artistic" -- accomp Steve BENBOW (gtr) rec by PK, London 15/6/59: RTR-0325-7 - RPL LP 24896-7 (4 Fr & 20 Engl songs)/ FTX-905 - EMI 7-EG-8520 -45-EP "Alouette" & 5 others in Engl & French accomp Pat SHAW (gtr) - VANGUARD SRL-7642 1965 (boxed) "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly"

MILN, Peter - Gloucestersh\ fid\ 1992-3 -- "Reincarnation" group rec by PK, studio Gloucester 13/9/92 CASS-30-1246

MINCHIN, Leslie - London\ concert singer\ August 1973 -- RTR-1188 English folk songs (3)

MINEHEAD MAY HOBBY-HORSE - Somerset\ Street custom\ 1947 -- RPL 1089 (play from centre) "Boat" (Booting) Ceremony extract rec 1936 - RPL 11049 rec 31/4/47 "Soldier's Joy" (mel & drum) - RPL 17232 rec 1/5/50 Booting, tune (mel & drum) & cheering - rec by PK, 4/5/52 Jack (mel) & Alfie WEBBER (drum)"Dixie" "Old Joe, the boat is tipping over"/ Drum only/ Jack talking about music & Alfie on ceremony: RPL 18335-6/ FTX-216 Documentary - FTX-405 Somerset Village Music - Video 1956 film with Alfie WEBBER (mel) & Ken GUBB (drum) & later video by PK 1983 and 2003 edited by Gretl Hughes 2004: FF-1102 - RTR-0155- 6 & 0168-9 - TOPIC TSCD- 659 Dances of S England - rec by Doc Rowe: 3/5/79: TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events"


MISSISSIPPI JOOK BAND - Rooseverlt Graves (gtr), Uaroy Graves (tambourine) &Cooney Vaughn (piano) rec Harriesburg, Miss. USA July 1936: ARC 6-12-71/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Dangerous Woman"

MISSISSIPPI MUD STEPPERS - prob Charlie McCoy (mandolin) & Walter Vincent (gtr) rec Jackson, Miss. USA 15/12/30: COLUMBIA 45504/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Jackson Stomp"

MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS, THE: OKEH 8820/ B&B 007 "Loose like That"

Mr PUMPKIN'S BUSKING BAND - Stroud, Glos, Engl\ Band\ -- with PUMPKIN PIE PMC-004 nd CASS-1205 Songs & instr

Mr FOX - Yorkshire\ Electric Folk Group\ 1970 - Bob PEGG (voc/ organ/ mel/ whistle/ terrapin), Carole PEGG (voc/ fid) Andrew MASSEY (cello) John MYATT (flute/ clarinet/ bassoon), Barry LYONS (elec bass) & Alun EDEN (drums) -- Mr FOX: TRANSATLANTIC TRA-226 1970 - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-236 1971 "The Gypsy"

MITCHELL, Pat - Dublin\ U-pipes\ 1976 -- TOPIC 12-TS-294 1976 solo album

MITCHELMORE, Henry - of Broadhempton, filmed singing "The Mallard" at Woodcourt Farm, Harbertonford, Devon 1971: FF-1101 - later rec by Sam Richards, Broadhempston: TOPIC 12-TS-349 1979/ TOPIC TSCD-657

MOFFAT, Stuart - England\ Singer-songwriter gtr\ 1984 -- DAMBUSTER 003/6 Instrumental

MOLYNEUX, John - France\ App dulc\ 1978 -- rec by PK, Harberton, Devon 22/6/78: CASS-0361: 3 instr with 5 & 3 str dulc incl beating/ "Morgan Magan (Carolan), Noelle Suisee & Lark in the Clear Air" (3 str beaten) & Song: "Rosemary Lane" with gtr - (CLADDAGH CCF1 LP Aug 1988 "Douce Amere: Bitter Sweet")

MOLLOY, Joseph - Co Armagh N Ire\ mouth-music\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Markethill 11/7/52: RPL 18386 Lilting with step-dancer "The Liverpool Hornpipe"/ FTX-301

MOLLOY, Matt - Roscommon Ire\ flute\ 1981 - founder member of BOTHY BAND, PLANXTY 1979 & CHIEFTAINS -- GREENHAYS GR-705 1981 with others "The Gathering" rec Diane Hamilton - with Paddy MALONEY (U-pipes) on Gerry Anderson's "Ireland" on Radio 2: 30/6/93 CASS#1235

MON-JONES, Frances - Wales\ Singer in Welsh\ -- ESME LEWIS ELP-104 nd with other singers - RTR-1031-2 with Emrys CLEAVER

MONGER, Eileen - Engl\ harp\ 1982 -- rec by Jim Couza 20/7/82 Stowmarket CASS-90-0875

MONGER, George - Engl\ H-dulc & coll\ 1982 -- rec by Jim Couza 20/7/82 Stowmarket Museum CASS-90-0874

MONROE, Bill - Kentucky USA\ Bluegrass Group\ 1978 -- NEW FREEDOM Mike SEEGER 2 cassette 1974 "I'm going back to old Kentucky" incl Lester FLATT & Earl SCRUGGS (banjo) - SMITHSONIAN nn American Folklife Festival, Washington DC rec 1978 "I know my Lord going to lead me out" & "Uncle Pen"

MONTAND, Yves - France\ singer-songwriter\- -- CASS-0002 with Aristide Bruant on Side A

MONTGOMERY, Bill - Belfast\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by PK, 8/7/52: RPL 18380-1 with Sean MAGUIRE, his father (whistle), Liam DONNELLY & Tom TURKINGTON - FTX-375

MOONEY, Don - Texas\ unacc voc\ 1936 -- rec by John Lomax, Luling Feb 1936: ROUNDER CD-11661-1821-2 1999 "Been on the Cholly (Hobo) so long"

MOONRAKERS BANDS, THE - Wiltsh\ Dance band\ 1955 - offshoot of THE HAYMAKERS formed by PK led by Ioan JENKINS -- rec 20/3/55: RPL 21772 "Dorset Hornpipe" & "The Wiltshire Tempest" (coll by PK) & Jigs: "Oyster Girl & Haste to the Wedding" - FTX-406 Wiltshire Village Music

MOORE, Cecil - Gunnislake, W Yorks\ harmonica & whistler\ 1954 - aged 21 - farming, shepherding, tractor-driving, cows - everything - plays to keep happy anhd carries it in his pocket, practising while up on the fells (Melbecks Moor above Gunnerside) - his father was born at Kirkby Stephen -- rec by PK, 22/11/54: 5"RTR-0891/ RPL 22448 "John Peel" "Beautiful Swaledale" Reel "I love Chocolate" "O Susanna" & "The Runaway Train" Talk about learning to play "If I were a blackbird" (with whistling)/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4

MOORE, Christy - Ireland\ Singer with gtr\ 1972 - with Donal LUNNEY, Andy IRVINE & others - see CM Songbook -- TARA-1001 1972 "Prosperous" early solo album -Radio 2: 5/6/91 Concert with interviews CASS-90-0877 - Dub of rec songs on rec CASS-90-0878

MOORE, Eddie - Belleek Co Fermanagh\ fid -- rec by PK, 20/7/52: RPL 18543: Talk about music, Clap Dance (with dancers) & 2 Untitled Polkas: FTX-370

MOORE, Johnny Lee - Miss., USA\ (lead voc) with group\ 1959 -- with group of prisoners rec by Alan Lomax, Camp B, Mississippi State Penitentiary, Lambert Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 "Early in the morning" ("Wake up in the morning")

MOORE, Spencer - Va. USA\ voc & gtr\ 1959 -- with Everett Blevins (mandolin) rec by Alan Lomax, Chilhowie Sept 1959: "Girl I left behind me" (My parents reared me tenderly) on ROUNDER CD-11702 1999 - with Everett BLEVINS (mandolin) "The Lawson Murder" on ROUNDER CD-1705 1997

MOORE, Sylvia - Northumb\ Singer\ 1970 -- "Folksongs of Many Lands": Engl, African, S American: FTX-137 - multi-instrumental album - FTX-418 - FTX-425

MOORE, "Whistling Alex - (voc/piano) rec Dallas, Texas 5/12/29: COLUMBIA 14496/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "West Texas Woman"

MORAN, Joseph - Co Antrim\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 20/8/54: RPL 21841 "The Lakes of Coollfin"

MORAN, Michael - Co Leitrim\ unacc singer\ 1966 - Son of Thomas (see below)- rec Bonny Bunch of Roses O, Drumhullogan's Bottom, Lough Allen's Banks, Woodlands of Lough Lyn, Bunch of Violets (with his son, Gerard & banjo) In 1966. Gerard, Thomas's grandson won first prize in a Connaught ballad-singing contest. His brother and 2 sisters are also interested in traditional singing

MORAN, Paddy - Ireland\ flute\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-TS-230 1974 Irish music on small instruments

MORAN, Thomas - Co Leitrim\ unacc singer\ 1954 - see also Michael Moran - (1876-1960) Lived all his life at Drumrahill, Co Leitrim, a hard-working farmer, known locally as "Moran the ballad-singer". He learned his ballads, humorous songs & stories from his mother, a talented musician with 4 brothers & 3 sisters equally as musical. His son, Michael, who inherited many of his father's songs, wrote to us: "My father was always invited to any local functions because of his humorous songs & stories, of which he freely disposed. In his own way he was like a tape recorder, for whatever he heard he had it all the same as on paper. He was 78 years old when recorded by Seamus Ennis but unfortunately never had the pleasure of hearing his songs broadcast by the BBC. Had he been a young man, I do believe he would have been one of the great ballad singers of his time, but, I am glad to say, tradition lives on in his grandchildren and is deeply cherished by them at all times. He had enjoyed life to the full"- 36 Songs assigned to FOLKTRAX by Michael Moran 31/8/60, 3/10/60, 15/1/66 & 5/4/67. Introduced to Seamus Ennis by his nephew, Michael Colreavy, Nov 1947. Seamus said: "There were few songs for which he could not supply a full text and an interesting tune"-- Over 30 songs rec by Seamus Ennis, Mohill Dec 1954: RTR 601-6/ RPL 21900 "Frog & Mouse" - RPL 22013-8, 22023-5, 22033-8 & 22156-8 - FTX-015 "Green Bushes" - FTX-027 "Brian O Linn" - solo album: FTX-076 - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-419 - (7 ballads): FTX-501 - 3 ballads: FTX-503 - FTX-512 - FTX-518 - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" "Brian O Linn"

MORGAN, Hassell - Fishguard Wales\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 13/12/54: RPL 22830 (78rpm) "Our Goodman" (Cuckold Song) "Ar Lan y Mor" (Beside the sea) - 22831 "Jail yn Caerdydd" (Cardiff Gaol) "Yr Enith Gadd ei Gwrthod" (Rejected Maiden) - RPL LP 26311 "The Cuckold's Song" rec Feb 1959 - FTX-503 Ballads: "Cuckolds Song" ("Our Goodman")

MORIARTY, Sean - Co Killarney, S Ire\ fid\ 1947 -- rec by Maurice Brown 1947: COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 - 7"RTR#0588/ COLUMBIA SL-204 1952 Gaelic Song Air "Droighnean Donn" (The Brown Thorn)

MORRIGAN, THE - England\ Folk Rock Group\ 1991 -- "Morrigan Rides Out"nn 1991 CASS-60-1102

MORRIS, George S - Scotland\ Bothy Singer\ 1930s -- FTX-360

MORRIS, Jimmy ("Driftwood") - Tennessee USA\ Singer mouth bow & gtr\ 1959 - son of Neil MORRIS - died 12.7.98 -- CANTOMETRICS on vols 2 & 3 - RCA VICTOR LSP-1994 1959 Wilderness Road - SMITHSONIAN 1976? "What is the colour of the soul of man?" (comp JD) leads audience at Festival with home-made gtr - UNITED ARTISTS UAL-3050 1959 Carnegie Hall Concert uses mouth-bow - VANGUARD SRL-7624 1965 (boxed) mouth bow: "Old Joe Clark" with Pete SEEGER & "The Unfortunate Man" (with gtr) - with gtr & audience: SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife 1975 - RTR-0827 - Interview with Mike Fenton Aug 1988 CASS-60- 0803 incl "Run, Johnny, run" & "Old Joe Clark" & talk about Charlie Everidge

MORRIS, John - Wales\ singer in Welsh\ 1950 -- rec with Osian ELLIS (harp) 17/3/50: RPL 17299 "Cerdd Job"

MORRIS, Neil - Ark USA\ mountain singer\ 1959 - father of Jimmy DRIFTWOOD -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 incl (with gtr)"Jesse James"/ "Willie Brennan"/ (mouth-bow & square dance calling)"Banks of the Arkansas & Wave the Ocean" - ATLANTIC SD-1346 rec by Alan Lomax, Timbo 1959: "The Banks of Arkansas" "Wave the Ocean" & "Jessie James" with Charlie EVERIDGE (Picking or mouth-bow): RPL LP 26149 - rec by AL 6th Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "Lass o Roch Royal" (Lord Gregory) & "Turkey in the Straw" (with picking bow) - "Brennan" on ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 - "Anything", "Music has no end", Turnip Greens, & "Rock all the babies to sleep" on ROUNDER CD-1707 1997

MORRIS, Mrs Victoria - Va USA\ Unacc singer\1950 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Mount Fair, Albemarle Sept 1950: RPL 17142/ FTX-908 "Jack he went a- sailing" (Jack Monroe) & "The Seven Sleepers" (Earl Brand)

MORRIS, Peter - Cockermouth, Cumb\ Unacc singer\ 1959 - Stone-wall-builder -- rec by PK, Cockermouth 28/8/59 RTR-7"-0106 / FTX-120/ FTX-307 A-ROVING "John Peel's Echo or Horn of the Hunter"

MORRISON, Absie - Ark USA\ fiddle\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Landis Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1707 1997 "Scotch Musick" "My Prettiest Girl is Gone" "Nancy's got a pretty dress on"

MORRISON, Henry - Ga USA\ unacc voc\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax on St Simon's Island, Georgia Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 "Lazarus"

MORRISON, James - Sligo S Ire\ fid\ 1920s & 30s -- with PJ CONLAN (mel) on 78 rpm disk rec 1920s intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865 - rec New York: McKENNA SOCIETY cass with John McKENNA (flute) & piano - TOPIC 12-T-390 1980 with Tom ENNIS (U-pipes)

MORRISON, Mary - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1951-- rec by Alan Lomax, Barra: FTX-191 Waulking songs - FTX-301 mouth music 2 items - EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Canntaireachd" (pipe imitations)

MORRISON, Penny - Hebrides\ unacc singer in Scots Gaelic\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Iochar, S.Uist: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Mermaid Song"

MORRISON, Van - Ireland\ singer\ 1988 -- with CHIEFTAINS: RTE "Long Note" radio prog 9/7/88 CASS-60- 0906 "My Lagan Love"/ March Polka

MORRISSEY, Tommy - Cornwall\ unacc singer\ 1995 -- rec by John Howson, Cornwall on Radio 2: 10/11/95: CASS-1335 "Pretty Littl Mermaid" (Down in a diving bell)

MORTON, Pete - Lancs\ Singer/ gtr\ 1987 -- (voc/ gtr) Radio 2: 7/10/87: CASS-0401 - with "Roots Orchestra" (gtr bass & drums) Radio 2: 30/10/90/ CASS-60- 1014 incl "Green grow the rashes O" & "Standing Stones"

MOSS, Buddy - (voc/gtr) with Joshua White rec NY 21/8/35: MELOTONE 6-04=56/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Underwater Blues"

MOSS PARK JUNIOR SCHOOL - Glasgow\ Children\ 1961 -- rec by Damian Webb: FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "A Big Ship was leaving Bombay"

MOTTOLA, Tony - USA\ Folksong arr\ nd -- (LONDON HA 22386)/ CASS-0206

MOUNT OLIVET OLD REGULAR BAPTIST CHIURCH - Ky USA\ congregation\ 1959 -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 "Guide me, O thou great Jehovah" - leader I.D.Beck rec by Alan Lomax 5/9/54, Blackey, Kentucky: ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 "When Jesus Christ was here on earth" & "Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow"/ RPL LP 26146 - Baptist Hymns & White Spirituals from the Southern Mountains NEW WORLD NW-294 1977

MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS, THE - Va. USA\ Bluegrass Band & spirituals\ 1959 - James LINDSAY (mandolin), Cullen GALYEN (banjo), Charles HAWKES (gtr), Eldridge MONTGOMERY (gtr) & Thurman PUGH (bass) -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 "John Henry" & "Big Ball in Boston" - rec by Alan Lomax, Galax Aug 1959: RPL LP 26145 - ATLANTIC 1349 White Spirituals: CASS-0163 - ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 - ROUNDER CD-1704 "My Lord Keeps a Record" - Baptist Hymns & White Spirituals from the Southern Mountains NEW WORLD NW-294 1977

MOUTH MUSIC - Scot\ Gaelic group\ 1992 -- nn 1992 CASS-1231

MOVING CLOUD - Danish-Irish Folk Group named after the reel comp by Neil Boyle -- rec by Donal Lunney, Aarhus, Jutland & Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh: GO 0102 (no date)

MOVING HEARTS - Ire\ Elec group with U-pipes\ 1982 --Radio 2: 12/10/82: CASS-60-0547

MOYNIHAN, Kate - Ballingeary, Cork\ unacc singer in Gaelic\ 1940 - Age 25 -- featured in AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's Corner" prog 1954 with song "Moira O Leary" sung in translation: FTX-257 - rec by Radio Eireann: RPL 21831 "Guagan Naontha" (Holy Googawn) & "Casan Araon na Geanna Romhainn" (Let us herd the geese)/ copy of RPL disk rec Alan Lomax 1951: COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998/ 7"RTR#0588 "Mo Gradh-sa an Jug Mor is e lan" (I love a big full jug)

MUCKRAM WAKES - Derbysh\ Folk group\ 1973 - with Roger & Helen WATSON & John TAMS -- LEADER LER-2085 1973 - LER-2093 1976 - Radio 2: "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS- 0411 "Pulling Down Song" (John Tams)

MULANEY, Eddie - Co Mayo\ U-pipes)\1926 -- "Chicago Reel" with Pat Stack Kerry (fid) rec USA: VICTOR USA Sept 1926 on RTE radio prog 1988

MULKER, Angela - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1956 -- of Croisin rec London March 1956: RPL 22832 "Fare thee well, lovely Nancy" & "The Galway Shawl" & (RPL 22833) "The Fairy Boy"

MULLALY, William - Ireland & USA\ concertina\ ? -- Reels intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS#0865 - RTR-0611

MULLEN, Pat - Co Galway\ storyteller\ 1962 -- rec Aran Islands, Connemara 5/9/62: RPL LP 27625 (4 stories) - rec 21/10/62: RPL LP 27673/ FTX-421/ RTR 441-2

MUNRO, Waldo "Thumbs" - Canada\ Piano\ nd -- (RODEO RLP 25)/ CASS-0232 Waldo Thumbs MUNRO (Bar room piano) "Maritime House Party" (mainly Scottish)

MUNROE, Bill - Tenn USA\ Bluegrass\ nd -- Kenny BAKER (fid) with Bill MUNROE (banjo) -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: 902 "Shady Grove" with his Bluegrass Boys - (BRUNSWICK LAT 8511)/ CASS-0237 with THE BLUEGRASS BOYS/ used on PK's radio prog "Calling the tune" on Home Service #6 Feb 1963 "Shady Grove"/ "(Kenny) Baker's Breakdown" on Vic Smith prog on "History of the Fiddle" June 1973: CASS-0437 - [PHILIPS BBL-7410 & 7552]/ CASS-0239 with Roy ACUFF & SMOKY MT BOYS, Lester FLATT & Earl SCRUGGS - SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife [nd] (S) - & BLUEGRASS BOYS with Aly BAIN "Down Home" (TV Series) in USA & Canada LISMOR LIF-7011 1986/ CASS-0814 "Pine County Breakdown"

MUNROW, David - England\ Music historian\ 1980s -- CASS-0372: Radio broadcast "Pied Piper" incl dances & quotes from Arbeau's Orchesographie 1588

MURPHY, Delia - Co Mayo\ ballad-singer\ 1939 - (1902-1971) Born Ardroe, Claremorris, Co Mayo - rec "The Spinning Wheel" & "Three Lovely Lasses from Bannion" for HMV in 1939 -- TRANSATLANTIC XTRA 5028 with acc & gtr/ FTX-309 A- ROVING 1968 #3 "The damsel just nineteen years old"

MURPHY, Denis - Kerry\ fid\ 1952 - See more details under CLIFFORD, Julia (his sister) -- with Padraig O KEEFE & Julia CLIFFORD (fiddles) rec by Seamus Ennis, Charlie Horan's Bar, Coalisland, Co Kerry 9/9/52: RPL 186750-1: Reels Jigs & Polkas/ featured by Seamus in AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's Corner" 1954: FTX-257 - with Julia CLIFFORD (fid) RPL 18754-5 Jig and Reels - (solo fid) RPL 18756 Reels: "Kennedy's Favourite" & "Woman of the House" - (solo fid): FOLKWAYS FW- 8781 1963 cass-0937 Slow Air: "The Queen of O'Donnell" - (Claddagh CC5CD "Star above the garter"/ OSS CD 10 "Kerry Fiddles"/ RTE CD 183 "Music from Sliabh Luachra") - Seamus Ennis talks about him on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865 and plays "2 Callaghan's Reels" rec by SE

MURPHY, Frank - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 41 - general labourer from Lisnamulligan who previously worked as scutcher in local mill - spent 1947 in England - learnt songs from his mother, at clubs and sports gatherings - photo by PK 0109 -- rec by PK, Hilltown 30/7/53: RPL 19595 "The Maid of Balladoo" FTX-433

MURPHY, James & Brigid - Co Leitrim\ unacc singerrs\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 13/12/54: RPL 22423 "What's the blood?" (Edward) & "Here's a health" (The Grey Cock)


MURPHY, Mary - Co Derry\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 71 (bn 13/2/82) learned songs at home from her grandmother, mother and neighbours in childhood - photos by PK, 0125-6 & 0127 -- with Sean O Boyle: Slieve Gallon Brae on RPL 19972/ Wee Daft Article; Wee Far Down; Dan's No More; Cobbler on RPL 19973/ Star Of Garvagh Town; Brackagh Hills on RPL 19974/ Gentle Coleen Rua & As I Roved Out (False Young Man) on RPL 19975 -- rec by Peter Kennedy, Brackalislea, Draperstown 21/5/53: RPL 19972-5 (10 songs) - FTX-015 "The False Young Man" - FTX-434 - FTX-435

MURPHY, Noel - Ireland\ Singer with banjo\ 1969 -- FONTANA STL-5496 1969 "Another Round" - VILLAGE THING VTS-25 1974 "Murf" - Concert Hall Radio 2: 16/3/89: CASS-90- 0715 "Dublin City (Ring-a-ring-a-roses)" & "Ringadoo"

MURPHY, Rose - Galway, Ireland\ fiddle & accordion\ 1976 -- rec by John Leonard & David Baker for Radio Sheffield in Maltby, nr Rotherham Yorks: TOPIC 12-TS-316 1977/ TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & marriage": (fid) "The Lonely Maid" Reel/ TOPIC TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics"/ OSSIAN OSS-21 1989/ CASS-1279 rec by John Leonard & David Baker for Radio Sheffield, Maltby, Richmond, Yorks 1976 incl 2 of her own comp (now lives in Rotherham)

MURPHY, William - Lisheen Co Kerry\ whistle\1947 -- rec 9/8/47: RPL 12491

MURRAY, Iain - Sutherland\ Church precentor\ 1951 -- with church congregation, Dornoch rec by RPL: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998

MURRAY, Jessie - Banffsh\ unacc singer\ 1951 - her neice is Blanche WOOD -- rec by PK & AL, Portnockie & at Edinburgh Ceili 6/7/51: 7"RTR-0679/ DAT/ RPL 21528 "Rise up, my Jimmie" (Farewell to Whisky) - RPL 21531 "Weel may the Boatie Row" - RPL 21532 "Barbara Allen" - RPL 21538 "Jimmy Raeburn" - FTX-025 "Farewell to whisky" - FTX-501 "BA" - FTX-512 "I'm a wee rovin Lassie" - FTX-515 "Boatie Rows" - TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen"

MUSTAPHAS (THREE), THE - England\ World Folk group\ 1987 -- CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection" "Speed the (plough) tractor - Ben Mandelson of Globestyle talking about collecting & Turkish item from Mustaphas :RPL Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS-0403

MWENDA, Jean Bosco - Zaire\ Guitar instrum\ 1950? - Katanga, Zaire, Africa (born 1930) -- FTX-806 - WOMAD intro to Africa B1 - cass Jean Jenkins on Radio 3 1974

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