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PAT MULLEN - storyteller

with Maggie & Sean DIRRANE

Pat MULLEN, father of actress, Barbara Mullen, and an outstanding local storyteller, tells about life on the rocky Aran islands off the Connemara coast - and we meet Maggie DIRRANE, the star of Robert Flaherty's film, 'Man of Aran' - recorded by Maud Karpeles & Sidney Robertson Cowell in 1955 and 1962 471AranInterior.JPG
(Photo by George Pickow)

"These 3 rocks in the ocean" - sea-weed & hard work to make land for family, knitting sweaters, his father, porpoise fishing, carting soil, Dublin landlords, emigration, mother, making their clothes - "the hookers" & curragh races, storytelling, poteen, funerals & weddings, sports, superstitions, death - CAOINEADH NA MARBH (Keening) - Pat tells 4 stories - Mouth-music, songs and step-dancing by Sean Dirrane and his Auntie Maggie - SWEET WILLIAM (in English) - S'ORO MHILE GRADH - AMHRAN AN TEI (Song of the tea) - TUIRNIN LOIN (Flax-spinning song) - SEOTHIN SEO (Milking croon)






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