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Songs of Coal, Iron, Steel & Tin

Songs of the Miners and Metal-workers - from Cleveland, Cornwall, Durham, Yorkshire, Midlothian, Scotland & Glamorgan (S Wales)

A-MINING WE WILL GO John Casley/ Skinner's Bottom Glee Singers - IRON-MINER'S BALLAD Graeme Miles - BEST LITTLE DOOR John Rowland - BLANTYRE EXPLOSION Bob Holland - CELEBRATED WORKING MAN Jack Elliott - COLLIERS RANT Frank Walker - COSHER BAILEY Harry Price - DARK AS A DUNGEON Geof Drake & Elwyn Griffiths - GRESFORD DISASTER Annie Cosgrave - HEWIN' FOR THE ORE Miles - I CAN HEW David Dodds - JOHN SNEDDON Jane Holland - MINERS OF WEARDALE Mark Anderson - POOR PIT COLLIER BOY Griffiths - PUTTER'S SONG Elliott - RECRUITED COLLIER Jane Holland - RING OF IRON Miles - SILKSTONE TRAGEDY Rowland Kellett - SIX JOLLY WEE MINER LADS Cosgrave - SIX JOLLY MINERS George Hoyland & Louis Wroe - SOSPAN FACH Treorchy Miners Chorus - WHAT THE MINER DOES FOR YOU Cosgrave - BILLY TO BOB (Hunting the Wren) Jack Elliott



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