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folktrax 445 - Folklore of the Isle of Man - vol 2

Recorded by the Gaelic scholar, Fred Macaulay, in 1961 and featuring two Manxmen, Ned Madrell and Douglas Farragher. Ned, a fisherman from Craigneash in the extreme south of the island, and the last to have spoken Manx Gaelic from birth, is questioned by Fred in a mixture of Scots Gaelic and English. Those without a knowledge of Manx will be interested in Ned's account of the fishermen's beliefs and folklore and just what life was like on rthe island from the time when he was a boy. Of special value to scholars is the conversation in Manx with Douglas Farragher, who sings his version of a Manx Love Song

Fred Macaulay introduces Ned Madrell as one of the last Gaelic speakers - He questions him on his Manx as compared to Fred's own Scottish form of Gaelic - The questions and answers continue - Ned recites "The Lord's Prayer" in Manx - Fred Macaulay questions Ned about some of the single names of objects - Ned talks about the folklore superstitions of the local fishermen on Man - And what life was like from when he was a boy in the village of Craigneash - Ned holds an uninterrupted conversation in Manx with Douglas Farragher - Douglas sings "Nighean a Bhuachaille Bochd" (The Herdsman's Daughter)



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